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 5  24/7 Nausea Blurry Vision was the only side effect I felt in the beginning, which was okay with me since I already have bad vision. However after only the third patch I noticed the vision in my right eye and gotten very blurry. When I looked in the mirror my right pupil (patch was behind my right ear) had completely overtaken my iris. Took about 6-7 hours to go down halfway. I haven't experienced the withdrawal I see people talking about yet, but I also only removed the patch 7 hours ago when I noticed my pupil had dilated. I started this without doctor recommendation because it was a patch I could get without prescription and none of my doctors could figure out any solutions for the nausea I felt. It worked, but if the withdrawal is as bad as it sounds, it might not be completely worth it. F 21 12 days
1.5mg 2X W
 1  Pelvic masses causing vomitting and Took it for 6 mths while docs figured out why Id been vomitting on and off for 2 yrs. Started patch 6 mths before eventually having surgery. It has been almost 2 mths and I suffer from muscle and joint pain like never before. Random swelling and pain. Detoxing was hell. Did it with Gravol/Dramamine. I couldn't move for 3 weeks. Delusions, vomitting, nausea, churning stomach, bowel issues, headaches, noncoherence, etc. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. 45 6 months
 4  Motion sickness on a school bus Rash behind both ears... blurred vision... pupils dilated Headache. It comes off after a day. Usually works 1 1/2 - 2 days and then it comes off. It comes off in the shower too!! M 55 5 months
1.5 mg
 3  Surgery I was given this patch to my prior to my kidney stone surgery. I didn’t realize what it was until the next morning on my discharge from the hospital after kidney stone surgery. I get really sick and jittery after anesthesia and they gave my this to wear for theee days. After reading up on it and all the horrible side effects i had taken it off because I know my body has lots of reactions to meds. After two days without it I have no residual side effects that I had noticed. I don’t think it really helped my sickness after surgery but that may have been to all the iv pain meds I was given in the many hours leading up to surgery. M 38 1 days
Not aire
 1  Post Anesthesia Nausea/Vomiting Placed patch just before being rolled into the OR. Woke up with extreme agitation, trying to rip out my lines. Ive had many surgeries and never woke up like this. Fast forward a few hours when im finally able to see my family in the recovery room after PACU bc it took a long time for me to awake enough from the short, outpatient procedure i had done. I remember sitting straight up and thinking something isnt right. My husband says i started to sway back and forth, then suddenly began convusling. I convulsed in minutes long episodes ranging from myoclonic movements, catatonic states, and periods of extreme tonic posturing. It felt like i was either shaking uncontrollably, completely unable to move like paralysis, or completely unable to move from every muscle in my body tensing all at TENS machine on each muscle. The most painful experience ever. And yes, i was conscious and begging for someone to help me. The drs, nurses, anesthesiologists had no clue what to do other than pump me with ativan and send me to a neuro floor for observation. It took weeks for me to be able to walk or stand for more than a half hour without feeling like i had to lay face down on the ground or i was going to fall over. I would stutter when speaking, forget things i was discussing, get suddenly very hot, suddenly feel the urge to fall asleep for hours. I was told i had an allergic reaction to scop patch. Please do not take this medication, even if its prescribed. I still feel vertigo and its been months since i had it on for maybe 4 hours total! Id stick with zofran or phengergan next time. This stuff should be removed from the market. F 27 0 days
One patch
 1  Possible nausea before surgery Loopy. Dilated eyes, foggy head, headache 6 hours after surgery. Usually fine by now. After 6 hours, removed the patch. Never again!!!!! Never given this. I don't get nauseous. Pre-op put this on me. Thought it was strange that after 6 hours, still loopy from anesthesia. Finally figured out it is the patch! F 63 1 days
1.5mg 1X D
 1  7-day cruise headache, nausea, weakness, dizziness, slow thinking, tiredness This was my first cruise, so my doctor prescribed the patch. I followed the directions but never read the insert. I didn't realize it was a powerful drug. After removing the patch when we disembarked, I felt like I was still on the ship. The following day I was very sick with headache, nausea, and dizziness. I removed the patch six days ago and although the headache and nausea are gone, I am dizzy and so weak that all I can do is sit or lie down. I'm too tired to prepare meals or do the things I need and want to do. Thank goodness my husband is with me. F 71 7 days
1X D
 1  Vertigo and motion sickness Took the patch for a vacation and history of vertigo for past months. Patch worked great but 24 hrs after removal I had increase vertigo symptoms and put a new patch on. I continued this 3 day on and off one day with increasing symptoms resulting in putting on a new patch. Once I was able to get home from vacation I researched the withdrawal symptoms and figured that was what I was experiencing. Onset after 24 hours of the removal of the patch the two days after have been hell. Bedridden with headache and dizziness all of the time, day 3 I began to be able to function, now I'm at Day 4 and continue to have residual dizziness that wakes me up if I sleep on either left or right side. I would rather have motion sickness than go through the agony of withdrawals. I have not found much research if patch is contraindicated for people with vertigo F 47 6 days
 1  Vertigo Day 4 bloodshot eyes, severe anxiety and heart palpitations. Once I took the patch off I experienced severe headaches with nausea, light sensitivities and the heart palpitations continued 3 days after the removal. The symptoms are subsiding I believe because I am drinking a ton of water and green tea, I also had a baking soda and Edson salt bath. Try and flush it out of your system quickly - the side affects and post removal issues are horrific and scary!!! Can't believe this stuff is subscribed! I had used it 2x before with no problems. Based on what I have read, I am very lucky!!!! I'm hoping I continue to get better!!! F 48 5 days
 5  Cruise I used the patch for a three day cruise. I had no side effects or difficulty after removing the patch. While on the cruise it was very windy but I felt great. Had cocktails with no issues. I would definitely use it again F 63 1 days
1.5 mg/ 3
 1  Post-op nausea Went in Novemeber to have my nose put back in place as it was broken. They applied a patch to me + other meds before, during, and after and still got sick. Woke up the next morning with my heart skipping beats and racing. I call their center, they convince me I'm dehydrated. As I am no longer puking, I remove the patch and drink water at the same time. Don't think anything of it. In February, I went under to get my meniscus fixed and an ACL put in my right knee. Patch goes on, into surgery I go. I wake up disoriented with nurses and doctors yelling in my face that I have to wake up. I become slightly coherent and notice I have nurses all over my body trying to find a better IV site (had 18 pokes-very hard to find my veins) to administer drugs because my heart was in AFIB going about 185 beats and skipping. They try several drugs , 15 more people enter the room, the cardiologist and his team are called down, and the crash cart is paged to my recovery room. They JUST managed to find a drug that took my heart down to 120-135 beats seconds before they were going to administer the paddles. Several hours later in the hospital room (I had to stay) I managed to connect the dots and talked to the anesthesiologist. I take off the patch and within 5-10 min my heart went down from a stable minimum of 120 beats to 85. I had to receive 3 heart ultrasounds, 2 ekgs, and wear a heart monitor for 2 weeks under the care of the cardiologist that I had to see for a month and a half. AFIB, irregular heart beat, post-nausea, dizziness. Severely allergic with reaction that increases everytime I use. F 21 1 days
 2  to avoid seasickness 3 days after removing the patch - still experiencing dizziness, sleepiness, general discomfort, foggy thinking. Can't wait to get this out of my system. F 60 5 days
1X D
 1  Surgery Urinary retention, dilated pupils, confusion, dry mouth, itchy skin, seizure like muscle spasms, heart racing I had this patch placed on after a surgery. The minute I woke up I felt off, but I had just had a hysterectomy so I figured as much. I kept the patch on for the prescribed three days. By the time I took it off on day three my eyes were in a constant state of dilation, I was disoriented and confused. My mouth was extremely dry and I felt off. That night my heart started racing as I was laying in bed, shot up to 170's, then my whole body went stiff and started violently shaking. We ended up having to call 911 and I was rushed to the hospital and given several drugs to calm this down. I was told it was an allergic reaction to this drug and I've continued to have the spasms/seizures and racing heart rate. The doctors said to stay on Benadryl until the medication works out of my system. F 32 3 days
 3  For a 7 day cruise It was my first cruise. And I'm not sure whether it was the time of year (End of Nov thru Dec) but the seas were pretty rough. The patch seemed to help somewhat. I never through up just had a yucky feeling the whole time even with the patch. My vision was blurred especially for small print. I fround myself pretty confused as for directions. Very turned around on the boat. Luckily my husband was with me all the time. My dizziness has stayed with me since I got off the boat it's the 3 day since debarkment. My extreme concern happened this morning. I woke and went to the bathroom as normal only to not be able to urinate. I had intense pain but no urination. I started to hyper ventilate and feel sick. I eventually was able to release some. I visited the Dr. and she said I had a UTI. I have had Uti's before but Never, never with urinary retention. This really concerned me. I read up on this med and that is one of the side effects. I never had the issue while wearing the patch only happen when it was removed after 3 days. Some could say its from other reasons but I don't think so. As you get older you kinda learn about your body. So anyway on antibiotics and drinking lots of water… this will subside. But It'll be a while before I cruise again or use this patch!! F 48 7 days
 5  Cruise (sea sick) Both myself and my son have to take this anytime we go on a boat or cruise. Neither of us have any issues except after we get back we have some blurry vision. Love this patch. My son and I can enjoy ocean fishing and cruising with this patch. I have been using it for about 9 yrs now and my son started at age 11 and is now 15. Neither of us have had any major issues. We enjoy boating 100%, after we get back and take it off we have some blurry vision for about 2-3 days but 100% worth it to us. F 38 8 days
 2  For Gastroparesis I had a reaction to my right eye. It hurt and turned red. I got off the patch and I have been sick ever since. When I first got on the patch I felt good. I was scared to stay on it after my eye started hurting. That was one of the side effects. F 70 9 days
Don't say
 1  Nausea I had severe nausea, balance, vertigo, double vision and I slept all the time. After 2 years emotional mood swings, sensitivity to light, sound, motion. The feeling of my brain being sucked out of the back of my head, itching, the withdrawals I barely remember but it was horrible. My wife says I lost my mind. Paranoia, delusional, anxiety, nausea. I have been off of this drug for almost 5 months and I am still having cycling scopolamine withdrawal syndrome. I started this after a stroke for nausea and after 6 weeks started complaining of side effects at the urging of my pt at the time, but all my symtoms were attributed to my stroke. My wife took me to a new doctor who told us about the adverse side effects and advised me to stop taking it. I was completely disabled and homebound. I started a dramatic recovery 3 days after stopping, but have side effects about every 3 weeks as if I were still on the patch. They are getting less severe as time goes on,but do not know if or when they will stop completely. Please help bring awareness to this medication and the dangers that all patients should be made aware of. I have a petition started at change dot org and I have started a Facebook page call Transderm Scopolamine And Scopolamine Withdrawal. I am hoping to start a network of support for other that have suffered and prevent this from happening over and over again. Feel free to contact me at Katie dot jeans at Yahoo dot com. This drug should come with better warning to consumers and explicit language regarding extended use. It has only been FDA tested for 72 hours. There are so many stories these things are not rare. These withdrawals are not rare. M 43 2 years
 1  Vertigo Dizziness, extreme dry mouth, tongue feeling swollen, burning sensation on tongue, fearfulness This happened to my mother-in-law. She began using the patch for vertigo. After wearing it for 3 days, she suddenly started to feel bad. She had dizziness, and her tongue felt like it was swollen and burning. I took her to her doctor's office, where she started to faint. They called an ambulance which took her to the ER. After an exam and some fluids, they said tests showed nothing wrong with her so I took her home. We decided that she should remove the patch which she did last night but the tongue issues remain as well as feeling fearful and dizzy. F 80 3 days
30mg 1X O
 1  Motion Sickness I put the patch on at 9:00 a.m. for a sailing/snorkeling excursion at 2:00 p.m. By the time my husband and I left to walk to the boat, I was loopy. I've never taken hard core drugs, but am guessing the dosage for my weight was toxic (I'm 103 lbs.). When we were finished with the excursion, my husband insisted I remove the patch, which I promptly did. By that time my vision was blurry, mouth was dry, and I felt high as a kite. The withdrawal has been awful. I have had exacerbated anxiety and depression. At one point I felt so irritable/angry, I had thoughts about hurting someone. Prior to leaving for our trip/taking the medication, I felt excited about life, was feeling happy, and looking forward to the future. I know I will get back to that place eventually, the wait is just hard. This drug really needs to be administered based on body weight and general health. I do not recommend it for people lower in body weight, kids, the elderly, or anyone who has taken/is taking SSRI's. F 46 1 days
1.5 mg
 2   M 1 days

TRANSDERM SCOP  (SCOPOLAMINE):  This skin patch is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or recovery from anesthesia and surgery. This medication works by correcting the imbalance of natural substances (acetylcholine and norepinephrine) that can occur in motion sickness. It also blocks certain signals to the brain that can cause nausea and vomiting. This medication is not recommended for use in children.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)