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 1  prevent periods for wedding I noticed an abrupt change in my mood within days of starting this pill. I am getting married in 5 months and spoke with my OB/GYN about preventing periods prior and during my honeymoon. I was extremely irritable, depressed and hostile. It was affecting my relationships with fiance and kids. After 10 days of feeling this way, I stopped, contacted my doctor, who advised me to stop it also, and she will prescribe something else in a couple of months. I am very disappointed, but also relieved to know that this was the cause of my change in mood. I am so appreciative of all the women who shared their experience with this BCP. My mood went from happy and stable to irritability, hopelessness, depression and ANGER! Just awful. My poor fiance and kids! I was scared that it was due to something else, but I had to think that it must be related to this new BCP that I had started 10 days ago. I have been on various BCP's over the years, and never had a problem with moods. I was hoping that this BCP would even make me feel better and help my skin, etc... NOT! Thank you for sharing and I hope my words help someone else as yours has helped me! F 48 10 days
 1  For painful, irregular periods Weight gain, crying, tearful, depressed, anger, always pissed off, absent sex drive, brain fog. Weight gain of about 5lbs, not too bad, but uncomfortable. Irritable, ready to rip someone's head off at any time. No sex drive. Feel miserable with no joy in any of my former interests. Hate work. Hate family. Hate everything. Has gotten worse every time I start a new pack. I used this med for about 1 year after my first son was born, then restarted after having a second child, and it did not work the same. First time was great. Apparently you should change pills when your body changes from having kids. I'll be changing very soon, cannot tolerate feeling so horrible. F 31 1 years

 3  to prevent pregnancy skipped first period I was on Ortho-lo for 6 years and never had any side effects that I noticed. In fact I think it made me much less moody overall. It got too pricey and I switched to Loestrin fe, and am just one month in now. So far I have not gotten a period. It's a little scary...but it seems like this happens to other people. I'll take a pregnancy test still, just to be sure... I know my doctor says we don't really need to bleed monthly but I will feel weird if this is a normal thing with this pill! I haven't noticed any other side effects (no spot bleeding or moodiness like so many others describe), and hope that none of them start. F 25 30 days

 5  Birth Control Some nausea the first week, but nothing after. I've been on this pill for 6 months, and I LOVE it. I was reading some of the comments below before I got the pill from my Dr, and they almost scared me away from taking it. I am so glad I gave it a chance, its by far the best pill out there.. my Dr even said its the one she gives her two teenage daughters. I have had no side effects, besides some nausea the first week. (Just drink some sprite, always works for me) No decrease in sex drive what so ever, no weight gain, my periods last 3 days and I know exactly when I'm going to get it. (my boyfriend loves that) I definitely recommend it, its made me stop worrying! Feel free Email me with any questions! F 20 6 months
 2  Pregnancy prevention Headaches, pain in my calves, weakness in legs, tightness in my chest, breast soreness, memory loss My symptoms didn't start until month 3. I have had similar symptoms with other pills (Yasmin, Nordette) and recently got off Nuva Ring because of yeast inf and vaginal dryness. I am going to the doctor tomorrow because the tightness in my chest will not subside and my legs ache. I wake up feeling fatigued and feel like I am in a "fog" all day. Yesterday I went to Target for half an hour and left my car running, keys in ignition and music playing...I am not careless and I think the pill is to blame for being so "off-kilter." F 25 4 months

 2  ovarian cysts and pms I have been on pill for one week and have been itching like crazy on my stomache, back and scalp. I have been depressed and have had very bad and scary thoughts. Not sure if its the pill or whether i should go off it. Your comments helped me realize that women just go through so much unnecessary emotional and physical feeligs and its just not fair. F 46 7 days

 1  B/C Nausea, mood swings, weight gain, breast tenderness; break-outs (mild). I have tried a few pills (Ortho 777; Yaz; Yazmin; Otho Tr; Ortho Lo) but this is by far the worst. The mood swings are horrible. I was on Ortho 777 for 15 years and then decided to switch to a new generation pill. So for the last 3 years I've been trying the above. I was on Yaz the longest but hated the constant peeing. I don't "break" for my period as my OBGYN said it is not needed and I never experience a problem with bleeding. The only amazing thing Lo FE is that in the 3 weeks I have been taking it I have not had a single migraine - which is shocking since I have 3-6 migraines a month. Has anyone tried Seasonale? Anyone taken Ortho 777? F 40 3 weeks

 5  menorrhagia, dysmenorrhia Nothing major. I think I may hold 2 lbs of water weight, but it's hard to tell. After about 6 months, my period dramatically decreased in frequency and flow. I have been on the pill for 9 years now. My breasts are a little larger, and I almost never get a period. Keep in mind that every women is different. This pill works great for me and some women, and not so well for others. You really have to give it a try for yourself. M 25 9 years

 5  birth control Non Loestrin is great, no side effects at all, short less heavy periods, why isn't it in Uganda though? F 25 1 years

 4  Birth Control Breast size increased, quit getting my period I really like this pill. I have been on different forms of the pill for about 10 years and this is the best I have tried. It didn't make me gain weight or feel constantly bloated like some, and I don't get crazy PMS either. After 6 months of taking this, I quit getting my period. Freaked out at first, but after a pregnancy test and my doctor confirmed that this was normal, no more period is fine by me! F 25 8 months

 4  Cramping, prevent pregnancy. Stomach cramping accompanied by symptoms alternating between diarrhea and constipation at the rate of perhaps once every two months, vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive. This is the only pill I've ever taken and I haven't had any major problems with it. I've experienced shorter, noticeably lighter periods with no spotting or irregular bleeding. The only problems I've had are minor in comparison to what I used to go through with my cramps every month. Now, once in a while, I feel a little sick to my stomach a few days before my period, and whatever I eat goes right through me, but that is the worst that I experience. These symptoms are infrequent and easy to handle. I have noticed that it takes a little longer to become aroused and to reach orgasm, if at all. But as far as alleviating the cramping symptoms for which I take the pill, I am satisfied. F 19 1 years

 2  Regulate Period, POS. VERY moody and irritable, BAD headaches,nausea, always tired. however, i have not experianced any spotting, but i really don't like the way it makes me feel. F 19 1 weeks

 3  reduce cramps and heavy bleeding Breakthrough bleeding--begining in wk 2 of active pills and continuing though the placebos Had no mood changes. No headaches. Felt less tired. Everything was great except for the breakthrough bleeding, and 3 weeks of that each month, even though it was fairly light, was just too much. Called the doctor and switched brands. We'll see how that one goes. F 15 3 months

 1  Prevent pregnacy;regulate periods Migranes, nausea, mood swings, vaginal dryness, severe leg pains Stopped using orth-tricyclen because gyno said loestrin was lower in hormones but side effects were bad. Unbearable headaches during periods so I stopped taking it. After I stop taking it,I had severe leg pains off and on for 3 weeks. Since then my mood swings have stopped, no more headaches, and the pain in my legs have finally stopped. Physicans could not figure out reason for leg pain, it know it was this stupid pill. F 30 1 months

 1  avoid pregnancy, bad cramping horrible, horrible vaginal itchiness that never went away; decreased libido Pill is a nightmare! Three days after starting the pill, I began to have uncomfortable and uncontrollable itchiness that never went away. It is too unbearable to even finish the first pack. I would not recommend this pill to anyone. F 27 7 days

 3  regulate period/prevent pregnacy Mood swings(crazy thoughts), cannot have an orgasam, dryness,HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,heart pounding like crazy dizziness,headaches, the pros my period comes exacty on wednesday, lost weight, The breakthrough bleeded ended in nov- but then yesterday i got my period a week early!and about 2 days before i get my period i have crazy thoughts that go through my head about my boyfriend (doesn't want me cheating, and what the hell he is doing all the time) and i notice i get like this every time before im going to get my period and durning, then it poof goes away and i hear the "what's the matter??" i feel like im crazy!and im not like this at all, it is so werid and then i start to cry also just from watching a movie or soemthing little. feel like vomiting,having an orgasam it's like taking major concetration then all the sudden i get dry!but the worst is my heart feel like it going burst out of my chest, and high blood pressure along with the dizziness ...i like the pill because im never reg on my period so it helped it and also i lost weight im down to 106! and thats enough for me. i just got off it i didn't bother to finsih the pack because how i was feeling i did F 24 6 months
 4  Birth control break through bleeding during second week, increased breast size you need to take the pill at pretty much the exact same time to not have break through bleeding. other than that, this pill is much better then the others i've tried. Just got off Yasmin because it was making me feel terrible!! This is much better! F 23 3 months

 3  prevent pregnancy bloating, light periods, breakthrough bleeding, fatigue, increased vaginal moisture I was happy with ortho-tri-lo, but this pill is free under my health insurance. So I switched and since then I have yet to have a normal cycle. I start my period sometimes a full week before I should, and then it lasts the full time. Just recently It started two weeks early, and then when I was supposed to get it my period (if you can call it that) lasted hardly a day. I'm always tired and feel like I've gained weight. However I seem to have an increased libido which doesn't help since I never know when I'm going to be spotting! I haven't had problems with nausea unlike some other pills I've taken. I still want to go back to problem free ortho-tri-lo, but I can't really afford it now. F 24 3 months

 2  Birth Control break through bleeding started on the 7th pill. Nausea usually a couple of hours from taking the pill. Lots of breast tenderness The Pros are; my breast size increasesd, increase in sexual desire, clear skin, and no effect on my mental make-up..I will continue to take the pills including the second pack..Hopefuly my breakthrough bleeding will disapper..But I do keep this in mind.I started taking these pills at 5 weeks post partum without starting my period. so maybe thats where the breakthrough bleeding is coming from.. F 25 16 days

 2  Endometriosis, bad pms symptoms severe headaches, dizziness, nauseu, severe stomach cramping and diarrhea, This medication did regulate my period and it gave me very light periods. My pms symptoms decreased dramatically but the ongoing headaches and stomach issues have prompted me to stop taking it after only 3 months. F 22 3 months

 1  Birth Control first full cycle constant bleeding and spotting, increased appetite, excessive bloating, mood swings, angry all the time, increase in sex drive. I can not stand this stuff, I was put on this because the Health Dept didn't have my Nuva Ring after the birth of my baby. And I can not stand it, I would tell anyone to stay away from it. My first full cycle on the pill I bled constantly and now here in almost month three I have had no period for almost a month, I still insist on using back up birth control because what this stuff has done to me I do not trust it one bit, and first thing Monday I am going to get my Nuva Ring and throw this stuff in the garbage. F 22 2 months

 4  Birth control Breast tenderness, slight weight gain after starting, light or no period I've been taking the generic Microgestin FE for the last 3 years. Prior to this, I took Mircette for two years. Due to frequent spotting, my doctor suggested Loestrin. Having light/no period is great! F 36 3 years

 5  Painful periods VERY light periord, I am taking the real brand microgestion. I only pay 8 dollars a month. They are awesome. This is the only birthcontrol pill I have ever taken. I was worried about weight gain but had none. I have VERY light periods. Usually a pantyliner will do. GREAT. I Have no perior pains at all. I would recondmend to everyone. F 22 1 years
 3  bc and to balance low hormones I thought the only side effects were larger, more sensitive breasts... which was kind of weird. Not bad, but not necessarily good, either. It raised my blood pressure into a normal range, and meant I could stop the progesterone cream I was taking. HOWEVER: I've recently had almost a month of life-threatening despair and depression. Really, the most horrible ever. Suicidal. Only tonight did I remember that it could be from this drug. I was only going to try it for three months then go off it to compare, but other stressors and trauma made my gyn and I decide to stay on for a bit longer. It's been six months now. I'm stopping this tomorrow to see if the depression is being caused or increased by this pill. My symptoms sound like what other women here are describing (though I haven't killed anyone yet!) F 45 6 months

 4  birth control and regulate periods mild breast growth, semi-random spotting/bleeding, slightly slimier feeling in the vaginal region, increased blood pressure (95/60 to about 118/77), less painful/disruptive periods, more emotional After a lot of frustration with irregular periods that interfered with school (bad cramping, nausea, heavy bleeding) and eliminating all other possible causes, I started this... plus this would make for an excellent back-up to the condom in case something went wrong there. Overall it's been pretty good to me by making my periods a lot more tolerable -- I'd rather take the 5 day light/moderate period than the 8-9 day mega-period. I do get some spotting when I'm under a lot of stress and/or take my pill more than a few hours late but having to keep pantiliners around beats the dreaded week of pain and depression. I haven't had any of the major problems many others have reported but I'll admit it's not perfect either. F 29 1 years

 1  heavy periods/birth control Intense bleeding, cramps, increased blood pressure, hair loss After 3 months, my period is just as irregular, if not worse than before I started this medication. Having a period TWICE a month and using an ENTIRE box of tampons and pads is not normal. This last month was the worst, I bled for 17 days during the ACTIVE pills with no end in sight. I couldn't stand the cramping and the bleeding so I stopped taking the medication. My period is still going strong (day 19) and I am begining to wonder if it will ever stop. F 30 3 months

 1   MIGRAINS - terrible, nauseated, NO sex drive at all, always had a "white noise" in my head, could snap at any second - ready to fight, thought I was crazy. Terrible pains in my legs and swollen ankles. The migraines just kept getting worse and worse each month. I thought I was seriously going out of my mind. I always had this sense of a "white noise" in my head - hard to explain - but as soon as I quit the pill, I have such a sense of peace in my head - MUCH calmer - no migraines either. With the migraines, I would lose my vision and feeling in my arms and hands. Also, my legs hurt so badly, I was always yelling at my husband and daughter (who is now 4) if they touched my legs or ankles. When I quit the pill, I was in the bathroom 1-to-2 time per hour for 2 days (not exaggerating either) because of the amount of water retention. This pill almost pushed me over the edge. Thank GOD I took myself off of it. I will NEVER go back on this pill again. Did I mention NO sex drive - none. Now. . . much better! F 34 4 years

 5  Birth Control Light or no periods, overall great change! I was on a full dose of estrongen (don't remember the brand) before this and for almost 3 years I had mysterious dizzy spells, finally my Dr. decided to change out my pill, and the dizzy spells went away, it was GREAT! I love this pill, my period is for the most part gone except for some light spotting, I feel great, and my sex drive has increased since the last awful pill I was on. F 23 1 years

 4  Lighten Periods/Birth Control Fairly large amount of breakthrough bleeding, that's it. F 16 1 months

 5  Severe cramps from endometriosis Very few side effects so far, I switched from Yaz, which completely ruined my life, but the severe cramps sent me to the doctor where they discovered stage 3 precancer which i had removed today. But since I've started taking loestrin, my cramps have disappeared, i have very few mood swings, and extremely light periods that last about 3 days.

 4  prevent pregnancy, regulate period Depression during period. Weight gain. Breast size increased. Extremely light periods. I've been taking this pill for about 4 months now... the first month, i hated it. I gained 5 lbs and was angry all the time! My acne broke out all over my face. I thought that it was just a temporary thing, so I continued to take this pill. After 2 months of taking it, the acne went away, my weight gain was all lost, I was my usual happy self again. My periods were extremely light though. I always wore light tampons because it was so light! Kind of annoying. Other than that, I enjoy this pill. The first month was hell, but now I'm doing fine. The positives are brest enhancement, no cramps or depression during period, no weight gain, no acne, no nausea, period happens once a month and same day of the month. Overall, I like this pill, I just had to be patient with it. F 18 4 months

 1  prevent pregancy Anxiety, crazy feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, crying,bit of libido change, mood swings, insomnia,WEIGHT GAIN! HUGE BREASTS! MIGRANES! My Doctor prescribed this to get me "ready" for peri-menopause, what the heck is next? It is the WORSE BCP I have ever been on.Why would a doctor start this before menopause...I am freaking out! I just stopped this pill 7 days ago and am really hoping to get my life back! F 47 6 months
 1  birth control emotional wreck, angry, totally paranoid and anxious, extreme weight gain, sleepless nights or crazy dreams, can't get up in the morning, no sex drive at all, blurred vision, HELP!! Been on the pill on and off for years, suffer headaches and migraines so have to change between 6 months and 3 years intervals.Previously took Loestrin for about 6 months but headaches increased and my emotional state took a turn for the worse. Took Yasmin for 2 months, 3 day migraines on each month, with weight gain, came off it as I did not have a period on those 2 months, stayed off pill for 6 months and did not have a period in this time at all, was put on Loestrin 20 as going on holiday and didn't want any accidents, period was early first month with bad cramp and headaches, month 2, period was late and thought i was going to need an ambulance in the middle of the night, the cramp was so bad i was lying on the floor crying. My mood became low along with my sex drive, which is not going down well! I became increasingly angry, emotional and paranoid about everything, now on third month, as I don't want to just stop it without giving it a full 3months, but feel out of control, can ha F 32 3 months

 4  Birth control Headaches light headed spotting/early period?? I am taking the generic Microgestin fe 1/20 and although ive only been on it 9 days i've experienced headaches, nasea once,a little light headedness and am currently either spotting or started my period early which scares me because i am not one who has irregular periods. I will continue using this medicine and see how it works for me. F 21 9 days

 3  to prevent pregnancy slight headaches in the first few months, complete loss of sex drive, recent moodiness, light periods, but spotting the week before and the week of. Overall, the positives of this birth control pill are that it didn't make me depressed and angry, I don't want to eat excessively, my periods are lighter, my cramps aren't as intense, and it doesn't make me break out any worse than I already do. The main problem is that I have zero sex drive and it's putting a strain on my relationship. Also, I get my period twice, and it's not predictable like how I want it to be. F 20 5 months

 1  Birth control LOSS OF SEX DRIVE!!!!!!! Depression, anxiousness, crying lots! I have also had lots of problems with bloating! I hate it! After 1 year I have finally worked out that it must be what is making me so miserable and have no sex drive and I am much more hairy than I have ever been!!!! I have been eating well, getting enough sleep, stopped smoking and taking drugs and still feel rubbish. I am going to change it tomorrow as it seems everyone is having pretty much the same experience. No more Loestrin 20 - what is the point of a birth control when you don't want to have sex... and it is really hard to reach an orgasm as another person mentioned?? F 25 1 years

 3  prevent pregnancy 1.cant sleep at night 2.wake up early for no reason 3.crazy dreams 4.nausea like hell! 5.moodswings 6.emotional, crying 7.high sex drive 8.severe cramps during period 9.always spotting 10.random headaches 11.loss of appetite, but want to eat at weird times I'm 18. This is my first time using birth control. So far I hate it and am thinking about quitting because I hate all the changes my body is going through. I'd rather just have protected sex with my bf all the time than to go through this. F 18 1.5 months
 4  Prevent Pregnancy Severe nausea to the point that I have lost almost 30 lbs and am still losing. My appetite has decreased dramatically. I have to take something to get to sleep evrey now and then. Have not yet had a normal period, and this is my fifth month on it. I am 35 now, and used to take it when I was 28, and back then, it worked great. This time, I am feeling more of the side effects. The cramping that comes with the intermittent spotting episodes is astronomical to the point I was prescribed Lortab with Codiene so I could get some sleep despite the horrible cramping. I don't understand how this could be happening, as nothing adverse happened the first time I took it. My libido has been pretty much wiped out, and it was raging like a steam locomotive before I started these. I don't know if this is a side effect or not, but even reaching orgasm takes concentration and a lot of work now. The b/c pills I was on beofre these (Ortho), caused me to bleed for two months straight with cramping. Hence, I The loss of libido is the worst side effect. Defeats the purpose of why I am even taking it. F 35 6 days
 1  help regulate period vaginal dryness, decreased to no sex drive [SO NOT COOL], tired, boring, hot flashes, cry more often, depressed, loss of appetite. i absolutely hate what this pill is doing to me. i am going to get switched off this evil stuff at least in a few days. i am not at all happy with this pill. its made me cry so much more about nothing and my sex drive has completely diminished! someone on here said it should be banned from the country, and i have to agree. its brought nothing but misery to my life. F 19 4 months

 1  shorter periods, prevent pregnancy I HATE THIS PILL. my insurance doesnt cover it have to pay 70$ per month. i am in a constant bad mood, wake up sad, go to bed sad, my period is still 5 days long, lack of libido in the first few months, I have been on an emotional downward spiral ever since I started this thing, lack of confidence and feeling so unstable, worst pill ever F 19 9 months

 1  birth control intense anxiety, nausea, breast tenderness, dizziness, unexplained increases in heart rate. it was so terrible that i stopped taking it mid-month...and all of the aforementioned things stopped happening. F 30 2.5 months

 1  prevent pregnancy overly emotional, constant spotting, then an overly heavy period, constantly tired, this is horrible should have stuck to trinessa. i am going off of this BC pill today b/c it is unbearable the spotting since day one and then having the heaviest period i have every had in my life and just not feeling like myself since i started it i want to feel like myself again F 23 3 weeks
 5  to not get pregnant no period at all, no spotting, nothing, cleared up my skin This med has worked great for me. No mood swings, no acne, no weight gain. The only thing is that I have no period whatsoever. I have asked my doc about this several times, wondering if it's bad, and she said it is just fine and that happens when you take it at the same exact time each day, reguarly, which I do. F 33 1.5 years

 4  birth control scalp hair loss, weight loss PROS: prevented pregnancy, extremely short and light periods, no cramping. I was very happy with this birth control. It did its job. I had no emotional side effects. I also lost 15 lbs from the moment I started this pill. I thought it might have been casued by something else but my blood tests all checked out. On the negative side, my hair noticeably thinned out at the top to the point where you could see the outline of my skull in my scalp. My gyno told me this side effect is very rare, but it may be due to the extremely low hormone levels. Honestly if it wasn't for the hair loss, I would have stayed with this pill. I have switched to Ortho-Tri. F 24 13 months

 1  Not to get pregnant Heavy bleeding when i wasnt on my period, spotting, crazy mood swings, pimples i never had before, no weight gain though. F 21 1 years

 5  Trying not to get pregnant None This is the best pill ever. I have not had any side effect. I was on another kind of bc that made my stomach hurt daily. I have not gained any weight like others. I eat the same amount I have always eaten. Half of the issues with depression that people claim to have, I do not have. I have a very high sex drive. F 29 11 months

 2  Birth Control/ Regulate Period Nausia, depression,cramping, acne, moodiness, breakthrough bleeding, headaches For the first week I felt sick to my stomache. Acne breakouts that I haven't had in years. I have been having irregular bleeding for 13 days straight now. F 20 3 weeks

 1  to not get pregnant spotting, then heavier bleeding. depression, anger, fatigue, mood swings, nightmares, painful breasts, cramping, difficulty sleeping, lethargy, HOT FLashes , decrease libido (which is also due to the constant blood flow) I started spotting the day after taking my first pill. The bleeding only got worse and I continued to bleed for the entire month of 'active' pills. when i started taking the inactive pills (to make u get your period) i experienced the same kind of bleeding that i can only describe as being heavier than spotting but still not quite a full on period either. I have had extreme mood swings and depression and fits of rage. I have had unhealthy, dangerous, destructive thoughts. I cry often and feel complete despair. My boyfriend told me that I am not myself and some of the negative thoughts Ive had scare me. Now that i havent taken the pill for a few days, I've been feeling extremely tired and experience almost flu-like symptoms. I cant wait for my body to be back to normal, which from what Ive heard, could take 2 months before its completely re-adjusted. Hopefully the bleeding will stop soon! really wishing I had some anti-depressants right now to help me get through this rough patch :( F 23 1 months
 1  birth control i have the worst headaches ever. i feel sick and naeseas all the time. i am very moody. my husband calls me mrs. grumpy. every little thing sets me off. i absoutely hate this pill. i am taking my self off of it. my doctor said it would be a great pill...so much for what he knows. i do not recommend this pill to any one and my blood pressure has went up alot. it was 170's/80 and now its 172/115. M 27 2 months
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Acne, depression, crying outburts, nightmares, missed period, no appetite, decreased sex drive, overall feeling of "craziness and insanity", unable to focus/concentrate, increased blood pressure. I was on many other birth control pills in the past, but mone of them did what this one has done to me. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't focus. I feel like I need to be admitted into the psych ward because I cry for no reason. Once I start crying, I can't stop and I cannot give a reason to why I am crying. My BF thinks I am nuts. I also developed acne, I usually have a great complexion. I stopped taking the pill two weeks ago and I am just waiting for the crying/depression to go away. My skin cleared up already (thank goodness). I would suggest anyone thinking of to not take this pill. I only took it for 3 months. The symptoms did not start to manifest until the middle of the 2nd month. Stay away from Loestrin FE!!!! F 27 3 months
 3  Contraception Nausea, headache, weakness. It has cleared up my acne, but that might have been proactiv too. I've been on it for 7 days, and I'm still feeling EXTREMELY nauseas. IDK if I should continue or not. I've missed 4 days of class and work because I can't handle it. Sometimes I just don't want to move because I'm scared I'll throw up or faint. F 19 7 days

 5  Birth control/lighter periods breakaway bleeding/missed periods This medication did its job for me. I don't understand why other people had such horrific side effects from it. Seems overly dramatic. That rating is deffinately misleading. F 18 1 years

 3  to prevent pregnancy I've gained at least 15 or 20 pounds because it makes me hungry alot. but when I work out I lose like 3 pounds every two days. I've been using it for 2 months, starting on my third tomorrow, and the first week I used it I had some light bleeding, but then the next month I didn't get my period. so I'm freaking out about THAT right now. and it makes me really emotional and a little moody, and I get tired more often. oh and I started to get more acne from it. NOT cool :p F 16 3 months

 4  prevent pregnancy no period, loss of sex drive i haven't had my period and although it was scary, you get over it. my sex drive decreased alot but sometimes ill have and extreme mood change and want to at any given time. overall it didnt cause weight gain or depression F 16 1 years

 1  Prevent Pregnancy, Regulate Period I have experienced EXTREME moodiness. I had breakthrough bleeding the first month and then a very short period. This was great but since then i've been depressed,angry, and fatigued every day. I would rather have an unpredictable period and use a condom than feel out of control. It's definitely taking a toll on my social life, so I'm no longer taking it. F 18 2 months

 4  to help regulate hormones... headaches, light cramping, and some nausea Well i started to take it becuase all the symptoms you guys are describing i was having without any birth control pills. I have the IUD wich releases no hormones. But i was exsperiencing fatigue, soar boobs, bloating, and constantly wanting to eat!!!!!! So I'm happy with it so far.... F 25 2 weeks
 1  PCOS regulation Horrible migraines and perpetual headaches, sick to my stomach every day, early morning waking with sleeplessness, fatigue, skin breakout, anxiety I have been on OrthoTricyclen and Yasmin in the past and have not had any problems with those. F 23 21 days

 1  birth control SEVERE MOOD SWINGS!!! Depressed. Weird thoughts in my head all the time. I cry about anything. Super-sensitive. ANGER/RAGE. I attacked my boyfriend in a fit of depression/anger. I was on Ortho Lo for the longest time and was completely normal and happy... I never should have switched to this HORRIBLE pill. It makes you insane. F 23 2 months

 4  contraception Maybe a bit more acne (or just didn't help acne, as I had hoped); light or no periods (which I like!). Loestrin does have a slightly high progestin level compared to Tri-Cyclen and some others(increased progestin can cause depression), but I switched to it after trying Yasmin (about 4x higher in progestin - made me cry at random over tiny things!) so it was great for me. I've been on it for 3 years now and am pretty happy with it. My moods have been normal, my periods are super-light, no noticeable effects on libido, no changes in appetite/GI function. There's a decent table on hormone activity and side effects of different pills at http://contraception.about.com/od/thepill/l/choosingapill.htm and a lot of info at http://www.wdxcyber.com/ncontr13.htm. F 24 3 years

 1  Contraception Severe depression, anxiety, get angry, cry at the drop of a hat. All I want to do is sleep. F 35 3 months

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