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 2  Heavy bleeding during periods Mood swings, depressed, very low sex drive, my husband noticed that I was changing to. Didn't realize it until I noticed that I really didn't want my husband to touch me, and we were never like that. Then I read the reviews I was in shock. I'm not taking one more pill. My husband agrees. F 48 2 years
 3  to regulate my cycle Extreme moods wings,very tender breasts,very much bloated and decreasedy sex drive. F 26 3 months
 1  birth control I've experienced some scary blood clots with my menstruation, my face covered with pimples, mood swings and low Sex drive F 26 3 months
 2  to regulate my cycle Big scary clots(flesh like) F 35 10 days
 1  ovarian cyst control Extreme anxiety, depression, extreme mood swings, low libedo. After i started taking this i noticed that i started getting depressed. The depression turned into having mild anxiety attacks around the placebo week. I thought i would give it a few months. The anxiety lessoned but the mood swswings are horrific. I have stopped taking them because i feel it has changed my attitude and i do not like the person i have become. I am not myself on these pills. Id much rather deal with the pain from a cyst bursting than this emotional roller coaster. F 29 8 months
 1  prevent pregnancy I have been taking the generic version for 3 months. Acne right away (I rarely have had acne in my life), dizzy spells, mood swings, depression. I have never had noticeable side effects form any other birth control. F 90 days
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 1  heavy/long cycles Depression, anxiety, aggression, weepy, moody, irritable...NOT HAPPY F 28 10 months
 1  Birth control These pills caused a hormone embalance in me. I gained about 15 lbs in 2 months, had extreme fluid retention, no sex drive, mood swings, migraines, and caused my breasts to sag. I do not recommend these pills as the side effects are not worth it. If I wanted that much stress I would have had a kid! F 29 4 months
 3  Preventing pregnancy Severe headache nd my breast are shining as if m preg F 20 1 weeks
 2  birth control weight gain, decreased sex drive, lethargic My periods are extremely light compared to when I was on Ortho-cept. They are so light that it concerns me. I was on Ortho-cept for 10 years and no problems but my clinic stopped carrying it. I may try to get it somewhere else. F 34 6 months
 1  prevention of pregnancy SEVERE moodiness The decision to stop taking this pill came when I realized that even I didn't like the "new" me. Not saying that it is the same in everyone, but this pill gave me severe mood swings and I snapped at the least little thing. I am going back to Nordette 28. F 32 11 months
 5  birth control, heavy periods, acne As long as I take the brand version of this pill (not the generic) I have no side effects after the first month or two. First two months I had some problems with mood swings but nothing else. I find that my sex drive is affected negatively from the generic version but I don't seem to have as much of a problem with the brand version. I also get some other undesirable side effects from the generic - mood problems especially. I've taken two different kinds of generic pills for this drug and while one was better than the other, I still don't do as well on them. This has been the best pill for me. I took it for about 3 years but then tried some others due to sex drive issues. I've tried Ovcon-35, Estrostep, OTC lo, and Yaz. I liked OTC lo A LOT and it was great for my sex drive, but it took my acne from mild to severe and I'm still trying to recover. I did not do well on any of the other pills. I went back to Lo/Ovral 3 months ago. It is a bit expensive for me because I will only take the brand name, but it's worth it. F 26 3.5 years
 3  Birth control Headache and upset stomach F 22 4 days
 3   Headache F 22 4 days
 3  birth control/ cycle regulation headaches and moodiness during inactive week of pills. slight weight gain. took a few monthes to make cycles lighter, but they are now lighter. F 19 6 months
 3  pain prevention / bc I have nausea all day long. Headache and my breast are killing mme. I have only been taking this pill 6 days. I feel horrible. I took Demulen or its generic for 4 yrs stopped 6 mnths then took it for 8 more years. I did nit have this drama. F 27 6 days
 3  pain prevention / bc I have nausea all day long. Headache and my breast are killing me. I have only been taking this pill 6 days. I feel horrible. I took Demulen or its generic for 4 yrs stopped 6 mnths then took it for 8 more years. I did nit have this drama. F 27 6 days
 1  Ovarian Cysts depression, moodiness, headaches, acne I couldn't stand the side effects, though it did fix my spotting and cramps. F 19 2 months
 3  birth control Severe mood swings and moodiness, laziness, extreme exhaustion constantly (no matter how much sleep is obtained), insomnia, acne, possible weight gain (I don't have a scale!). I was on Kariva (generic of Mircette), but due to depression and sever moodiness/mood swings I stopped taking it. I was then put on Lo/Ovral-28 (actually the generic, Lo-Ogestrel). Most of my issues had gone away before starting the Lo/Ovral but quickly came back from THIS pill. F 23 2 months
 2  prevention of pregnancy decreased sex drive, moodiness i had been taking orthotricyclen lo for about three years and it worked well for me but then i started to experience breakthrough bleeding and the doctor switched me over of lo/ovral. the breakthrough bleeding stopped, but then i noticed that my sex drive has seriously decreased since i started taking it. i also noticed that i had become very irritable along with an increased appetite. i have now been switched to another brand and i hope it works! F 25 4 months