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 3  Extremely heavy/ anemic periods. Dry vaginal issues, heart burn, Breast discharge Am I the only one getting a dryer bingo all area? I went from Manessa and having to can change a pantie liner 6x a day to zenchent ( Generic) haD absolutely no discharge. Also I have acid reflux and this is the worst it has been in years. But I am not experiencing any breaking through bleeding like I did with the Manessa. I go three months without a period. (Everyone should do that. ) F 18 1 months
.04mg/ .03
 2  Birth control I am taking Zenchent. I have had many bad side effects and my ob is finally switching me to a different pill after this pack is completed. I have a brown spot on my forehead, unwanted hair growth, weight gain, changes in the way my fingernails grow, cysts on my ovaries, and sometimes I start spotting a few days before my period actually starts. I cannot wait to get off this pill. F 30 10 months
1X D
 4  birth control, heavy period, moodin This is the only birth control that I've ever been able to take without becoming intolerably moody (about the tenth one I've tried). Increased libido. Fuller breasts. I do have some nausea, and slight break outs which I've never had before, but I also have extremely light periods that last four days instead of extremely heavy nine day periods. Very pleased. F 21 1 days
 3  Ovarian suppression, cystic acne Worked well for first 4 months then 6 lb weight gain. Feel depressed, irritable, bloated but am scared to stop due to cystic acne. F 34 1 years
 5  Irregular periods None. I've been taking this pill for over 12 years now. F 26 10 years
35 mg
 5  regulate period and mood swings None I am extremely happy with this pill. I was having very bad mood swings, breakthrough bleeding, heavy periods, bad PMS that lasted all month. With Ovcon, I almost feel like my old self. Due to my age, my gyno is trying to wean me to something lighter but I tried HRT and felt insane and went back on Ovcon for another year. Now I am trying something new but it has less progesterone and I am starting to feel hormonally crazy again. Ovcon has the right mix of hormones for me. F 52 5 years
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 1  birth control & severe cramps Severe depression and fatigue When I first started taking Balziva (generic form), I didn't experience any side effects at all. My cramps were gone, minimal flow, it was great! But little did I know the drug was building up in my body and causing severe depression. After about 2 years, I really started to notice the depression seeping in, it was getting worse and worse by the week. I tried anti-depressants which didn't work with my body. I finally just stopped taking Balziva and within a week I felt like the dreadful cloud of depression was going away. It snuck up on me so quietly, I almost didn't think about the possibility of it being because of the pill. I'm so glad I'm off the pill, nobody's body should have to endure that kind of torture. F 24 2 years
1X D
 2  Endometriosis I'm taking the generic (Zenchent). I'm bloated, I have tender breasts, and have gained weight and I'm still cramping pretty bad-I feel miserable. I may have to try the brand name though. I feel like I have a tire around my belly and think I would rather deal with the pain then to feel this way and get fat. I no longer have a period because I had an ablation but I feel like I'm on my period all the time. F 37 2 weeks
 4  Birth control, control heavy period (Balziva) Occasionally have break through bleeding if I take a pill even 30 minutes to a couple hours late, worsened cramps, lighter periods, fuller breasts, increased/same sex drive Breakthrough bleeding to the point my Dr recommended taking two pills whenever this happened. However I have been on several types of birth control pills, some of which caused extreme anxiety, and this has been the only pill that has worked for me. I do have frequent digestive problems and lack of energy but cannot say whether this is due to the pill or not. Would recommend F 21 2 years
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1X D
 3  Endometriosis, contraception Positive: light periods, clearer skin, little to no cramps, birth control, no weight gain Negative: irritability, easily crying, "dull" mood, low libido F 26 2 years
 5  peri menopause The brand Ovcon 35 is the only pill that didn't cause negative side effects & it made my breasts fuller. F 46 1 days
 5  birth control GOOD SIDE EFFECTS: Extremely light period. Major improvement in menstrual cramps. I have tried 3 different birth control pills before this one and had nothing but bad side effects from them all, including extreme mood swings and depression. I am taking the generic version of this pill (Balziva) for about 2 years now and have NO bad side effects. Different bodies react differently to every type of pill so only way to find out if this pill is for you is to try it. F 23 2 years
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 5  To stop my period Non I use the generic, Balziva. I have had no issue with this bc. I take it non-stop for three months and then off for a week. When I'm off it for the week, my period is so light that I can wear just a panty liner and it usually only lasts two days. F 47 3 years
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 1  hormone inbalance I was on the brand name Ovcon for 3 mths ( pks from Dr) and when the pharmacy filled my rx, they gave me Balziva..this is the worst pill ever. In the last 9 days, yes, just 9 days, I've gone from perfectly fine to a wild raging hormonal freak! My breast are tender, my uterus is killing me, I 'feel' bloated, and I feel like I'm in the middle of the worst PMS ever and I am a full 2 weeks away from a period. I called the pharmacy and they are sending out Ovcan asap, they gave generic because it was free. My sanity is worth whatever they are charging and I can't wait to get my hands on that pack!!!!! Avoid using this pill if at all possible..my dr's office has said they've had many complaints about Balziva and can't figure out why it's still out there. It was on about day 5 I noticed some of these things but thought it was stress from work and the holidays......nope..it's the damn pill...today was the worst day I had in years When I was on the actual brand name Ovcon 35 I never felt better!! I was back to the person I used to be..it was great. But, on Balziva I am a raging bitch from hell with some of the worst PMS like symptoms ever. Thankfully I am getting the brand name in a couple of days..hopefully I make it till then. F 43 9 days
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 2  to lessen cramps, menstrual regulat horrible stomach and bowel issues, middle of the night nausea, constipation i really liked it at first, less bloated, lighter and regulated periods. at the start of my second month i had to stay home from work one day because i had really bad constipation and i felt really off for a week (constant rumbling stomach). at the start of the third month i experienced the same rumbling stomach but had severe diarrhea instead of constipation. i haven't consulted with my doctor, but i stopped taking it a few days ago and i feel a lot better. F 23 2.5 months
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 4  PCOS, regulate periods mood swings during first two weeks, headaches, breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting during first week, heartburn, severe cramping during period. I am sticking it out! I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, with little to no periods. This BC has made me finally regular with a period! So, i will definitely continue taking it! F 21 1 months
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 5  mood swings, heavy periods, misery none Stopped my heavy, clotty periods. Restored hormonal balance. I used to feel miserble all month long, mood swings, very irritable, mentally fuzzy and out of it, was overeating and depressed because of peri-menopausal hormonal swings. Now I feel like my old self- alert, happy, no PMS and I lost 30 lbs and kept it off. F 50 4 years
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 3  regulation of an absent cycle I was prescibed ovcon-35 to regulate my cycle and it did do that. However,in the 2yrs that i have been taking it i have began my cycle on or before day 14.I will continue to have my cycle until I start a new pack. I have lost 50lbs in the last 6 months but thats because I've choosen a healthier life style.I'm not sure if my cycle came early twice because of the weight loss and all the changes that goes along with that.I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I did not have any noticable effects with this medication until now. F 28 2 days
35 mg 1X D
 2  Pre-IUI cycle Marked decline in energy, low-grade fevers in the evening, awful mood swings, lack of enthusiasm for activities I normally enjoy, breakthrough bleeding beginning on day 13. I'm so glad I only have to take these pills for a month. I could not live like this for an extended period of time. I am counting down the days until I finish this pack. I know every woman is different and these pills may work wonderfully for many, but for those experience the same symptoms as I this is confirmation that you are not imagining them. F 36 15 days
35 1X D