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 5  Anti-aging none Definitely recommend Retin-A Tretinoin cream for aging skin. Firstly recommend to use low-tretinoin consistency 0.025% and after go deeper with 0.05% and 0.1% creams and gels. My skin became more youthful, without pigmentation, brighter, wrinkles and fine lines became less visible and its only within first 2 months of usage, iím pretty impressed! Thanks Retin-A! Will use it all my life, would recommend it to everyone who have signs of aging, wrinkles, color fading, discoloration etc problems. F 56 1 years
0.05 1X D
 2  aging skin Worked my way up slowly to 3 days per week use. No side effects UNTIL the 14th month when my skin started feeling burned. Went down to 2 days per week, then just 1 day per week and still the burning feeling continued until I stopped using it. Took almost 3 months of non-use for the burning feeling to stop. Aside from the burning sensation, I think it made my skin look older instead of more youthful. F 53 16 months
.05% 3X W
 3  help with wrinkles and skin texture seemed to help with skin texture but caused a little redness and peeling and can be transferred to cause peeling on others (e.g. girflfriend) due to skin contact. M 58 1 years
 2  Acne and anti-aging reasons I was prescribed both Retin A cream and gel versions in 0.025% strengths by a General Practioner to use towards getting and keeping my face clear. Initially, I was excited about using it because it is supposed to have anti-aging benefits to it, but that later changed. The gel version has alcohol in it, and gave me worse side effects than the cream version, which is why, I eventually asked to only be prescribed the cream version. I did get my acne under control and it stayed that way for an extended period of time, before Retin A stopped working well for my skin at all. During the entire time that I was on Retin A my skin stayed very sensitive, parched, red, very irritated on both my face and around my eyes, and sometimes extremely sore. I ended up going to see a dermatologist so that I could be switched over to using something else. My skin had started showing signs of hyperpigmentation, increased occurrences of acne That had started popping up, my pores began to look clogged, and even Retin A is very harsh on the skin (even when used at the lowest strength). My skin remained very irritated and sore the whole time I was on it. It worked for getting and keeping my skin clear for an extended period of time, until it came a time in which it didn't appear to really be doing anything good for my skin anymore. Which is why, I decided to get off of it. Plus, it is very expensive both with and without insurance. It is definitely not worth the money or use (in my opinion) in the long run. F 7 years
45g 1X D
 1  Acne on forehead. Burning of face and peeling F 15 3 weeks
 5  Moderate adult acne Dry patches on U-zone of skin (chin and jawline) that became red, scaly, and covered with weird red bumps that were not pimples (hyrocortisone cream helped get rid of them). Some dry skin, peeling, flaking, and burning. As a teen I never had an acne problem, but after going off the BC pill my face exploded with a constant stream of pimples, both painful deep and surface. Mostly they were in my T-zone but also some in my U-zone that were leaving nasty purple scars. I washed with salicylic acid 2x a day, used astringent once/day, washed my hair daily, changed my pillow cases often, stopped touching my face, stopped wearing foundation, etc. Nothing helped. Finally the Dr gave me generic Retin-A and it has done the trick. It gave me some nasty dry patches on my chin, but I stopped putting the cream there and hydrocortisone cream helped it clear. My forehead has never looked better! The cream tends to make me have small, unnoticeable blackheads instead of huge nasty pimples, and that's fine by me since they're small, discrete, and easier to pop. I use the cream at night on my forehead/nose after washing with Noxzema anti-bacterial cleanser and applying .5% salicylic acid astringent. I also use Noxzema cold cream in the afternoon daily as it really helps draw out the blackheads and dries out the rare whiteheads I encounter on my chin. F 22 1 years
.05% 1X D
 2  severe adult acne My doctor prescribed a low dose of Retain A gel...that did nothing except make my skin Horribly dry. About 3 months later I was bumped up to a higher dosage, in creme form, the strongest one available shy of Accutane, and it's been 3 months, I'm not impressed at all. F 25 6 months
1X D
 4  wrinkles and anti-aging effects a little dryness at first but just use a good moisturizer. that's all. has helped with overall skin appearance and fine lines. people say my skin looks great. I just turned 38 and most people think i'm in my early 30's. still get asked for ID all the time. :)...BUT i have always taken good care of my skin and moisturized everyday since i was a teenager. i also tan during the summertime as well. (but don't use retin a before or while in the sun!). try and find a sunlock without vitamin a in it as well.(not good) M 38 2 years
.5mg 3X W
 3  Acne,Blemishes and Blackeheads Irritation,peeling of skin,redness,itchy sensation,burnt felling when washing my face,couldnt open my mouth to bite an apple I had bad acne and blemishes which happened to come in the last 2 months,I tried all the neutrogena products for acne and seemed like nothing worked inspite i was left out with the same amount of acne, red scars ,blackheads and white heads. I finally consulted a dermatlogist and she adviced me to use RETIN A 0.1 CREAM during the night after face wash with a mild cleanser.I am using it only since 5 days first 2 days there is too much of redness, peeling and pus coming out from all over my face,3 and 4th day I dont see any pus but it has become more dry and itchy . I am using aveeno moisturizer in the morning.I see noresults until now but looking at all blogs and my doctors advise it seems to be working. I will kepp posting about all my experience. stay tuned.... F 24 5 days
0.1 1X D
 2  acne severe peeling, redness, burning, irritation, even left raw spots on my face, kind of like blisters i was prescribed retin-a along with a benzoyl peroxide wash and wasnt very satisfied. after just one night, my skin was severely peeling and my face was getting painful raw spots everywhere. my doctor said the peeling would go away after 2 weeks but it hasnt for me. i was taking it for 5 months and during that time, my acne seemed to get worse instead of better and i dont like how long it takes to show improvement(about 3 months) when there are plenty of faster working medications out there. i wouldnt recommend retin-a to anyone. F 15 5 months
 3  Acne None, clearing up a bit...even age spots! Looking forward to the next couple months eliminating all my acne! If you just use the pea size at night, I can't imagine anyone is "peeling & dry"...perhaps heed the phrase, "more is not better!" Liking it after a month...looking forward to achieving more results! Remember, a Pea size pearl a day. Apply to gently cleansed face befor bedtime. F 44 4 weeks
 5  acne very bad peeling initially and increased breakouts eventually cleared my face completly took about 3 months F 24 1 years
 3  acne First used this for acne as a teenager, and had wonderful results within a couple of weeks of nightly treatment. Tried to go back on it as an adult some 10 years later for mild adult acne (very bad blackheads), and had lots of side effects in flaking and redness. The first 5 weeks or so on it caused a lot of breakouts as it "pulls out" all the problems in your skin at once. I do not think this should be used if you have rosacea, as I now do. It would periodically cause a profound red "rash" all over the face, I suppose because it exfoliates so much. However, on normal skin types I think it will work fine. It did help a lot for the blackheads, but was not worth it in the long run due to the redness and tons of flaking. I did not have rosacea when I was a teenager, and Retin A worked very well then. It is expensive, though... about $50 a tube. But if you have basic acne, it's worth it for the treatment! F 28 4 months
 5  acne redness and dryness in 1st month in combination with doxicycline po, this eliminated all of my acne F 32 8 years

RETIN-A  (TRETINOIN):  This medication is used to treat acne. It may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do develop. Tretinoin belongs to a class of medications called retinoids. It works by affecting the growth of skin cells.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)