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 1  Herniated disk Worst medication effects I have ever had seriously upset stomach dizzyness weird elucidations like when trying to sleep but unable to at all awful all together 38 1 days
Not sure
 1  Pain from diverticulitis I see from comments some had good reactions some had bad as I did. I am similar to few. No vomiting but severe dizziness the next morning. I take a few different other medications (prescribed and not abused) on a regular basis. I took this because of the opiate blocker due to being a 7 year recovering alcoholic/attic and being one I know the feeling of a good pain pill or lots of them lol. This has to have a reaction to some medications. I can barely walk to the fridge to get water, thinking it might help, the next morning. It was closing my eyes like I was going to sleep but not sleeping after I took it, slept through the night ok then this severe vertigo that I hope goes away soon. Truly the worst trip I've been on and have been on a few in my lifetime. Missing out on work again today that I am behind on from the diverticulitis that has a deadline for people to have Thanksgiving in the home they bought that every contractor that remodeled it, even the guy overseeing it, f****** up stomach is growling as I'm typing I hope the vomiting or sh*** don't start now. FDA needs to check side effects when taken with different medicines. If I move my head laying down its vertigo laying down, how the hell does that happen. crazy feeling I've never had and even scary, hoping it goes away. You've probably already taken it and have problems or are on a good high if your reading this, good luck!! M 55 1 days
1-2 4hrs
 2  endometriosis stage 4 Bad stomach cramps instantly...n i do have a smoking weed type high dont like that kind of high I wouldnt recommend it to NO ONE... i took norco 10s for my condition n now im on talwin sh** suck...im scared to take my next doseage bc of the stomach cramps F 26 9 days
 2  Pain control following knee surgery Did not begin to touch pain, caused anxiety, tremors. Did not feel it helped at all. F 62 1 days
.50 4X D
 5  Severe chronic neck & back aches At first, it upset my stomach. But after two days, all was fine. I don't think I'll ever take anything else for my pain. With being in pain 24/7, Talwin has been a lifesaver. Wish I would have found out about it sooner. F 43 2 months
 5  Pain Loopy with great pain relief. F 55 7 days
 4  pain vomiting after about an hour I started feeling its effects. I didn't enjoy the stoned feeling but the pain was GONE. F 27 1 days
50 mg 2X D
 5  Multiple orthopedic problems F 68 10 years
2 tb 2-3x
 1  Car accident, mri noted ls probs irritability, hot flashes, fast/irregular heartbeat, tremors, nausea it did not diminish pain whatsoever. i was concerned when i saw it used to be widely abused but it's beyond me why anyone would want to take this drug. i do not usually take narcotics so i have a low tolerence for them and this provided no relief at all but felt like being in a nightmare the last time i took a dose. i would NEVER take this prescription again. F 40 1.5 days
50mg 3X D
 1  herniated disk pain It doesn't help with severe pain, and makes me jittery with lots of energy..Can't stay still, blurry vision, irritable, can't get comfortable...but it's only sometime F 35 10 days
 1  Surgery on finger Extreme nausea and vomiting. My Doctor recommended taking this medication immediately after my surgery. (Stay ahead of the pain). I followed his instructions even though I wasn't in any pain. Immediately after taking one pill, I became sick and vomited. I waited the required hours before taking the second pill, which caused the same reaction. I will NEVER take this medication again. F 63 1 days
2X D
 2  Surgical Tooth Extraction Tired and nauseous F 34 1 days
 5  To geT reAlLY sTonEd I can't talk walk or walk in a straight linee or evenn type this messege lol These are aaaaaaaawesome! M 23 1 days
.50 MG
 4  To get really stoned Can't walk a straight, can barely type this message lol and I have a head high M 23 1 days
.50 MG
 4  1. Shoulder injury, 2. Depression Taking a full 50 mg pill leads to increasing disorientation and tiredness. 1/4 pill (12.5 mg) usually has no side effects except the occasional upset stomach. Although I started with Talwin for pain (worked very well), I have mainly used it (unprescribed) to help with depression. I am also on anti-depressants. When I am extremely depressed and non-functional, 1/4 pill (12.5 mg) gets me out of it. There is the temptation to continue taking 1/4 pills, but I can limit it to 2/day for 3-4 days. By then, I'm ok. F 48 10 years
12.5 2X D
 1  migraine rescue medication Might as well have taken nothing. Absolutley no relief. M 7 days
 5  Fibromylagia and lumber pain Makes me hyper and sweat Im using talwin with tylenol allready added. Its the best pill I have found. Regular Talwin made me have vision problems. I am Pain free finally. F 54 30 days
 5  Gunshot Wound to shoulder I had no side effects at all using this. I was taking so many vicodin 750 that I had major allergic reaction. This is the best pain killer I have ever used and did not make me stupid or dizzy or high.. If you are in severe pain and I mean severe, this works wonderful without any side effects used as prescribed. Also because I took 1 per day and it killed pain all day til the next morning, I had no withdrawals. F 43 5 months
 5  Headaches None It was the best thing I have ever taken for headaches F 55 20 years
 1  dry socket extreme disorientation, passed out, the "fuzzyness" lasted for over 24 hours and couldnt walk or stand without falling down. F 26 3 days