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 1  Muscle tension, nerve pain Slight wooziness, Groggy next day, Worsening pain in limbs, Restless legs, Insomnia, Extreme pain in hips, Intense and lasting Tinnitus, Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal ideology, Zero benefits. This medicine had zero benefits for me and is currently making my life much worse. No pain or tension relief. Increased pain in problem areas around cervical spine and trapezius muscle, neck and jaw. I was optimistic as this Rx is also prescribed for TMJ, which I suffer from along with sinusitis and injury in my spine, particularly in the cervical spine. This medication fooled me into thinking it was helpful when I took 1/2 an 800mg along with 100mg gabapentin. My first dose I felt a lift in energy and focus. It did not alleviate pain but shifted the minds focus from suffering to whatever task you have in mind. That night I slept better than I had in months in spite of developing mild Tinnitus. Unfortunately I slept till noon the next day. The second day I was able to skip taking rx and chose not to because I still had ringing in my right ear which was stronger and with worsening of TMJ symptoms. I had hoped these side effects would subside over 24 hours. They didnít! The third day I took a 1/2 dose and felt woozy and could not focus. No reduction in pain or tension. That night I did not sleep at all. I had Restless Legs and unbearable pain in hips and legs. Drove me out of bed despite exhaustion from med induced INSOMNIA. The fourth day I took a whole dose in hopes that would be the solution or, if nothing else, I could firmly peg these side effects on this drug. Well, no relief. Horrible insomnia and Tinnitus like Iíve never experienced. REALLY BAD CONSTANT SCR F 46 4 days
 1  Muscle spasms This medication caused SEVERE Tinnitus and daily headaches. When I realized that the bizarre buzzing, like Cicadas in my head, and daily headaches were a side effect of this medication, it took 3 days to clear from my system completely and I knew I would never take it again. F 59
750 mg 3X D
 2  Back/Neck Pain I was prescribed to take it 3 times a day, but only took 1 before bed. I had two nightmares that were so scary, almost like sheer terror. I never have nightmares like that, especially not as I'm falling asleep. The nightmares don't outweigh the benefits at all. F 41 1 days
800 mg 1X D
 2  Have had 3 neck injuries and Fibrom So far it seems useless. Was taking Methocarbamol but they are currently not being manufactured so had to try something else. Does make me slightly nauseous but with a little food it does pass. Hopefully it will improve with usage. So much less effective than other muscle relaxer I was on. But doctors are also cutting everyone's opioids down. Better make something work. F 67 4 days
 1  Car accident Horrible drug, did nothing for pain. Caused mood swings, irritability and nightmares. Would never take it again. F 55 7 days
 1  pain in neck and traps from ADR Insomnia Drug does nothing for pain, took a half of a pill to start, nothing. Took remainder of pill, three hours later nothing. Have terrible odor in mouth now and indigestion but still is not helping pain. F 46 10 days
 4  Body Pain Slight burning sensation in gut if not taken with food. I now take it with food and the burning disappeared. I like this medication because it's not super strong and doesn't give the headaches / fogginess like Flexeril. Works to help with muscle knots. I have severe anxiety when taking new meds and this one is not bad at all. GL to all. M 42 6 months
800 1X D
 2  Back pain Terrible insomnia, irritability, worsening of depression to the point where I needed to reassess depression meds; stopped taking it and felt better the next day - and I was only taking 1/2 a pill! (split 800mg) My main warning: if you're taking meds for depression (I take Wellbutrin), be very careful with this drug; this drug will make your depression much, much worse. Try something like flexeril - which I was on, but that made me too sleepy, but less reactive with antid's. M 51 4 months
400 1X D
 5  Back pain, muscle spasms None After back injury, doc gave me skelaxin. I would recommend 100% M 74 9 years
 1  chronic pain Nothing. Like eating air Took in my forties, sucked then too F 55 10 days
 1  Neck pain and fibro I have extreme stomach pain and nausea, insomnia and indigestion. Blood pressure high. Leg cramps severe. I was prescribe skelaxin along with lyrica and celebrex for fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis and neck pain from a cervical fusion. I cant sleep, feel sick all day and nauseas. It does very little for my pain. I suppose it would be slightly more tolerable during the day. I really would not recommend this drug. F 51 6 months
800 mg
 1  Neck and Back Pain Ineffective Medication; Eats Xanax causing Insomnia. Worthless. M 35 10 days
 4  Fibromyalgia pain Not sure .....I only take when my neck is cramping and so tight I can't stand it F 50 8 years
 1  muscle spasms in back Dizziness, sleeplessness, felt like I had the flu, body aches, stomach cramps, foggy couldn't think straight Did not help with spasms, missed a day of work because I couldn't drive next morning, wished I hadn't tried it F 57 1 days
 5  severe back an neck pain, I had no side effects with this stress which is the plus side of taking a non narcotic pill.yet I had absolutely no pain after taking the pill and was a great relief F 33 10 months
 5  lower back spasm extreme drowsiness, pressure in my ears, sensitivity to noise. The benefits of this drug far outweigh the side effects. I couldn't move before I started taking this medicine. Within an hour, I felt relief. F 55 3 days
800mg 3X D
 5  lower lumbar pain I am taking this in combination with Daypro and Vicoden. I noticed lightheadedness but again this could be from the combination of meds. This drug has been highly successful thus far. I could not walk without being in excruciating pain and the muscles around my spine and hips would seize and I could not fully move my gait. Within hours I could walk with only minor discomfort and would not get stabbing pain every time I got from a sitting to standing position. F 32 1 days
 4  Muscle spasms/pain in upper back Initially maybe a tiny bit of fogginess, but not sure attributed to the drug I have had an ongoing issue with muscle pain, knots and stiffness in my upper back between the shoulder blades. This was aggravated recently and went into one of the worst spasms I've ever had. Pain radiated down my arms and side. Doctor prescribed skelaxin. I found this site and read up on this drug prior to taking it. I was hesitant due to the number of negative experiences. I had also taken a muscle relaxant years ago (think it was flexeral) with no relief. I was also given nabumutone and started taking that first (as I've taken this before for tendinitis). After 2 days I was no better, so took the skelaxin. I had relief within the hour. I was sure to take it with a full glass of water to avoid the chalking taste or burning others have commented on. I'm on day 2, and I'm not completely pain free, but I'm probably 75% better . So far, no notable side effects. F 60 2 days
800mg 2X D
 3  Herniated disc, pinched nerve Some woosiness, can definitely tell when 5-6 hour mark since taking pill is approaching. Harder stools. Does help with burning/muscle pain along shoulder/neck. Doesn't do anything for nerve twitches, tingles. I am able to work about 8 hours/day. No drowsiness. F 54 3 weeks
800 mg 3X D
 1  Neck pain; herniated disc Nothing. No side effects and absolutely no pain relief. The most ineffective medication I have ever been prescribed. I had more relief from my heating pad. F 39 1 days
800 mg

SKELAXIN  (METAXALONE):  Metaxalone is used to treat muscle spasms/pain. It is usually used along with rest, physical therapy, and other treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)