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 Type: Biological Drug

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 2  Ankylosing spondylitis Not sure about the side effects which mimick other drugs but one new one is small lesions on the penis., itchy toes absent fungus, increased dose from 150 to 300 mg just recently so efficacy may increase will try it out for another 4 months to evaluate final. M 69 8 months
300 1X M
 5  Psoriatic Arthritis None Works great, but is expensive M 75 10 months
150 1X M
 3  Psoriasis Extreme fatigue, plantar faciatis, sore throat everday from Drainage,irratability Cleared all psoriasis after 1 mo, but i feel horrible due to sore thoat. Will continue bc psoriasis is gone F 47 6 months
300mg 1X M
 4  Psoriasis arthritis After about 7 weeks I developed severe eczema all over my body. Using steroid creams and the areas resolve slowly but return when the treatment is stopped. Cosentryx eliminated my hand pain and I felt it had improved my arthritis. I am going to speak to my doctor about stopping due to the eczema. F 68 7 months
150mg 1X M
 1  Psoriatic arthritis and anklyosing High bp, Sores in nose that won't heal, extreme joint pain, runny nose, fatigue F 47 3 days
300mg 1X M
 5  Humria not suitable Slight rash on legs Marvelous injection M 66 31 days
1 1X M
 2  Ankylosing Spondylitis Hair thinning My foot has improved ( but I also take Salazopyrene, so I can't judge if the improvement is due to Cozyntex or Salazopyrene). Yet my back symptoms are getting worse , flares become back to back , I don't feel good in between flares , despite I take NSAID daily F 52 1 years
2X M
 2  PSA Mood swings, migraine increased, no improvement in pain, skin a bit better. Stopped med F 53 3 months
30mg 1X W
 4  Psoriatic arthritis/Psoriasis Nasal sores, occasional hives, breathlessness which is random and elevated pulse for a day after injections and increase in moles on body. In order to combat these issues I resorted to injecting one shot every 2 weeks, this helps ! This works great on psoriasis but does not touch my psoriatic arthritis which is a monster.... Sadly after 2 years on this drug my skin is breaking out again. F 50 2 years
300mg 1X M
 1  Ankylosing spondylitis None it done nothing my condition just got worse I told nurse it was like injecting water and they said I should carry on so I refused now I'm waiting for a replacement it was rubbish Rubbish M 60 100 days
30 1X M
 2  PsA Constant nausea, vomiting, headaches, shortness of breath when walking upstairs, wheezing, moderate to severe fatigue. I am on Cosentyx for about 2.5 months and the side effects get worse and worse. It made my joint pains less severe but I am not sure about continuing the treatment - side effects are very annoying. F 64 3 months
150 1X M
 5  Psoriasis Cleared up my psoriasis very fast. Only problem is I'm getting migraines, Diarrhea, and nausea the days after injection. It works great for psoriasis. F 29 6 months
300 2X M
 5  Psoriasis Within first week, plaques cleared up, still have slight redness but my skin is finally smooth and pain free. First time taking injections for my moderate psoriasis (I had about 50% all over body and scalp). So far I'm on injection week 5 at 300mg and diarrhea (on day of injection) has been the only notable side effect. Goes away, usually only happens a couple times throughout day I administered injection. F 34 1 months
300mg 1X W
 3  Psoriasis and psa Thrush, toe infections and low mood M 50 7 months
300mg 2X M
 3  Psoriatic arthritis Started injections 2 weeks ago have developed oral Thrush do I stop the injections or is this a temporary side effect. I feel my arthritis is better. 60 2 weeks
300mg 1X D
 5   None M 55 1 years
300mg 1X M
 4  Psoriasis and psoratic arthritis So far perfect results and very quick recovery of skin, but more than 2 months of unresolved sore throat. Diarrhea for 1 day every time I dose. F 40 3 months
 5  psoriasis severe I have noticed that my eyes have serious changes , and I have had more problems with sores in my nose , headaches, feeling like I can not balance as i walk feel as im going to fall over all the time lots of different changes I WILL STATE THAT THIS DRUG REALLY DOES WORK FOR PSORIASIS, JOINT BUT AFTER BEING ON COSENTYX FOR 3 YEARS ITS MY INSURANCE THAT DOESNT WANT TO PAY THAT WHY I MUST CHANGE DRUGS I WILL TELL YOU THAT THE TANNING BED DO AND WILL WORK YOU JUST HAVE TO STICK WITH IT !!!! ITS THE CHEAPEST AND THE ONE THAT HAS ONLY I SIDE EFFECT F 43 3 years
300 1X M
 5  Psoriatic arthritis Severe Diarrhea, awaiting colonoscopy, always tired, magic drug cleared psoriasis almost immediately, but not worth side effects M 65 56 days
 2  Psoriatic Arthritis Thrush Mouth Ulcers Intestinal pain, diarrhea, bleeding, mucus I was hospitalized for serious infections on Enbrel, and Cimzia. Developed antibodies to Humira. Oteza made me feel like I had stomach flu. F 55 6 months

COSENTYX  (SECUKINUMAB):  Treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults who do not respond well to medication applied directly to the skin   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)