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 3  Endometriosis and pregnancy prevent Head aches, spotting Worked great for 3 months. Relieved my constant cramping due to endometriosis and every three months I had a very moderate 4 day period as opposed to my usual 7 day heavy period. Then Just recently cramping returned and I've had spotting in between periods (still moderate) and breakouts which I've never had a problem with and terrible headaches which I've never suffered from. F 28 5 months
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 3  Cramps, heavy periods and fibroids Major anxiety, panic attacks, upset stomach, heartburn, mood swings, lost appetite, stomachaches, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, dry mouth. I haven't experienced any acne or hair loss yet. Fingers crossed!!! This is my first time taking these pills and I'm in my first month. I will continue on it and see how it goes on the second month. F 41 25 days
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 1  Birth control Hair loss...noticed during second month that I started having thinning and balding spots. I experience bleeding during the second and third week each month. F 35 60 days
1/20 1X D
 1  Yes Gained 17lbs in 2 months, NO SEX DRIVE whatsoever, extremely moody, depression, nausea, migraines. Wouldn't recommend at all. Had the Paragard IUD before this and LOVED it. Only switched because we thought about trying for a baby and wanted to be able to stop taking it whenever. Literally went from wanting sex every single night to not caring if he ever touched me again. This prescription SUCKS. And the weight gain made me super depressed. F 25 2 months
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 1  Irregular periods Weight gain, fatigue, stomach pain, extreme anger and aggression against others, suicidal thoughts F 14 34 days
 5  Cramps None F 42 5 years
 2  PCOS about 3 days after starting the pill my period started and didn't stop until i got to the last row of the pack. I also experienced extreme depression, anxiety and insomnia. Once I stopped taking the pill everything went back to normal. F 33 1 months
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 2  Birth control Increased anxiety, mood swings, frequent breakthrough bleeding, frequent missed periods, frequent unscheduled periods F 28 5 years
 1  Birth control My period synced up, but the side effects were awful. Extreme hair loss immediately with dark hair growth on chest and chin. Not satisfied. F 21 2 days
 2  Endometriosis, PCOS,Cramps, Regula Irregular Spotting, Cramping, Headaches unlike what I normally have, Breast Tenderness, Extreme Fatigue, Frequent Urination and Bladder Leakage, Nausea, Increased Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Swings like I have never had before. The pill worked great at first, and after three months it all went to hell. Started having pain again like I had before endometrial surgery, had two normal periods and then started spotting throughout the month. Also over the last three months, I have not felt like myself, I am tired like no other and my moods and personality have not been the typical me. Not to mention I have been using the bathroom anywhere from 10-20 times a day along with leakage throughout the day. I use to only wake once if that, now it is at least three times a night at least a few nights a week. The fatigue I have is also out of my normal. I have always been a busy person, but lately I can barely get through the day without feeling like I am going to fall asleep. Not to mention I do not sleep well as it is. I am preparing to go to a urologist to check my bladder out, but something tells me nothing is wrong with my bladder, if nothing is wrong, I am going to consider going off these pills and I am not sure if I ever want to be on birth control again. My cramps may be awful, but it does not matter, pill or not I have them. I would rather deal with that and the irregular and heavy periods than all this crap!! F 19 6 months
1.5/30 1X D
 1  Subside periods, prevent pregnancy, Before this cause I was on low estrogen 24 for you have years no problem.This has been constantly spotting when I decided to give myself a period I am bleeding for 2 weeks then I will stop and then I will start spotting throughout the month. The cramps are absolutely ridiculous and a continuous spotting is a pain in the ass. I'm definitely getting off this pill today and going to try something else. The only reason I switch pills in the first place is because the loestrin 24 dosage was low and my body got used to it so I had to switch to a higher dosage this pill I do not recommend. F 30 2 months
 3  Control periods Emotional, depressed F 14 3 days
 5  Regulate menstrual cycle Mild increase in acne during first month, breast tenderness/enlargement I was scared to take this birth control due to all the negative reviews, but my experience has been wonderful. First month was a little rough. My acne went nuts and my breasts became very swollen and tender. I almost quit and went back to my doctor after 3 weeks, but I decided to hang in there and I'm glad I did. My period was nearly non-existent. I am now on my second month and I feel great. All the side effects have subsided. Much better than ortho-tricyclen. No mood swings, depression, etc. Every birth control works different for each person, so don't knock it until you try it!! F 25 2 months
 1  Birth control I got pregnant while on this pill. I was a single mom struggling to raise two kids and faithfully took my pill every morning after coffee. I was working two jobs and didn't know I was pregnant until 4 months. I am tiny and did not gain any weight because I was so active. I ended up having to give my baby up for adoption because the father would not take responsibility and I knew I could not afford to raise another child. I took bc for years before this and nev had this problem until switching to Lo Estrin. at the time I worked for someone who's wife got pregnant on the same pill and bc of the lack of regular periods she did not know until her second trimester. The child was born with major both defects. Please do not take this pill. F 38 1 months
 1  birth control Depression, mood swings, emotional, loss of sex drive, anger Normally a happy, easy going person. But these pills have changed my mood completely. I would sometimes sit there and cry for no reason at all, feel down and depressed. Since taking these I have become very argumentative with my boyfriend and also lost my sex drive. I go back to normal when I have a 7 day break from them. Discontinuing these today so I can feel like myself again. F 20 3 months
 4  Regulate periods/prevent UTI Happiness, mild headaches within the first 3 days of taking the pill, cramping, apparent loss of recurring UTI's I switched from Marvelon 21 to Loestrin 1.5/30 and thus far I have really enjoyed it. The last two months being on Marvelon 21, I was extremely depressed and since switching I have been much happier and generally have more energy. I also suffered from recurring UTI's (pretty much monthly), and so far I havent had a UTI this month (groundbreaking!!). The only negative side effects were a headache for the first three days of starting the pill and I am currently having quite painful cramps during my period, however these could just be side effects I have experienced from switching pills this month. I havent gained any weight, and havent had any hormonal acne issues! F 21 28 days
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 5  Irregular Periods It's only been a week while taking the pill and honestly it already has been great. This pill gives me a lot of energy & it honestly has made me feel a lot happier. I notice a change in my mood, but for the better. So far I have not received any negative side effects. F 17 7 days
 1  Control periods Weight gain, depression, anxiety and mood swings. I have been taking this for a year and just realized after reading all the reviews what my problem has been. I have stayed at a steady weight of 145-150 for all my life, I'm a bodybuilder so I'm in the gym 2-3 hours a day and gained 20 lbs since starting. I haven't changed anything eating or lifting wise to gain this much weight. I have been so emotionally unstable and just thought it was because I moved cities but I've been here a year and still the same. I flip at the drop of a hat, will wake up pissed off cry over anything and be a complete b*tch for no reason. I have become super depressed, suicidal and have horrible anxiety that I've never had before starting this pill. I am always tired no matter what, dizzy where I almost fall over, half my face tingles or goes numb. I have also noticed my face having a lot more dark spots than ever and my hair is thin and brittle. All in all I have not been myself since starting and I'm so glad I found this site and these reviews to know to stop taking them! I would never recommend anyone to take this birth control! I'm discontinuing mine today. F 26 1 years
 1  Birth control Hypoglycemia/wild blood sugar swings, loss of breast size but sudden weight gain everywhere else, especially abdomen. Boobs came back and I lost 7 lbs within a week of discontinung this pill. Cramps, btb week 3. Bad mood I was on this pill years ago and before switching to something different . I didn't realize my hypoglycemia issues I had then were ignited by this pill until I tried it again recently. F 1 months
 1  regulate periods/prevent pregnancy Hair Loss I only took this pill for a short time, and I had a large amount of hair loss, for no reason other than the pill. It became very brittle and dry. My weight has also been affected. F 21 2 months