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 5  I have migraine Constipation It was the only drug functioning in prevenction for migraine F 56 5 years
 5  migraine headache I had no side effects I had migraine headache at least every ten days and had to lie in a dark room the pain was unbearable I vomited I knocked my head on the headboard thinking it a diversion migraine took enjoyment out of my life and made raising a family a burden to us all Sansert gave me my life back After one year I decided to see what would happen if I suspended use My headaches never returned I had my first migraine at age 16 and my last one in my forties F 80 365 days
1X D
 5  migraine After years of almost daily intractable head pain, I started this drug and now have gone a week without any head pain. It is as though a switch was just turned off. I am still trying to comprehend life without migraine and am oh so hopeful and grateful to my very smart and caring neurologist and supportive friends and family. F 56 7 days
1mg 2X D
 5  Severe & Unbearable Headaches NONE ! SANSERT SAVED MY LIFE ! Thanks to this medication, I can lead a normal life. I am happy, my family feels it is truly a miracle. For the last year, I just wanted to die. I did not want to face another day with a 10+ Migraine/Tension Headache. My Partner was so patient with me. Our children did not have me available to help them. They helped me, DAILY. I was always in the bedroom with the lights off and the door shut. My life was not worth living. But Thank God a Doctor "The Doctor, Richard Gracer" from San Ramon, Ca. helped me. What a wonderful man and his staff are amazing ! SANSERT WAS THE ANSWER. I am medically disabled and on a limited income but I would crawl on the floor and clean toilets to come up with the money to purchase this medication. I have my life back. Please just try this medication under a Doctor who has knowledge and experance with Sansert. I started Sansert approx. 7 months ago. At 6 months, I was directed to stop taking Sansert for 6 weeks. I am now at F 50 6 months
 5  migraine none I have chronic headache with some characteristics of migraine, tension and cluster. Sansert gave me my life back. I had previously tried ALL of the standard and non-standard preventatives (indocin, topomax, neurontin, compazine, etc, etc), none effective, most w/ terrible side effects. Sansert reduced the frequency of my headaches from daily to 1-4 times a week. And it reduced the pain level from the 7-9 range to the 1-5 range. AND, I get NO side effects. Sansert is no longer available in the US -- Novartis discontinued it here due to lack of sales. Your doctor can prescribe it and you can order online from Canada. Insurance almost surely won't pay, but it's cheap. Some doctors won't prescribe Sansert because there is a rare but serious side effect -- Retroperitoneal Fibrosis. This can be detected by catscan or MRI, and the protocol is to get tested every 6 months. You are also supposed to take a "drug holiday" every 6 months for 1-3 weeks. I get daily, debilitating headaches M 46 6 years
 1  chronic severe migraines I took this more than 35 years ago when I was 19. I experienced complete relief from the headaches; but great mental instability. I was fequently overcome by feeling panic & dread. I was afraid to tell anyone how I felt because I thought my "delusions" would infect them. There were also periods of feeling euphoric. I did not realize this was a drug reaction; I thought I had "gone psychotic." I stopped taking Sansert for an unrelated reason, but the episodes occasionally recurred over the next couple of years. The headaches came back gradually, not all at once, also over a couple of years. I understand how debilitating migraine can be. I know this drug may be a wonder drug for some. But I never read about the type of effects I had occurring, on this drug. If you feel you're having an unusual mood or mental problem BE SUSPICIOUS. This drug alters brain chemistry. The effects of altering brain chemistry are not well known. It was not until I stopped taking it that I realized Sansert was making me "crazy." BTW: I subsequently found out Methtysergide is chemically related to LSD. F 56 4 months
 5  chronic cluster headaches Sansert was the only medication I could take in order to stop cycles of cluster headaches. When it became unavailable in the US, I had to order from Canada. That meant insurance would not cover it. It truly helped me through excruciating pain. M 42 2 years
 5  migraine prevention none Taking this medication was the only way for me to lead a normal life. Most of my life I had 1 or 2 migraines a week. I could not keep a job, care for my children or make any firm plans in life. Sanset is truly a miracle drug. I cannot believe Novartis does not market sansert better. Very few people have heard of it, and most doctors are not aware of its effectivenesss. It is really an injustice that people with frequent and severe migraines have not been given a trial of the drug. F 58
 1  migraines high blood pressure Had I known I would develop high blood pressure from taking this drug, I would not have tried it. It did not help all that much. F 60 2 years
 5  Vascular Migraines none This is the only medicine that gets rid of my headache cycles. I haven't had a cycle in over a year. Everytime a medicine works, the FDA gets rid of it or it is no longer manufactured. The patience suffers and no one cares as long as they get more money. M 64 15 years
 5  chronic daily headaches groggier in the mornings, harder to wake up In 6 month treatment course, brought daily headaches from unbearable living hell to more or less under control and tolerable pain, when combined with over-the-counter pain medicine. But it's expensive and the insurance wouldn't cover it. M 29 6 months