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 1  Opioid addiction. Constipation, overwhelming onset with swift withdrawal starting 12-14 hrs. post medication, insomnia, weight loss, nausea, brain fog, high B/P, extreme chills, anxiety. Having a medicine work for 20 years and then being forced to switch to something not nearly as effective-is a nightmare. I wish it works but it doesn't. Setting people up for failure. M 59 8 years
165-89 mgs 1X D
 5  Chronic pain and opiod addiction Occasional constipation and withdraw if I miss a dose. It gave me my life back. Has allowed me to achieve so much and be a very productive member of society. Prior to getting on the methadone program I was definitely a burden to society and quite frankly a sorry POS. Methadone changed all that. It got me past heroin addiction but due to chronic pain I have continued to take it. And I'm OK with that. M 61 30 years
165 mg 1X D
 1  To get off herion. At the time 50 Csn't sleep .gain weight , it dosnt hold at all ..It s. Not 10 -- 1. Like they. told every one. .. This was the wrong. Stuff to give ppl .Now. uou.have ppl going out & dying cause they lied to us about this dtug ..Its awful . F 50 5 years
6 ml
 4  Opiate Addiction Constipation, Excessive Sweating, Blurry Vision, Drowsiness, intense cravings for sugary foods. The side effects are bothersome but still worth it in my opinion as it greatly reduces my cravings for other opiates. F 24 3 months
80 MG
 3  opiate addiction Methadose saved my life however the ONLY lofe altering side effect is that i am extremely in i literally cannot stay awake, the minute i close my eyes (have to give in)i sleep and sleep and dobt want to wake up. It is scary while driving, while working, and cooking. It isnt the same as nodding, i dont feel high. Just have never ever felt as exhausted as i do on it. F 35 6 months
 5  opiate addiction Tired, buzzed. Constipation. Sure beats beating down doors to get a fix. Once a day. No withdrawals at all. M 32 1 days
 3  Opiate addiction Extremely sleeepy,no sex drive,and agitated easily!!! F 41 6 months
 3  Opiate addiction Extremely sleeepy,no sex drive,and agitated easily!!! F 41 6 months
 5  opiate addiction Im fine when im moving around or working but when I'm not doing anything i can't stay awake The best thing i did for myself M 32 1 days
 3  opiate addiction Gained 30 pounds,constipation, exhaustion, sleepy, weak, drowsy, sugar cravings, cant lose weight, painful intercourse and no sex drive, fall asleep everywhere. Heart palpatations, water retention, shallow breathing, depression, anxiety, laziness, lack of activity. I don't know what "Methadose" is, im taking Methadone.Is that the same thing? F 35 3 years
90 mg.
 5  Pain management Major weight gain. Change in diet . Don't want healthy foods very much. Crave mostly carbo hydrates ( cakes, cereal, oatmeal, chewy stuff) Also lack energy I was unaware that my de switched from methadone to methadose and I noticed major mood and emotional breakdown. F 37 10 years
 4  pain medication addiction I get drowsy and some agitation. M 47 2 weeks
105 mg
 5  Herion use drug abuse The only side effect is severe weight gain F 46 3 years
120 mg
 5  drug addiction Sleepy all the time, constipation F 47 4 months
 5  Opiate addiction constipation, sweats Love Love Love it, got a bit fat but hey? keeps me sane. M 44 10 years
20 1X D
 2  opiate dependence extreme physical dependence (TERRIBLE withdrawal symptoms if you don't take it for a day or 2, which last for MONTHS) , serious tooth decay, chronic constipation, digestive problems, depression, difficulty sleeping, acne, sore muscles/bones, chest pains/shallow breathing, no pain relief after the first 2 wks, inconsistent relief of opioid withdrawal symptoms (esp compared to tablets), sore joints, lowered sex drive, anhedonia F 30 10 years
30 2X D
 1  Chronic pain I could not stay awake, bump into walls, lost weeks of my life due to not much memory while on this drug, severe vomiting, constipation, and an anaphylactic lips and tongue swelled. I ended up in the ER where doc said I was having adverse reaction to methadone. I was so sick during this time I lost 4 lbs and I am not a large woman so four lbs. was a lot to lose. I could not eat for more than a week after stopping this medication. This medication is a very serious medicine and should not be given as first choice as many pain doctors seem to do nowadays. Please only take this medicine as prescribed as it can have very serious side effects when taking as prescribed and even worse if not followed exactly as prescribed. F 51 2 weeks
 5  pain M 56 90 days
 5  severe back pain sweating,decreased sexual function,itching,dental carries at the root of the tooth beneath the gumline,dry mouth, constipation I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years. Six hours a day six days a week. Began having low back pain at the age of 15. After having three children the pain progressively became unbearable resulting in depression and thoughts of ending it all. Started out on Vicodin, Lortab, Norco progressed to Oxycontin. The Oxycontin was very constipating among other unpleasant side effects. As a nurse of 23 years I was apprenhesive to even try the Methadone given it's reputation. I finally gave in and found the Methadose to be less harsh on the constipation and was less "heavy" feeling than the morphine. I was not informed about the effect on my teeth (they are basically rotting from the roots) nor about the near impossibility of getting off of it should I choose. I despise being controlled by a pill but I must admit the drug has been a God send in my life. It has allowed me to be an active mom and wife and to participate in things that I was previously unable to do. F 42 8 years
 5  opiate addiction sweating, constipation This medication saved my life after 20 years of active opiate addiction and 13 trips through rehab! I cannot say enough good things about it! If only people would learn what it is and how it works before making prejudiced and ignorant remarks about it. F 44 4 years

METHADOSE  (METHADONE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat severe ongoing pain (such as due to cancer). Methadone belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. Do not use this medication to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days (such as pain from surgery). This medication is not for occasional ("as needed") use. This medication is also used to treat addiction to opioids (such as heroin) as part of an approved treatment program. It helps prevent withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping other opioids.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)