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 4  Fluid build-up dry mouth removed some of the fluid but not all of it, also it makes you have to hang out by the bathroom door also causes dizziness F 47 12 months
 1  Congestive Heart Failure After about 3 yrs of Lasix (20mg) I developed an unknown allergic reaction that caused blistering on my hands and feet. My feet would get 20-30 at a time and my hands would get hundreds at a time. I had to take medication to keep the breakouts minimized. This slow torture lasted 2 years or so. Due to a situation on my part that engaged my stubborn streak I was without lasix for a month. I realized that since I wasn't taking the lasix I also wasn't needing the pill for the blisters. Started lasix again... blisters. Stopped taking lasix... no blisters. After 2 yrs lasix wasn't really working anymore for me so it didn't really matter that I stopped. I could drink a liter of water have a lasix and still not urinate to excess. I am still sensitive to processed foods and drinks however that are flavored with the wrong "fruity flavoring" (somehow related to a chemical in lasix). No more blisters or claritin though. Yeah! Lasix is definitely not for me. M 41 5 years
 5  heart failure - leaky mitral valve dehydrated and thirsty but what do you expect from a chemical dehydration pill that tells your kidneys to flush all fluids now. Great drug. Pulminary edima it's my first choice. Ate them like candy. But while dying of fluid in lungs you learn how to survive. I highly recomend SALT reduction as far better solution. Food tastes like crap but it's better than chemical dehydrate you pills. <700mg/day sodium was the #1 thing after lasix that kept me alive while waiting for new valve. Less sodium means less lasix is needed and your life is better. M 43 2 years
 5  insulin edema helps with the edema from my frequent insulin dosage (ie keeps weight down) freq urination, thirsty, dry skin. I couldn't live without lasix, works like a charm. Be careful about overexposure of sun. Lasix can intensify sunburn. esp on backs of hands. F 36 1 years
 4  Edema for now ! none that i can actually say. I feel that a little tiredness is from peeing a lot.I'd rather pee a lot then put my heart all through that extra water fluid to carry. And, i am not a small lady. i am 5'7" 3/4.So, weighing what i do now which is close or on 200 is an awful feeling of unwanted retention. I would tell you all to just give it a try. Of course, it may be a life saver for Me. I have had no relief from swelling (edema) for over 3 years or more now,gained over 50 + pounds more then i wanted to.I don't eat a lot of garbage and, food really has nothing to do with it. Its the fact that HBP,Heart Disease and, Edema are my biggest targets. Give it a few days to atleast Work. No, one likes going pee a lot but, I'd rather pee a lot, feel somewhat tired and, know that i can sleep and, not feel so bloated all the time. I have lost close to 5 pounds already. Now, thats unwanted water (fluid) as far as i am concerned .I don't need to carry that around everyday.My heart doesn't need to work that hard because my Body can't get rid of the bad toxins naturally. Now, i could end up not liking all the peeing and,unusual little tiredness but, people believe me when i do say, PLEASE---> give it sometime. I will keep you posted as to how i feel and, what happens. It has only been 1 Day ! =] F 41 1 days
 2  hypertension Not many side effects yet, other than not sleeping well and dry mouth. Only on it one week so far The potassium supplement seems to be more of a problem than the lasix but I am afraid to stop it without doctor approval. I have had bleeding stomach ulcer this past year and reading the side effects does not make me feel comfortable! F 59 7 days
 1  Congestive heart failure Headache, generally feeling unwell, constipation, gas, lethargy. Began to feel unwell about one-half hour after taking Lasix, felt unwell and not normal until about 5-6 hours later. Very debilitating. F 79 6 weeks
 5  hypertension weakness in the legs, sweat, hot flashes the first 6 hours then feel much better. Really helps to lower BP over a period of time, maybe a month F 53 4 years
 3  congestive heart failure in 2004 dry mouth, dizziness, bloated stomach, sleepy, feeling tired, and walking too slow. I take one pill daily in the early am 20 mg tablet. And, need to visit the bathroom every l 1/2 hour about 5-6 times a day. I am better. I took what the doctor prescribed...lasix, potassium, diovan for my bloodpressure, and correg for my heart since 2004 so that is 3 years but always felt tired with no energy and hardtime breathing. In late 2005, I was desperate condition...I found a natural alternative product called stem enhance that after 1/2 hour taking my first two pills.. made me breath better again, able to talk on the telephone, climb upstairs, and walk in the mall. So there is hope...stem enhance gave me back my life. F 63 3 days
 3  EXTREME swelling in both feet 20 lb weight gain since taking lasix, even though I urinate 30-40 times per day - I also have intercistal cystitis. During the night my hands draw up like I have severe arthritis. Bloated stomach, short term memory loss, extremely dry mouth, very lethargic. While the lasix did relieve the swelling in my feet, which the doctor's never determined what caused it, and I lost 6 lbs. overnight, the weight was back up the very next day. I have gone from 126 lbs to 145 lbs since september, and I am not eating more than I use to. The pain in my hands and drawing up in them at night is very painful. I also have dizziness and am very sleepy in the a.m., even after a good nights sleep. Well, I wouldn't call it so good, due to the fact that I am up every hour on the hour urinating, and I take my pill early in the a.m. F 47 2.5 days
 5  Hypertension, slight edema Perhaps slightly tired at times but that might be my imagination and the dark days of December-January! Diuresis is remarkable and 3 pounds in several hours is welcome. It's doing a nice job on my blood pressure. I had hoped that 40 mg. in the morning would be enough but I need to take an additional 40 mg. in the evening for more consistent BP control. It replaced thiazides which I had been taking for decades which gave me consistently low serum sodium. Blood tests in the works to see the effects of Lasix on sodium and potassium. Fingers are crossed. Extremely low price is a nice plus. M 62 40 days
 3  congestive heart failure its supposed to work for six hours. it worked for maybe two with me. i'm going to try demadex( torsemide ) instead. i take 40mg three times a day and still have to take an extra here and there. from what i have read and experienced, although both are loop diuretics, people do not respond to them the same and often do better with one than the other, but its trial and error to see which is better for YOU. F 36 6 months
 4  CHF & Cardiomyopathy Frequent urination, Hearing problems. I take a very high dose(280 MG)daily. Works like a charm. M 41 4 years
 5  water retention Slightly tired after taking Could loose up to 3 pounds after one use!! Happy Day! F 59 5 years
 2  high blood pressure Lasix has raised my cholesterol and glucose levels and caused me to have a low white blood cell count F 62 1 years
 4  Swelling of legs, blood pressure Tiredness, frequent urination, dizzy feeling I had congestive heart faliure last year and seems this medicine does help with pains in chest (along with other BP medicine and insulin for diabetes). My feet would swell so big I have stretch marks on them, and this medicine after a day or two takes it away completely. It does make me feel tired and a little dizzy after taking it. M 45 2 years
 2  hbp none doesn't lower my bp very much F 52 1 months
 3  blood pressure none that i know of M 52 3 weeks
 2  Pseudotumor Cerebri Constipation, cramping and horrible pain in upper-most inner thigh Not sure if this medication will be effective or not. F 37 2 months
 1  pitted edema renal failure, liver failure, tiredness, tinggleing in the toes and fingers i would not recomend lasix.... M 42 6 months