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 1  High cholesterol On day 3 after taking Praluent came down with flu like symptoms. Headache, cough, sneezing, stuffy nose, congestion, fever, body aches from head to toe, chills. neck and hip pain. I have no idea how long this will last as this is now day 4 after taking the drug. Will not take the 2nd dose in 2 weeks! F 67 3 days
75mg 1X O
 1  cholesterol I woke up after the second dose and could barely move because of the pain. Now 4 years later I am in excruciating pain in my legs. I believe there should be a lawsuit against them for all the harm they have done. F 72 2 days
1X O
 1  Hyperlipidemia (High cholesterol) Bloodwork found that I had extremely elevated cholesterol levels due to genetics. Was put on atorvastatin, which did not work out for me due to muscle pains and other symptoms. Cardiologist switched me to Praluent, saying people generally take well to it. I had high hopes and was excited to try it. Nothing to note for the first 2-3 injections, but then the "fun" began. Muscle pain in arms/legs/back amped up, coming in spells following injections. The muscle aches were excruciatingly painful - to the point of being out of commission. The pain was so high at night while laying in bed - my legs were sweating profusely even though I was not hot. Over the course of continuing the injections - I noticed blurry vision/dizziness also becoming a major factor, also coming in spells. Also, random muscle spasms in different parts of my body at random. Spoke with prescribing doctor, was told none of these symptoms *should* come from Praluent. There are no other reasons for this - and thin I have spent hours researching symptoms and patient reviews for peace of mind. I'm very hopeful that these symptoms will dissipate over time. (12-14 weeks for Praluent to leave your system) I will try to come back and update my review as time passes. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on how to lessen symptoms while I ride this out. I'm sure it's an effective drug however living with the side-effects significantly lowered my quality of life to the point of stopping the injections. Proceed cautiously if you feel you'd like to give it a shot, just know that there is a strong possibility that you may experience your own side-effects. M 30 7 times
175mg 2X M
 1  Cholesterol I have been taking prattling for over a year and have extreme muscle spasms down my hamstring. Difficult to walk it's debilitating every day. Has anyone else taking this medication experienced muscle spasms down their hamstring and reflux. I am taking an injection of 150 mg every 30 days every 30 days. I'm really hoping someone responds ASAP as I am thinking of coming off completely after reading these reviews. I also have a stent. M 75 0 years
150mg 1X M
 1  Can't take statins I haven't felt good for months and couldn't figure out what had changed. Then I found this thread and went back to when I started Praluent. It was exactly the same time. I've had so much back pain I have to sleep in a recliner. I'm to the point of constant leg cramps. I can't sleep. I'm weak and dizzy. Don't take it! F 61 4 months
75mg 2X M
 1  familial high cholesterol After 6 days, debilitating hip pain. Had to walk very carefully for fear of losing my balance. There would be a sharp pain that would dissipate when I stopped. On one occasion, I questioned whether I could continue walking gingerly. Pain is intense and short lived. Happens when I walk continuously for a short period of time. In the house, I'm fine but when my steps are continuous outside it happens. Hoping, symptoms subside when I stop taking this drug F 1 months
75 1X M
 5  High cholesterol;allergic to statin Feet and leg pain; numbness Feet and leg pain getting worse a d keeping me awake F 51 7 months
75mg 1X O
 1  inherited high cholesterol numbness in feet, severe pain all over , lost of voice , could not stand up to cook , weight gain , having other problems finally one of her doctors said to stop the shot for 3 months to see if the problems would clear up! Been off for a little over 2 months, even though the cholesterol is on the rise , the pain is dropping!! F 62 3 years
75 2X M
 2  High cholesterol Sharp leg and shoulder pains. Effects 2,5 mile evening walks and difficult to get to sleep with new found muscle aches. M 62 8 weeks
75 mg 2X M
 5  Yes Extreme fatigue, whole body muscle aches, no amount of rest helped. . Terrible neck pain , shoulders, thorasic muscle pain, lower back pain with pain around lower abdomen to groin and down to front upper thigh felt like labor pains, lower leg muscle pain., slight feeling of lightedness brought on when neck pain got severe with the least activity. . It's been 3 weeks since last injection and pain is still debilitating. For age 82 I was energetic, walked unasisted and did all my housework and worked in my yard. Now I'm tired when I go to bed and just as tired when I get up. Haven't been able to cook a meal for myself in 3 weeks. If the cholesterol, triglycerides, blockages etc. don't kill you,the side effects of this horrible injectable drug may do so.. If not, it certainly feels like it. Hate the side effects. Side effect came on suddenly no warning . Woke up one morning not the 82 year old I used to be, but woke up with the terrible painful debilitating Muscular side effects from the this repatha from hell. Pray to God these pains resolve and leave no residual muscular damage and problems. Wish doctors would be more open minded and understanding reference what patients experience with side effects from New drugs. 82 1 days
2X D
 1  Cholesterol Although good results on cholesterol reduction, severe problems with feet and leg pain and weakness. Do not use if you have peripheral neuropathy. Severe pain in feet and now trying to walk using cane. Just stopped the drug and hoping I can get back to where I was 6 months ago. Do not use this drug, the unexpected negative side effects are extreme M 68 6 days
75 mg 2X M
 1  family history I been having flu like pain, feet swelling body rash at midnight frequent bathroom trips and body aches. i think i will stop using it my total cholesterol is 196 ldl 100 hdl 85 before taking it have not tested my blood yet doctor wants my ldl below 40 i do not know if this drug is worth taking. M 67 2 months
75 2X M
 1  Cholesterol Serious voice problems... unable to speak...muscle spasms ... Do not take Praulent!!!! F 78 0 days
3X D
 1  I had a heart attack I didnt know I was experiencing side effects until I stumbled upon this thread. It started with my hand going numb. First it was just the last two fingers but slowly became the whole hand. When I asked about the numbness in my hand doc said it was from the surgery through the wrist and that i would have it forever. Next symptom was my knee. I woke up one day and my knee hurt real bad. This went on for two months. Went to doc he sent me to physical therapy even tho I said I hadnt done anything to injure it. Then my legs started hurting real bad, deep down to the bone pain. That is when I started researching my meds and found this. I stopped taking the shot 17 days ago. My legs have stopped hurting, my knee is getting better, and my hand numbness is getting better! I don't have high cholesterol, never have. I was just given the prescribed meds for some who has had a heart attack. The statins made my legs hurt to bad so I was given this shot. No one discussed any kind of side effects with me. No one has really looked into why I had a heart attack. I'm glad I listened to my body and stopped taking this med. F 43 10 months
75mg 2X M
 1  High triglycerides & cholesterol After taking Praluent for a year, leg pain & weakness is debilitating. Just realized it's the same as when I tried statins. After a torn Achilles my walking was somewhat inhibited. Prescribed Repatha & took it until my insurance said I had to switch to Praluent. My triglyceride & LDL numbers have improved dramatically. BUT after taking it for a little over a year, I can hardly walk due to leg pain & weakness. I'm never taking this drug again. Hopefully the symptoms will subside & I can get my life back. F 70 6 months
2X M
 3  Familial cholesterol Extreme pain in hips, buttocks, thighs, legs and calves. Bone pain in front of shins. The pain is unbearable and I am sleeping maybe 2 hours at a time. It is horrible. My cholesterol has dropped but I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't live like this. F 54 98 days
75 mg 2X M
 1  Could not tolerate statins Initially severe hip pain, but that decreased after about a month. Lots of sinus congestion; however, could tolerate it if it helped with my cholesterol because I cannot take a Staten and I have multiple stents. After about six months I started experiencing muscle pain and weakness in my legs. It has gotten gradually worse. This is similar to the pattern I had with Repatha. When the pain in my legs and thighs, as well as the weakness, that's so bad that I couldn't make it up my basement stairs anymore I contacted my cardiologist. Currently I am on a one-month holiday; however, this drug takes a long time to get out of my system. It is spring time here, and after 25 to 30 minutes of light yardwork, I have to take a hot bath and two Tylenol and that barely takes the edge off the pain. I have always been a very active person, and now my kids say I move like my father did at 90, and I groan a lot. Cardiologist said this medication should not cause the side effects. But he said that 10 years ago about the statins, so there you have it. Not sure what I will take now, but I am highly skeptical of any medication that makes me this sick. F 74 9 months
2X M
 1  Cholesterol Flu / cold symptoms, sore throat, sinus issues, fatigue HEADACHE, I took 1 injection, and symptoms started 1 week after initial dose F 63 1 months
75 mg 1X O
 1  Atherosclerosis high cholesterol Severe leg cramps, insomnia, body muscle pain, joint pain, light headedness, extreme fatigue, rapid heartbeat, heartburn, flatulence, leg weakness, groin pain,neck back pain, abdominal pain, night sweats, It lowered cholesterol but made me feel awful F 65 5 months
75 mg 2X M
 1  High cholesterol Hair totally came out. Leg, back, and hip pain. Eyebrows came out and I experience nausea and off balance. Also I have issues with sleeping. Muscle pain. F 65 3 days
150 1X M

PRALUENT  (ALIROCUMAB):  Treatment of certain patients with high cholesterol   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)