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 1  Heavy bleeding I received depo in June 2021 and started to spot in July and it went on heavy bleeding since constantly everyday. Body ache and bleeding is issue. I didn't go for second shot which was in September please anyone tell me why I am still bleeding after stopping depo.its post 2 months since I stopped depo is this the side effects? Will it wear off and when please help. I wouldn't recommend anyone to take depo. It's devil shot. F 29 3 months
150ml 1X O
 1  Contra.. Am start taking depo after my second child all the time am thinking its ok but it dosn't ... in last year iv got strong depression am ruined my marriage no period over 4 yr but am strong bleeding in last 1 month my weight its the same like 4 yr ago everythink what am report to Gp they tell me its ok but now they think i got the cancer :( Think before use them that long time 26 4 years
3X D
 1  Birth control Bleeding after sex, strong abdominal pain and pelvic pain, severe back pain and constant leg cramps. A lot of hair loss, chest pain and dizziness I have been to hospital many times due to the side effects of this birth control thinking there was something wrong with my heart due to chest pain. I have even paid for a private ultrasound to check why I was experiencing abdominal pain and am now awaiting biopsy results for cervical cancer due to my symptoms. It is only after reading these reviews I have realised there is a high chance it is due to depo. I have been miserable and ill for 2 months now and am signed off work due to my pain. I can't even get off it as have to wait for it to wear off, all I have is pain killers that knock me out. Wish I never had this, I never leave reviews but I couldn't not in this instance. I don't recommend at all, it's ruining my relationships as I don't feel well enough to do anything. Feel free to message if u have experienced similar F 23 9 months
 1  Contraception I Started this contraception after my fourth child.I would stay away from ever having it. Since I started using it I have felt Depressed, Angry over anything I feel exhausted and have never felt so emotional.My Relationship has suffered because of my outbursts,It has destroyed me mentally and made me struggle with everyday life. F 31 0 days
30mg 1X D
 2  pregnancy prevention This shot makes you feel crazy. I was young when I started it so I just thought I was an emotional teenager. No, it made me nuts. Also it took 2 years for my period to come back because this shot eventually makes your period go away completely. I gained weight, had acne, depression. I finally got off of it and it took me a few months to feel normal again but eventually i did. The period was still missing for 2 years. Also, you have to go in every 3-4 months to get the shot from the doctor. Do yourself a favor and take a regular pill/ F 25 6 years
1X O
 1  Prevent pregnancy Bleeding , mood swings , dry vagina Hot flashes I'm mad all the time Ugh I got the shot to not have a baby & I've been bleeding ever since I got it . I cannot even have sex which is the reason why I got on it. F 24 3 months
1 1X D
 1  Prevent Pregnancy Worst decision I ever made and truly wish I had done more research. My friend has been using the shot for years with no problems I thought why not?! Well for starters, I'm a highly sensitive person and should have known how bad the side effects would be. It literally made me crazy. Mood swings, lashing out, no impulse control whatsoever, periods of being dead inside and feeling nothing. It's like someone else has taken over my body. I cry for any and all reasons and once it starts there is no stopping it. Suicidal thoughts.. Who knows about sex drive because I've completely destroyed my relationship. Went to doctor and hormones are completely out of sorts.. Elevated estrogen, low progesterone, elevated cortisol which is essential to managing anxiety. Started taking prenatal vitamins, Omega-3, Turmeric to try and balance hormones F 35 0 days
1 1X O
 1  Endometriosis Depression, anxiety, nausea, rage, harmful and suicidal thoughts. Weight gain, barely ate but went from a size 10 to a size 24 in three months. Feeling of loss, sadness and violation. Mood swings. Loss of appetite for everything. Loss of self confidence and self worth. I could no longer see a woman in the mirror just a thing. Dizziness, exhaustion, the list goes on. I actually took this when I was 21 but the mental health effects stayed with me and I have lived in Hell for 25 years. I wake up with no desire to live the day. Spend the day waiting for it to be over and cry myself to sleep. I met a wonderful man but still no sign of children and no idea if I can ever have them again. I did not ask to have this drug, I was threatened with a hysterectomy if I did not take it by a consultant who can no longer practice. This drug has robbed me of 25 years and almost destroyed my life. Do not let it do it to you. F 46 90 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Prevent pregnancy I've only been on the shot for a month now and i had a lot of doubts going on it but took my chances as everyone's body reacts differently. The pill unfortunately did not help me with preventing pregnancy and i was not willing to take another chance so i shall see if this works. I haven't spotted or gotten my period since being on it. Still a very high sex drive. My appetite hasn't increase if anything i feel like it may have decreased a little but i have maintained the same weight and i eat very poorly and struggle with my weight which is currently 155. My mood is amazing i get random bursts of extreme happiness but it could just be how things are going in my life so i guess i'll see how my mood is if i get any setbacks. Extra moist down there for some reason now which i guess is a plus. The only thing which i have yet to find on the internet, if anyone is having this side effect, MY DREAMS ARE CRAZY!!!!! I remember my dreams now every single day i wake up and they are so vivid it's actually scary and i get maybe 7-8 hours of sleep and my body wakes me up.... i'm really curious if anyone else is experiencing anything like that because i would love to know since i can't find anyone saying anything about it. If your dreams are crazy and you remember them vividly every night plleassseee let me know !!! Also i would love to hear from people that DID NOT have trouble getting pregnant after coming off the shot. i know some people said because of the shot they can't get pregnant but that could also be because you just can't yourself. So if you have gotten pregnant after being on the shot please let me know and let me know how long it took and how long you were previously on the shot !!! thank you (: F 24 1 months
 2  Birth control Weight gain, fatigue, lack of motivation, sore breasts, night terrors, night sweats, erratic periods I gained 17% of my body weight starting the 2nd week after my 2nd shot. I'm 3 weeks away from my 3rd shot (which I will not be getting) and praying I stop packing on the pounds! F 44 6 months
2X O
 2  Birth control Weight gain, fatigue, lack of motivation, sore breasts, night terrors, night sweats, erratic periods I gained 17% of my body weight starting the 2nd week after my 2nd shot. I'm 3 weeks away from my 3rd shot (which I will not be getting) and praying I stop packing on the pounds! F 44 6 months
2X O
 1  Birth control This medication has effectively ruined my life. I have zero energy. None. Fatigue and anxiety, that's my life now. I used to be vibrant. I used to have friends. My child and husband loved me. I'm isolated, in full body pain, my anxiety has taken the form of harm ocd and I don't have the energy to do anything about any of this. My sadness could drown me if I let it. And these symptoms came AFTER I STOPPED TAKING THE SHOT. During my time on depo I gained 20 pounds and get sad. Coming off depo was like jumping into traffic. I will always mourn the life I should have lived. Now I don't know if I will ever be the same. I feel bad mostly for my child, this has affected him the most. Mommy was wonderful now Mommy is an emotional, tired, fat psycho. F* depo. F 37 3 years
1X D
 1  Prevent pregnancy Anxiety and panic attacks, uncontrollable anger, when coming off- heavy bleeding for 6 weeks straight, after my 3rd (and last) shot I had 2 days where I felt like someone was screaming in my head and I felt like I was going to lose it at any second. Do not get! Was recommended to me by older doctor. I have been terrified to take any birth control since having this. F 33 9 months
1X D
 1  Stop getting pregnant After reading everyone's comments about panic attacks and so on, I've finally realised it is the injection been in and out of hospital with heart palpitations, feeling scared all the time , having hot and cold sweats and the doctor thinks it's anxiety so he's put me on meds that I probably don't need to be on. Can't wait for it to be out of my system Don't get it. F 24 70 days
 2  prevent pregnancy anxiety, spottting/bleeding, depression i've been on depo for about 5 months and i've been bleeding non stop for 4 months. i was told that “it will go away soon” by my doctor 2 months ago but how soon? my anxiety is horrible to the point to where i cant control it unless i take medicine. i havent had sex since i started this shot. my depression has ran to the roof. i never felt like this until i started getting the shot. F 18 5 months
2X O
 2  Prevent pregnancy Horrible everything everyone is saying is true mood swings and depression and just not feeling good F 26 3 months
Every 3 mo 1X O
 3  Birth control Breast tenderness, hot flashes, bones hurt and feel sick the day I get the shot, irritability, wanting to snap, recently (after 6 years) bled every 3 months until I got the shot again ,weight gain badly!!! Ive been on depo for 10 years never missed a shot other than a 6 month break 6 years ago and its just horrible I feel sick and my body hurts soo bad the day I get the shot I always feel on edge and moody and I absolutely hate it! The hot flashes are horrific had one this morning where I literally had to go outside and its november in michigan ... Always switching moods its all odd finally I told my fiance I'm done with it and November 4th was my last one and I promise I will never go on this roller coaster again!! Gained so much weight! Cant wait for this last shot to get out of my system!! Does NOT recommend F 23 10 years
1X O
 1  To not get pregnant Well let's see it's great at protecting you against getting pregnant. It was great in the beginning now that I'm due for my second shot things have drastically changed in my mental health status. All of a sudden stuff is bothering me more then it ever has. I used to just brush it off but now I can't get things out of my head and obsess over it. I'm very aggited crabby have a attitude snotty lippy a real bia! emotional roller coaster I'm a mess. It seemed to just happen within the past month about 8 weeks in. I'm not the person I was and hate this feeling. I will not be getting this again. Plus no period and medium to mild cramping. F 34 3 months
Idk 1X AN
 1  Birth control after baby Depression, mood swings, severe irritability, suicidal thoughts, evil thoughts, crying fits, hair loss and scabs, headaches, severe fatigue, terrible pain in feet I took depo when I was a teenager for 6 months and don't remember having any issues except no period. So I tried it after my second baby. I began to have mood swings and irrational thoughts. It caused really bad problems with my marriage. I felt off, like I had poison in me. It's hard to describe. But I was afraid to take it again. When I stopped 3 months ago, that's when the heavy bleeding, sharp lower back pain, periods every 2 weeks, headaches, severe fatigue, foot pain, loss of appetite, depression and continued irritability and irrational thoughts. I tried going on the pill but it made me almost kill myself. Probably because the depo was/is still in my body. I'm crying typing this. I hope it helps someone. I wasn't able to watch my kids for several days because I was scared. It's got better, but still periods every 2 weeks, heavy bleeding, loss of appetite, severe fatigue and hair loss. F 34 3 months
1X D
 1  Try something new Anxiety, random bruising all over my legs, joint pain, muscle pain and weakness, lower back pain, chest pain, rapid heart rate, heart palpitations, panic attacks, keratosis pilaris. I started depo because I wanted to try something new. Im a smoker and they said it was safe. Two days after I got the shot I had a panic attack unlike one I've ever had. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I've been taking taurine to help my anxiety. Its been the worst two months of my life. Ive had nothing but problems. I'll get random chest pain that will last for weeks and out of nowhere. I get rapid heart beats that I can feel through my whole body and feels like I'm dying. I would not recommend this to anyone. I am not getting this shot again I just hope the side effects wear off in a couple of months. F 23 2 months
1200mg 1X D

DEPO-PROVERA  (MEDROXYPROGESTERONE ACETATE):  This medication is used to treat certain types of cancer (such as uterine cancer, kidney cancer). Medroxyprogesterone is like a natural hormone called progesterone made by the body. It is usually used with or after other treatments (such as radiation, surgery). Medroxyprogesterone may prevent or slow the worsening of the cancer and decrease pain and other symptoms.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)