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 5  Congestive Heart Failure and HBP Frequent Unrination I was diganosed with CHF 2 months ago and I am only 37 years old. I was at 250 lbs and am now at 170 lbs. I see my regular doctor, cardiologist and nurse on a weekly basis and they have confirmed the rapid weight loss is actually good for me since I was so overweight. Lasox along with my HBP (lysinopryl) and CHF meds (Coreg) plus a high fiber and low sodium diet has lowered my Blood Pressure and the weight loss has me feeling like a new man. It looks like I've hit the plateau at 170 but docs want me to get to 130 to get the fat from my belly and liver. Just hoping I can keep up with the lifestyle to maintain my new eight. M 37 2 months
20 MG 1X D
 5  Edema in my legs and ankles I have been taking Lasix for a very longtime, and now it is not working, I am taking 160 mgs per day, I do not know if I need to increase the dosage, it is a great medication, keeps my weight down, no more edema, but for soem reason, not working anymore, any thoughts? F 51 5 years
160 1X D
 1  labile Blood Pressure F 65 1 days
20 mg 1X D

 5  Post Surgery Leg edema I didn't notice any side effects. I used it "as needed" and it did the trick. Do remember to take it in the morning as it will make you urinate quite often. M 52 2 weeks
1X D
 3  High Blood Potassium Hate having to be in the bathroom so much, etc. Very dry mouth. In the night my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth. I do also have leg swelling, which Lasix helps. I think it also causes me to have less energy. High potassium is a serious problem, so unless there is another way to reduce it, I guess I'll just continue to know where the bathrooms are at every store I go to. F 64 9 months
20mg 1X D
 1  Heart This killed my father M 74
1X D
 5  CHF, valve replaced Excellent to keep BP and CHF under control. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and oranges increase Potassium enough & easier on stomach. After the hospital was on 40 mg a day, gradually tapered to 10 mg a day and doing great at 93. Also take CoQ10 100 mg a day and CardioTone twice a day, plus Captopril 6.25 mg AM and PM. M 93 3 years
10 mg. 1X D
 5  Congestive Heart Failure(CHF) Cramps..from dehydration If you are taking this drug before bed will not be able to should only take it when you have little or nothing to do...If going not take it until you get will spend more time going to the bathroom than shopping..Also, your Doctor should be telling you to take potassium for the cramps...because laxis will dehydrate you...causes Cramps. I buy over the counter is cheap and I take one or two when I get the cramp's or while taking the Furosemide. This is a great drug if you have CHF...when I feel a heavyness on my chest and have a hard time breathing, I take one of two of these pill's..along with using my 2-4 hour's, the swelling in my leg's goes down and my breathing become's easier. M 66 3 years
40mg 1X D
 1  swollen ankles -h.b.p at first this drug was ok worked good and got rid of swollen ankles! however within aprox 3 weeks of taking it at 20mg per day with verapamil at 240mg I began to have sudden wake ups at night with very high blood pressure readings! and rapid heart beats ! my breathing was messed up from this drug hard to explain but had drop outs and deep breaths off and on happen when sleeping or trying to sleep! got very bad internal shakeing jittery feelings threwout my body that traveled head to toe ! however when sitting up right and awake it stopped ? after reading online and talking to RN and Pharm at the local cvs store,I found I had allergic reactions to the medication- I also broke out in Hives on my back and stomach and arms itching bad and burning hot feeling. the excessive peeing at first had stopped and was back to a normal deal again as before taking this drug ! the ER doctor told me to stop it -dont take it again. im now on spirolactone it seems to work better with less reactions to it. but we will see ? im not a fan of taking drugs !! and this one lasix is a one Nasty medication to take ! to strong ! M 57 2 months
20 1X D
 3  high blood pressure muscle cramps and spasms of inner thigh area. often at night it will wake me from sleep. also high creatnine level reading that was reduced by stopping my night dosage 80mg and I also take coenzyme 10 now. But lasix helped me extremely when I was admitted to hospital weighing 400 lbs. and fluid almost went into my lungs. Lasix works fast but overtime, you can develop leg/muscle cramps. F 59 4 years
2X D
 2  blood pressure high dehydration rapid -dry mouth -tightness in chest off and on! headaches bad ones ! vision blurring while on it, not lowering b.p at all - no sleep at night and when sleep comes nightmares and vivid dreams going on ! stress feeling ! internal jitters when wakeing up or trying to sleep threwout body from it this stuff works for swelling ankles and legs but does not help with b.p lowering at all -its distroyed my sleep at night and also dehydrates rapid the side effects from this med are bad !! not worth taking at all I have stopped it totaly ! and wont take it again ever !! bad stuff !! M 56 2 weeks
20mg 1X D
 4  Edema from other prescription drugs If I don't eat foods rich in potassium, I can start to feel very ill. Lethargic, extreme sleepyness, almost flu like symptoms. It's helping keep the swelling and bloating away that I always get from taking another prescription med. In the past I would stop talking the medication because I could not deal with the bloating and swelling. F 43 3 weeks
20 mg 1X D
 5  Peripheral Edema in Feet and Ankles Feeling a little tired but managed it with High Potassium foods. You need a bathroom available at all times. I had Elephant feet, literally and Lasix 80mg twice a day solved the problem within a week. I still have the swelling but way less than without Lasix. I recommend this medication. Before taking Lasix make sure it won't intract with other meds you may be taking. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist. M 40 2 weeks
 5  idiopathic edema muscle spasms in calves and feet, postural hypotension make sure to take potassium. it usually takes about 1.5 hours to start working for me. i take 80-160 mg as needed for fluid retention in my face and hands. if i have to go somewhere or on a long drive, i'll take it at about 2 am so it's out of my system before i have to do anything. you have to be close to a bathroom! F 52 10 years
 4  Lower extremity edema, SLE kidney Charlie-horse sort of sensation in lower extremities. My legs would cramp up and it would be the most excrutiating feeling! After supplying myself with more potassium, the sensations slowly went away. It was probably due to the hypokalemia you can get with the lasix. Works within 5-10mins of use! So, be prepared! F 21 6 months
 2  Hypertension Reduced my kidney function dramatically! F 59 17 days
 5  fluid after aortic dissection light - headedness, ringing in the ears I took three rounds of lasix while in the hospital. Lasix successfully pulled the excess fluid out of my body, including the fluid around my lungs. I literally lost 10 pounds in one weekend during one round of lasix. I have been off of my last round now for a week, and again I am having trouble breathing. I highly recommend this drug for patients with serious edema, however do not take it if you feel inconvenienced by running back and forth to the bathroom. F 28 3 months
 4  water retention Just some shakiness if I didn't supplement my potassium level. This is a great diuretic, however it works very quickly so you need to be prepared to go to the washroom within an hour of taking it. I tend to retain water a lot, so when I take it, it works quickly. Unlike other diuretics that can keep you in the bathroom throughout the day at fairly regular intervals, I have found that Lasix works quickly (done in about 3 hours). However, keep bananas around to help supplement your potassium levels so that you don't get shaky. F 41 2 years
 4  fluid build-up around lungs/heart cramps in legs BUT with potassium added the cramps are gone If you are getting leg cramps talk to your Dr re: potassium deficienc e due to urinating so much -and loss of this potassium M 2 weeks
 3  mitral valve regurgitation Worked well with only dry mouth side effect for one year. Then started to develop muscle cramps in both hamstring muscles. These became so severe that I could hardly walk or sleep. So have stopped Lasix. Gained 6 lbs of water right away; hope muscle cramps will go away. Good diuretic, as long as you don't get any major side effects as I did. M 76 1.5 years