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 5  Schizophrenia I had dry mouth really bad for the first few weeks, but other than that it's done a good job, along with a small dose of Prolixin to keep the bad stuff away M 24 3 months
30 mg
 4  As an antipsychotic Restlessness; stiffness; some trouble sleeping. Only drug that works for me. Does not alter my moods like others have, such as latuda and perphenazine. Helps smooth my anger and keeps me calm. Have tried newer drugs with disastrous effects. M 67 36 years
10 mg 1X D
 4  schizophrenia or schizo-affective Side effects weren't severe unless dose was over 10mg. Over 10mg I had bad muscle spasms and seizures. I have had weight gain, trouble sleeping, lessened creativity, depression and a weaker sex drive. Considering how ill I was, it's a fair trade. I was lucky to have a doctor who started me on a very low dose. I can't tolerate this medication on higher doses. Lately, I've been experiencing muscle and joint pain along with severe headaches after having a fever for 2 months of 104, and wondering if this could be related to long term use. My mental illness is so painful; I'm afraid of having to go off of navane F 58 33 years
6-8mg 1X D
 5  Sexual problems M 36
30 8X D
 5  schizoaffective disorder I found early on in 1982 (six months after starting Navane) that having caffeine moderately throughout the day (maximum three cups of coffee a day) was just what I needed to counteract the ennui that Navane caused. No tardive dyskinesia, but I do have a mild balance problem that a psychiatrist and an internist have attributed to long-term use of antipsychotic medication. Caffeine particularly helps the first thing in the morning, after having had 16 MG (maximum; minimum 12 to 14 MG) at bedtime. This medication is superior to Thorazine, which I took for nine years prior to starting Navane. I have had a normal life, married and well-educated, with a stressful academic career. Unfortunately, the people who have benefited from a medication don't post their comments. F 64 28 years
16 MG 1X D
 1  Major Depressive Disorder My legs would not stop moving even in my sleep. When I walked I did not pick up my feet, I just kind of shuffled along. My thoughts were jumbled. This is a very dangerous drug. It can make you better or worse. F 52 90 days
30 mg 1X D
 3  psychosis want to sleep all the time. tired all the time. M 53 4 weeks
 4  ptsd very tired, slightly brain dead, calm, very chilled I needed something to make me stop thinking about and having flashbacks of a traumatic experience, and this medicine did the job. It calmed all the noise in my head, and prevented me from thinking of the bad things. No weight gain. Was too tired to think about food. F 25 2 weeks
 1  Schizo-Affective Disorder I was previously on Zyprexa but was taken off due to severe weight gain, I am now on Navane and am experiencing anxiety throughout the day and insomnia at night. I do not reccomend this drug at all. Navane is a failure as an anti-psychotic medication and should have more sedating effects, which it doesn't M 25 1 months
 4  paranoid schizophrenia weight gain, restlessness, drowsiness, dry mouth, excessive sweating manufacturer recommends maximum of 100mg a day. I take 120 by the advice of my doctor. It controls most, but not all of my symptoms. Before taking the drug my symptoms--hallucinations, paranoid delusions, delusions of grandure--were out of control. Until I took this drug, no other antipsychotics worked as well. M 43 7 years
 1  Misdiagosed as Schizophrenic WORST DRUG IN THE WORLD. More than 25 years ago, I was misdiagnosed as a schizophrenic when I actually had a severe case of depression. I was put on this drug. The side effects were awful. Bone-crushing fatigue. Weight gain. Restlessness. It was physically painful for me not to pace. Unable to experience pleasure. An orgasm had no good feeling. It was just muscle contractions. Now, depression that develops in adolescence is a recognized problem. In those days, I think doctors assumed that patients who became mentally ill in their teens had schizophrenia. The doctor, Astrid Dublis, was the worst. She gave me the wrong drug that did exactly the opposite of what I needed and then chided me for being passive and not getting better. The drug has weight gain as a side effect and she made indirect but catty comments about my weight. I have never heard a single person who has been on this drug say anything good about it. Heaven help the people whose problems are so bad that they think taking Navane is an improvement. F 45 1 years
 1  Misdiagnosed As Near-Schizophrenic depression, weight-gain, creativity down the toilet (where Navane should have gone), exaggerated acne, edema, jaundice--just an overall zombie feeling Put on drug in 10/77 when not quite 25 y.o.--was to learn years later that doc had described me as going through F 52 3 months
 5  Psycosis no side effects so far, I was only taking 4 mg per day at night time. Sleep was fairly normal. I would still be effectivly treated by the drug for my condition at that dosage. I had much similar complaints that the others had and worse then I experienced with Navane with a drug called Geodon. Granted and thankfully I was on a very low dosage of Navane. M 25 3 months
 1  anxiety Severe painful side effect, of muscle spasms in jaw. It affects the nerves that control jaw muscles,in a bad way. M 30 1 days
 2  bipolar II zombielike mindstate didn't do anything but flatten my brain M 38 2 months
 1  For prevention of Took 40 mg. at bedtime (advice of Psychiatrist) Only able to sleep 2 hours a night for 5 years. Functioned like a Took it for 5 years. Stopped it abruptly on my own in 1983. Severe withdrawal symptoms. Slowly I returned to F 71 5 years
 1  psychosis paranoia shaking sleepiness excessive sweating severe depression Went into severe depression, only wanted to lie in bed and sleep. Thought a lot about how i could commit suicide. This occurred in the 1979-80 time frame. Was put on drug again in 1993 and had bad experience second time. M 35 11 months

NAVANE  (THIOTHIXENE):  Thiothixene is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (such as schizophrenia). This medicine helps you to think more clearly, feel less nervous, and take part in everyday life. It can reduce aggression and the desire to hurt yourself/others. It may also help to decrease hallucinations (such as hearing/seeing things that are not there). Thiothixene is a psychiatric medication (antipsychotic-type) that works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances (such as dopamine) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)