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 5  PCOS I was first prescribed ovcon 50 after being on lo estrin 24 fe. I was on six months then weaned off because my Gyno was afraid of blood clot. Since then I've been on 6 other bc pills and none of them worked like this one. Now after 3 years of switching bc constantly and seeing an endocrinologist, I'm back on ovcon 50. It cleared up many issues the other bc caused (acne, thinning hair). Everyone responds differently to horomones. Ovcon is high estrogen- some people may need a different horomone or different dose. F 23 8 months
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 1  Ovarian cists Tremors (constant uncontrollable twitches, terrible migraines, can't focus at all almost like constant brain fog, lower sex drive, severe anxiety episodes, mood swings, trouble sleeping, fatigue, joints and body aches, increased appetite and EXTREME bloating and can NOT lose weight AT ALL!, bad depression I am an extremely health person I eat healthly, i work out daily and i live a healthy life style. I switched from my previous birth control Ortho-tri cyclen lo to Ovcon for Cyst control. I never had any previous side effects with my previous Birth control usage and i've only been on Ovcon for 2 weeks and the side effects have been terrible. I stopped the pill because it literally is not interfering with my day to day living. Jeans that fit me 3 days ago i can't even get one leg into them. my body typically loses anywhere from 1-3 lbs a week easily with constant exercise and healthy diet. The mood swings, anixety and depression are unbearable and these are things i have never had a problem with until i tried this pill. I'm now having to go through detox sessions at my dr's to try and get this crap out of my body. I would NEVER recommend this to ANYONE and i am shocked they can prescribe this to people. Terrible terrible form of birth control. do not take! F 25 2 weeks
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 3  Pcos Cramps in breast more headaches mood changes F 25 1 years
 4  Endometriosis and bad cramps Bad headache and nauseous during the "week off" But I love it super light period and only one day of cramps F 18 2 months
 5  birth control this birthcontrol was GREAT until my blood pressure started going up.....and the headaches...and the upset stomach...there are alot of side affects. ovcon-50 is a good method of birthcontrol but if your blood pressure starts rising i reccomend you stop taking the pills and talk with you gyno.for a diff. method of birthcontrol. F 24 5 months
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 5  Birth Control A couple instances of fainting in the first few days Other than fainting a couple of times in the first few days, this pill has been great! I've taken a few different kinds of BC (the patch, ortho-tri, etc) and this was by far the best for me. It cleared up my skin a little bit (complete opposite of ortho-tri, when I broke out big time!), I haven't gained any weight from the pill (just from not working out as much!), and my periods are shorter, much lighter, and always on time. My doctor tried putting me on the lower dose, ovcon-35, for a while, but I would start my period a week early and it would last for two weeks. He put me back on the ovcon-50 and no problems! I realize there are plenty of people who haven't had good experiences with this, as everyone's body reacts differently to medications. But there are enough kinds of birth control out there that you are bound to find one that does work for you! F 26 7 years
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 2  to regulate menstrual cycle Mood swings, decreased sex drive, tremendous weight gain! I am post gastric bypass patient who usually loses 1-2 pounds per week. I have gained 8 pounds in the two weeks I've been on OVCON-50. Thankfully I am only using this drug for one month I can only imagine being on it longer.... F 39 2 weeks
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 1  endometriosis major mood swings, horrible cramps, dizziness, hot flashes, weight gain This medicine didn't really help the endometriosis at all. The mood swings were incredible (sobbing to screaming in anger multiple times over the course of a few minutes). The hot flashes were unbearable. I felt like I was going through menopause at age 14. The weight gain was bad (extra 30 pounds over the course of taking the medicine). It was awful being on this medicine and I would rather try my luck with a difference medicine than risk losing my mind on this one. F 21 4 years
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 5  Heavy periods due to endometriosis This is the only birth control out of several that has successfully suppressed my heavy periods. I haven't had any problems while taking it. My only complaint would be that that it is very expensive and few drug stores carry it. F 19 1 years
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 4  Constant heavy bleeding Extreme mood swings, depression, abdomen pain, crying, anger. I am still taking this medicine despite the side effects I listed because my choices are this or a hyterectomy at age 28. I wish I could go to a lower dosage, but anything lower, and I bleed. F 28 1.5 years
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 1  ovarian cyst and birth control Depression, moody, severe anxiety, lack of sleep I started taking this after my dr found a ovarian cyst and I also wanted to start using birth control. It only took about 4 days for me to realize this BC is not right for me. I can't focus, having severe anxiety, and cannot sleep. Stopped taking it immediately and cannot wait for the side effects to go away. F 27 7 days
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 5  irregular cycles and spotting None. I was on 6 other brands of Birth Control pills before Ovcon 50. Ovcon 50 was the perfect match for me. It was incredibly expensive, but totally worth it. I would only have my period once or twice a year while on it, so that alone made me love Ovcon 50. My doctor said that decreased and/or missed periods are common with Ovcon 50. I just recently stopped taking Ovcon since my husband and I are going to start a family :-) F 34 6 years
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 3  Irregular bleeding & Birth Control Headaches that turn into migraines, Severe Nausea on my off week, Severe Nausea on my first week, Cramping 1 week prior to period every month. Lower sex drive, fatigue, appetite increased but no weight gain sometimes bloating I have not had any break through bleeding since I was taken off of my ortho-lo, tried a few different brands and still break through. Doctor recommended OVCON-50. However, it can be pricy at 90.00 a month and the manufacturer does not offer free samples or discounted prices. F 25 1.5 years
1/50 daily 1X D
 5  Bleeding off and on It is harder to lose weight.....especially after childbirth but nothing to fret about. I have been taking this since the birth of my daughter. I have had no complications. My periods have been mild, short, and stress free. My doctor tried to lower me to the 35s but it didn't work out. My choice is to go for the one that works and stay with it. I would recommend this medication to anyone who tends to bleed whenever and whereever. It will be controlled with this medication. F 35 3 years
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 1  PCOS Lots of weight gain, fatigue. I'd never take it again. Switched to necon 1/35 and now I'm losing weight!!! F 22 2 years
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 1  pre IVF Horrible 4 pound weight gain during first week that didn't go away. Most likely water weight but that doesn't help clothes fit any better. Slight depression & crying episodes. F 33 3 weeks
 2  Necon 50 was discontinued Crying for no reason, really bad headaches, clotting and severe bleeding for about 6 days, fluctuating blood pressure-pretty high at times, and weight gain of 20 lbs in 3 months. I am glad I read these testimonials because I could not understand why all of these things were happening---now I know! Taking birth control pills to regulate my periods. F 56 3 months
 3  control bleeding extreme fatigue, moodiness, depression, can barely get out of bed and i sleep all day when i can. short tempered, which is not me at all. frequent crying for no reason. didn't really stop bleeding all together, but is somewhat better, but not worth the side effects F 32 2 weeks
 1  Birth Control/Heavy bleeding mood swings, extreme anger,depression. Random crying. I have been taking Ovcon 50 for two months now. Before i was on Necon 1/50. i was on that for over a year and never had cramps or mood swings. Within the first month of me switching to ovcon 50 my entire emotional status has changed. I have been going between really depressed to extremely angry. Seekings new bcp! F 20 2 months