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 1  To avoid pregnancy Weight gain in all the wrong places I took Modicon a year ago for only a month or two before I discontinued using it. I wasn't dating anyone at the time and did not have sex in the couple of months I was taking Modicon. I stopped taking it due to undesirable weight gain. I'm a very petite girl (5'1, normally 95 to 100 lbs) with very high metabolism and I do not gain weight easily. Within a few weeks of taking Modicon, my face got rounder/fatter and my arms got bigger. A couple of my friends and even my mom commented on how I looked "different" and I could see it when I looked at myself in pictures. I hated the way I looked with a fuller face and bigger arms, and I shot up to about 105 lbs (very unusual for me). Since I wasn't having sex at the time and didn't need BC, I stopped taking it completely. I didn't change anything else about my lifestyle and about a month after I stopped Modicon, my weight went back to normal and my face and arms thinned out again. I have remained 100 lbs or less since! I just started Loestrin 1/20.. hopefully the lower estrogen level means no weight gain! F 24 30 days
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 4   Be careful w/small weight gain potential. Helps bad cramps/periods, skin a little. F 34 5 years
 2  Birth Control When I firswt started taking this pill, the first week, nothing seemed different. Then I started feeling very bloated, I gained about 5lbs. and had no appetite and felt nauseous. I usually go to the gym (for the past two years) daily, but couldnt go, and if I tried, I felt severly tired and dizzy. I have depression, and this seemed to multiply it, to where I couldnt get out of bed in the morning and felt disconnected. I have acne, and it seemed to help that (the only positive effect). This is the third pill I have tried, and the low dose pills seem to make me blled during the regular pills and not on the sugar. I also noticed I couldnt wear my contact when taking this pill, my eyes simply rejected them when I tried to put them in. M 24 20 days
 1  birth control Breast swelling and tenderness, bloating way before it was time for my period. I'm petite and have gain 10lbs - ugh! I never get headaches, now I do. I'm tired frequently and more depressed than usual. I'm goin back to Ovcon 35 - much better! Not satisfied with this birth control. Weight gain and depression. F 37 3 months
 3  Birth control Weight gain - about 1/2 lb per 2 days. Early on depression. Bloating and gas. F 39 20 days