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 2  Insurance made me switch to generic Overwhelmed, anxious, loss of control. Crying, sad, hopeless. Lo Loestrin fe did not give me these side effects, took it for at least 2 yrs. F 50 7 days
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 1  Pregnancy prevention Chest pain, severe anxiety, palpitations, lightheaded, nausea and fatigue F 29 0 days
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 1  Stop periods Extreme weight gain & hunger. Blasting & breast tenderness. F 40 8 months
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 1  To help with irregular PERIODS Women listen to me when I said this is not for everyone. I am only a 19 year old girl and this medicine was my savior AT FIRST. For about a month. Now it's the worst thing I've ever taken. I am 19 I should feel 19. I feel scared. I'm depressed beyond belief. I can't do my job or college work. My anxiety is through the roof. I went to the ER yesterday and they couldn't find anything wrong with me other than chest pains from heart palpitations. I will return to my normal self soon. I will stop taking my birth control. This is not for me. I'm sick of feeling crazy. I want to enjoy life again. This is not the best. Please be so careful. Do not be mislead!!! If you are religious PLEASE PRAY. God will give you the comfort you bed as you get off the pill. He did it for me and I want nothing but the best for you. Take back YOUR HAPPINESS. Anxiety, Depression, nausea, headaches, lack of energy, muscle pains, feeling hopeless and lost. I do NOT recommend. F 19 1 months
Low 1X D
 1  Pcos I HAVE BEEN TAKING IT SINCE MY DIAGNOSIS with pcos and it is causing terrible mood swings I always had depression but it made it worse along with anxiety and anger its horrible I feel so tired all the time and angry its awful but I plan to stop it this pill didnt work at all F 28 2 months
1/20 1X D
 1  Prevent Pregnancy It's now almost the end of week three and I experienced this week such horrific cystic acne all over my jawline and my entire upper back. I have NEVER had back acne in my whole life. My back and shoulders are so red and hard to look at. I've also noticed increased fatigue and I've felt so lazy. Currently on my honeymoon and I also have almost ZERO libido. So awful. I woke up today with incredibly sore breast's and swollen lymph nodes under my left armpit where it's hard to move. I can barely touch the underside of my breast without the wind getting knocked out of me. I've noticed myself randomly busting out in tears for the silliest things. Whole body is extremely sore....it ends today. No more. User beware!!!! This does NOT work for my body. Will not be taking ever again. Seriously horrible horrible horrible side effects. F 23 3 weeks
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 3  Prevent pregnancy Extreme hunger, irritable, weight gain or water retention, breast size increase, improved skin 0 days
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 2  Absent periods Extreme hunger, bloating, tiredness, irratibility, mild headaches, acne on forehead I've been on this for 2 weeks and new side effects just started to kick in. I've been really lazy (which my sister is making me feel really bad about) and extremely hungry. I can't stop eating. And every little thing I eat is making me feel bloated. I'm usually pretty health conscious, and I am currently staying at a healthy weight. I am also on an antidepressant which seems like it's working, but I think the lo loestrin is countering it and making me feel slightly sad and tired still. I can't get out of bed in the mornings. I got up at 1:00 in the afternoon this morning. Really sucks. Two more weeks and I am going to talk to my obgyn and try to get off this medication. I'd rather just deal with my almost absent periods than be on this medication and gain weight from overeating, feel bloated and be miserable. F 16 14 days
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 1  Decrease ovarian cysts Nausea, weight gain, bloated, occasional cramping, Breast tenderness, vaginal dryness F 38 1 months
10 1X D
 1  Birth control, acne, PMS symptoms Fine on pill for first year or so, past year and a half have had weight gain(15lbs) with no change to activity level or diet, intense migraines every placebo period on pack, sun sensitivity, melasma on forehead. When I skip period at doctors advice to reduce migraines I break out in acne for weeks and my breasts are sore. Seemed to work fine for some time. F 29 3 years
 1  Contraceptive Overwhelming anxiety, MOODSWINGS, feelings of hopelessness, Intermittent Bleeding, fatigue, depressive moods. It is undeniable that Loestrin is the root cause of said side effects. I have never felt more hopeless (and not due to external factors). I do not have any outside stressess and I actively work to manage my physical and mental well-being. Loestrin has completely changed my mental state, and replaced me with intense feelings of doom, dread, and unexplainable fear / moodswings. F 22 5 months
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 1  painful periods vaginal dryness, painful sex, anxiety, EXTREME DEPRESSION, hopelessness, fuzzy/drugged feeling, no period I started taking this and the first month was fine, then it was all downhill. I started to have extreme anxiety and depression, would cry over everything, snap at people for no reason, and did not feel the least bit attractive anymore. Sex was never painful for me before and now my vagina is always uncomfortably dry and itchy. i got my period one time after my third month, which lasted 10 days. Now that I am off of this pill after 4 months, i still have not gotten my period and the depression/anxiety/intrusive thoughts have not gone away. F 19 4 months
 1  Birth Control I am on Zoloft for Anxiety and the occasional depression. I have been on Loestrin(I look Lo Loestrin just fine) and I have cried just about every day. I literally just cried in a work meeting that I had. I constantly feel like no one cares about me and it is affecting my relationships, my work life, everything. I am planning on stopping the pill and talking to my doctor ASAP but I have been extremely depressed and have had horrible anxiety since on this pill. F 29 30 days
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 1  Period regulation My doctor prescribed this to regulate my periods I don't know how it's supposed to regulate my periods when my parents have been really really heavy and strong and accompanied by uncomfortable cramps my side effects word an inability to orgasm, this was Troublesome for me as I never had any problem in that area before also have you having nausea also headaches and I experienced jaw pain intensely on one side of my face the bloating is unbelievable unreal I'm on a keto diet and I'm still not able to lose weight because of this pill nausea so bad I don't know what to do last all day even though I take this pill at night, causes all day fatigue and a mind fog and I was abnormally anxious and crabby all the time while on it I hate this pill This pill is the worst it is obstructing my diet causing fatigue and jaw pain and headaches insomnia I hate this pill so much it is also led me to bleed all day and all night a really ridiculous amount but I would get light-headed and extremely nauseous from all the blood loss I don't see how this is supposed to regulate my periods but I'll wait because I've only been on it for 15 days and I'll wait it out two more weeks and see if it actually regulates my periods at last F 33 15 days
1/20tab no
 1  terrible cramps BEWARE! I at times wonder if what I've experienced is really this pill but then I read what people have experienced. I took the pill only 11 days. Everyone in my life said it was the pill deep down I don't know. But I am a happy person, its been 2 weeks and I am still struggling with anxiery, depression, mood swings, change in my mental spirit/energy. Before this medicine I was happy and I have moments now. Only moments of the person I use to be pops out. Am I 100% sure its the pill no, but I never experienced anxiety or depression until I took this pill. I have feelings of fear of things that I've always wanted. I have been in a dark place since I remember taking this pill, I only pray that I feel like myself again. This is not me and I am struggling so hard to fight it. Anyone who experiences these anxiety episodes try deep breaths and focus on the breathing it doesn't always help. But it is something. F 28 11 days
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 1  Contraceptive Extreme Migraine lasting weeks, Breast Tenderness, Spotting, Weight Gain, Hungry all the time, Inability to lose weight, Decreased Sex Drive or No Sex Drive, Extreme Mood Swings, Nervousness, Irritability, Paranoia, ETC DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. It basically ruined my relationship with my boyfriend because I had no sex drive at all and that is why I was taking it so I wouldn't get pregnant and I felt sluggish and didn't have the energy to have sex. It made me depressed and I didn't love my boyfriend at times. It made me mad at the people closest to me and the littlest things set me off. I never ever was like that before taking the pill. It gave me the worst migraines of my life lasting for weeks. If your daughter wants to get birth control so she won't get pregnant, do not let her I've taken different birth control types and all of them gave me the side effects I just explained. Condoms are the best birth control you can use without all these side effects. F 18 3 months
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 1  Heavy Periods, Hormonal Imbalance Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia, Insomnia, Sadness, Empty, Lethargic, Hair Loss, Problems with Vision and Wearing Contacts, Foggy Thinking, Trouble Concentrating, Anger, Lack of Sex Drive, Canít Orgasm, Heavy Feeling and Pain in Legs Occasionally, Fatigued, Hungry All the Time, Sudden Headaches, A complete nightmare! This pill is the absolute worst. It has made me a completely different person mentally, emotionally and physically. It made me feel horrible. I tried to give it a chance but has kept getting worse. My husband, mom and stepdad told me I didnít seem like myself at all and noticed bad anxiety. Iíve had really low depressed feelings like everyone doesnít want to be around me, Feeling like somethingís wrong with me, feeling unloved and alone/empty, like no one cares. Iíve also had really bad insomnia and waking up each night this past week every night like clockwork around 2-3am wide awake for hours. Paranoid about situations and easily angered. I am normally happy, fun loving and confident friendly person but this made me want to be away from everyone and overwhelmed at the thought of meeting up with friends or family. I highly recommend you stay away from this birth control. My acne cleared but I can do other things to combat this and not have to go through hell for it. Thankfully my family was informed Iwas trying something new and felt the need to tell me I seemed like a different person. Getting off immediately!! Afraid of what to do next...Praying that God gives me wisdom and strength in my future health decisions. F 36 7 weeks
 1  Regulate periods Feeling out of control. Illogical. Bloated stomach. Weight gain. Spotted every day for 2 months. Painful breasts. Rash. The worst burning scalp you can ever imagine. Hideous drawing pain in the womb. Toilet issues. Am coming off today F 46 2 months
 1  Regulate periods Feeling out of control. Illogical. Bloated stomach. Weight gain. Spotted every day for 2 months. Painful breasts. Rash. The worst burning scalp you can ever imagine. Hideous drawing pain in the womb. Toilet issues. Am coming off today F 46 2 months
 1  Prevention of pregnancy Headaches weight gain irregular periods increased depression I hate these pills and I've been on several others, but this is by far the worse F 33 5 months