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 Type: Biological Drug

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 2  ankylosing spondilytis Given Simponi Aria infusion-made my symptoms worse no reaction the day of the infusion but the next morning woke up in extreme pain. Pinched nerve in my neck with pain radiating into my shoulder and upper back. Wide spread pain across my lower back with sciatic pain down my left leg. Lasted 10 days. Haven't had this kind of pain for over 20 years. Back to Remicade. F 71 1 months
by weight 1X M
 2  RA Started having numbness and a little tingling in my extremities, hands and feet as well as. Nasty bruises at the injection site. I believe the medication is not lasting as long as it used to 6 yrs is a long time. Notified Simponi regarding these issues but was not concerned. Think before going down this road. Thanks have a great day..... Simponi needs to listen to its patients M 55 6 years
 5  R/A Absolutely none. A miracle drug for R/A. Am so thankful, no more pain. F 71 2 months
50mg 1X M
 2  Psoriatic arthritis Headaches daily, increased psoriasis, redness of the face as well as psoriasis on my face, inflammation around my eyes and irritation, extreme fatigue, increased joint and muscular pain . Have had a terrible cough for two months now. Only works for two weeks and works great and immediately however it wears off and I get extreme flares for the rest of the month and extreme pain and immobility. Have had to take prednisone for the last week as its unbearable. Am on methotrexate 20mg a week don't think it's doing anything. F 45 5 months
 3  RA My severe & constant RA pain and stiffness almost completely disappeared! I was 90% back to normal. I recommend simponi to everyone as it was once a month and self injector barely hurt. Then it happened at 1 year.....terrible psoriasis...4 types all over my body. Psoriasis on hands and feet cracked, bled and limited me more than RA. All went away within 3 months off simponi except terrible hand/foot type that required a year of PUVA light therapy to clear. F 47 1 years
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 4  PsA Sinus headaches that may be related, but not certain. This has made a significant improvement in my life. I feel like a normal human being again and can do many of the activities I previously enjoyed. I do notice that by the third week I begin to feel stiffness and pain in various joints. F 41 1.8 years
50MG 1X M
 4  rheumatoid arthritis No side effects Only problem I've had with it is that it tends to wear off. A dosage of once every three weeks would be ideal. It's helped me a lot!!! I was scared to try it but found it to work well and to have no side effects- have only had a cold or two in a year. Don't hesitate to try it. F 58 1 years
50 mg 1X M
 4  Rheumatoid Arthritis none This is my 3rd biological DMARD I've tried and it's worked great for me. I had bad injection site reactions to Enbrel and Humira, so I was pretty excited that this one was a keeper. It has also worked to keep my RA at bay as well. F 30 8 months
1 inject. 1X M
 3  Psoriasis arthritis Headache, flu symptoms, itching, nausea, shortness of breath, depressed, stomach pain, inflammation. Not the best medicine for my arthritis, but helps a little on the swollen joints, and the pain. does not help the psoriasis on the skin. M 36 6 months
50 mg 1X M
 3  Lupus Couldn't even feel the injection. Couldn't really tell if the medication helped either because I've been on steriods nearly the whole year. I do still have flares but they seem a lot more manageable. F 35 1 years
prefilled 1X D
 2  RA the usual I have found a natural cure in honey and vinegar plus some vitamins; all drugs are poisonous.. M 55 30 days
1X W
 5  RA No reaction at site of injection. Nausea in the morning day after injection It works. All pain in my joints is gone! After only 2 injections! More energy, can start living again. F 47 2 months
50 1X M
 5  rheumatoid arthritis bruise where it was injected. Pretty irritating headache the day of injection. After a few days my swelling dropped dramatically. i can move around now and have been hitting up the gym again, I feel great! M 29 2 weeks
 2  rheumatoid arthritis I just administered my 2nd injection. This is a once a month TNF drug. Definitely pain at injection site but only for a couple of minutes. I use the prefilled syringes once monthly. Have not noticed any other side effects however I have not noticed any improvement either. As a matter of fact my hands are actually getting worse. I am not currently on Methatrexate. I go back to rheumy on Mon. July 13 so we shall see what she says. I know they say sometimes it takes a month or 2 to start to see any benefit so... hopefully next month I will be able to increase my rating on this drug. F 46 2 months