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 1  Eye inflamation Severe dryness in my eye uncomfortable feeling caused sorness and redness Not happy using these eye drops M 65 3 days
10 ml 4X H
 1  Dry eyes Burning pretty much constantly. Felt like I had got punched or a hit poker in the eye. Bad taste F 49 1 months
3x a day 3X D
 5  Inflamed inner eyelid from contact First dose in eye resulted in bitter taste in mouth a few minutes later. I re-read directions and next time I pulled out lower lid to create pouch and deposited drop in pouch and immediately closed the eye and kept it closed for the next 10 minutes. Finally dabbed excess liquid with tissue to dry the eye. No aftertaste that time!!!! Technique is critical. No burning or side effect as of yet. I will update in 5 days after treatment ends if any new side effects. F 57 1 days
1 drop 4X D
 1  Eye twitching Left eye is twitching due to lack of sleep / dryness/ stress. Doctor prescribed 2 eye drops but this one taste really horrible. I can taste it. It also feels like I have something in my eye F 28 2 days
2x a day
 3  possible iritis, light sensitivity Drops sting going in, burn down my sinuses, then fill my mouth with a bitter taste. I have very blurry vision after the eye drops, and aching sinuses. I've only used it twice so some side effects may go away. I can't say how effective the drops are yet. F 66 1 days
0.1% 3X D
 2  Ocular inflammation burning, stinging, watering, feeling of foreign body in eye Used this 3 X: (i) in jan/feb 2011 used it for 2 wks/q.i.d followed by 2wks/b.i.d. Did not feel much improvement; (ii) in may 2013 used it for 2 wks/b.i.d followed by 2wks/q.d. I was also using Restasis. The side effects from both medications were fierce. But I persevered and my eyes felt great at the end of 4 weeks; (iii) in July 2013, I used it for four days/b.i.d but could no longer stand the side effects. I tapered off using it another 3 days/q.d. This is when my problems began. Trying to understand why all the burning, stinging and watering wouldn't stop even after discontinuing treatment, I re-read the package insert several times and my attention was caught by: "The dosing of FML® suspension may be reduced, but care should be taken not to discontinue therapy prematurely." The injunction "not to discontinue therapy prematurely" is repeated several times in the package insert and also on the package itself. I had not be warned that this medication can cause terrible side effects if you stop treatment prematurely. I wish I had. I am very sorry I never got this useful information before beginning this treatment. It has ruined my life. Please be warned: care should be taken not to discontinue therapy prematurely. F 50 3 months
10ml 2X D
 3  eye alergy bitter taste in back of throat 5 minutes after usage. M 33 7 days
1 3X D
 3  eye infection Pretty gross taste in the back of my throat, made me sick to my stomach About 10 minutes after putting these drops in my eye I got this strong bitter taste in the back of my throat. Tastes like soap and makes my stomach and head hurt. Taking this 4 times a day for a week is going to make me sick. I hope it works. F 23 1 days
0.1% 4X D
 5   I am taking the generic drops; I have never noticed any metallic taste. Since it is a steroid, I am wondering if it has prevented me from losing the weight I gained a year ago from taking neurontin for nerve-endings pain of shingles. Taking for anti-rejection after corneal transplant. F 68 22 months
0.1% 1X D
 3  infection in both corneas Bad taste in my mouth I took my first dose of this today and about 20 minutes or so after my mouth tasted funny. I looked it up online to see if it was the drops that caused this and i believe it is. ALmost tastes like I have gotten a bit of pefume or soap in my mouth... yucky. Very bitter and stuck in my mouth badly. Just took my second dose a little while ago and the taste is back. I see I am not the only one. F 24 1 days
1DRP p/eye 4X D
 3  allergic conjunctivitis TERRIBLE taste in the back of my throat about 5 minutes after administering the drops. Skin irritation/burning around my eyes. F 30 3 weeks
1 drop 2X D
 4  Dry Eye I may just have eye twitching for no apparent reason however, since I started these drops 3 weeks ago... my right eye has been twitching non stop. Agree with other user... the taste is pretty terrible. I've never realized just how connected my eyes are with my mouth until these drops! F 26 3 weeks
1 drop 3X D
 3  Scratch on Cornea Horrible taste in back of throat 5 to 10 minutes after using. The medicine helped my eye to not hurt and burn from the corneal scratch, but the taste that it caused in my throat made it hard to take. I realize that most eye drops cause a taste in your thoat, but this one is almost enough to make you sick at your stomach! F 27 1 days

FML  (FLUOROMETHOLONE):  This medication is used to treat certain eye conditions due to inflammation or injury. Fluorometholone works by relieving symptoms such as swelling, redness, and itching. It belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)