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 4  PsA and RA I've had and still have a myriad of side-effects over the year I've been on this drug; frequent urination, itching, fatigue, dizziness, sweating, nausea, heatburn, flushing. And when I was coming up on one year I am now experiencing some pretty intense low back pain, sinus and ear congestion, cough. Im going to an allergist to see if I have developed allergies or if this is a side-effect, I can't tell at this point. I've also developed a sensitivity to gluten. Enough to where I have to watch what I eat. I am a severe arthritic and have taken 12 different drugs or combination over the last 8yrs to combat psoriatic arthritis and RA. Orencia is the drug that has helped me the most. Enbrel, humaria did absolutely nothing to stop flare ups. Im not taking mtx with it due to liver enzymes being elevated. I take orencia intravenously. Not overjoyed with all the side-effects, but it has calmed down flares. I still have mini flares about 1x month but just deal with them. F 63 1 years
750mg 1X M
 1  RA Orencia nearly killed me. I had just two infusions and during those four weeks I had so many side effects I felt like I was being poisoned. High blood pressure, high pulse rate, dizziness, headaches, flulike symptoms, fatigue, chest pain and most importantly I had difficulty breathing. It got so bad and I couldn't breathe properly I thought I was going to die. This medicine is poison. Do not take it. During those four weeks I had an eye infection, a sinus infection and a UTI infection. That's a lot for a short amount of time. F 54 5 weeks
1X M
 3   I have completely stopped sweating. It started slowly 3-4 years in. I didn't realize it was complete lack of sweating (anhidrosis) until last year 2020 during Covid. I thought it was related to menopause but my gynecologist said no and that it's very serious. A pharmacist confirmed that it's very rare but a definite link to Orencia. I discontinued use 7 weeks ago and hope it reverses. I previously had drug-induced lupus with Remicade and Enbrel. Fortunate that after 8-12 months, the drug was out of my system and lupus systems went away. Afraid of trying any more biologics. As with Remicade and Enbrel, Orencia worked very well for 3-4 years before onset of drug-induced lupus, now anhidrosis. Very little known about not sweating but already experienced some kidney damage that I believe can be reversed. But risk of sudden death due to heart attack or stroke because my body can't cool itself is enough to know I can't continue. F 63 8 years
1X W
 3  RA Severe back and hip pain. Still taking as has helped some joint pain and dry eyes. Has really exacerbated previous sciatic pain. Rheumatologists say not possible. Pain began a few days after first infusion. F 75 12 months
1X M
 3  RA Severe back and hip pain. Still taking as has helped some joint pain and dry eyes. Has really exacerbated previous sciatic pain. Rheumatologists say not possible. Pain began a few days after first infusion. F 75 12 months
1X M
 2  Rheumatoid Arthritis Extreme fatigue two days after infusion. Lower back pain, dizziness, stuffy nose and the worst...facial and head tingling. During an episode, either eye would stiffen and freeze up for about five seconds then release. I was quite hesitant about biologics and was hoping Orencia was a good match for me. F 53 30 days
1X M
 2  SA Muscle, joints and lower back pain.Tired all the times F 61 6 months
130mg week 4X M
 2  Rheumatoid arthritis After 1 week, joints are more painful. I figured push through. After 3rd weekly injection, the pain in my lower back and hamstring Leg muscles are uncomfortablly painful and cramping. No thanks. I live with enough pain,. Don't need to add to the list. Previous meds were methotrexate, couldn't tolerate the nausea, 2nd Humira. Worked well for 3 months, then I started to get rash, fluid retention and the feeling like throat was closing due to swelling. So this is my 3rd attempt at a med that works. On to the 4th.... M 56 3 weeks
125mg 1X W
 1  RA makes me feel very sick and tired all the time i can't even go to school somedays. makes me nauseous all the time did not help with my RA at all i feel like it just made ot worse F 17 5 weeks
? 1X W
 4  RA No side effects to date. I was experiencing a really bad flare when I started this medication. I couldn’t use either of my hands at all. The past 2 weeks my hands have improved greatly. My lab work is still showing inflammation but I’m feeling good. First thing it helped with was fatigue I became more active and wanting to actually try and get things done. I would get headaches day after injection. I drink plenty of water on the day of and day after and no longer get those headaches. I’m also on methotrexate, plaquenil, methylprednisolone and folic acid. Those meds do have side effects that I experienced before starting Orencia. I’m hoping this drugs keep improving my symptoms my only advice is to give it time. I know it’s hard this has been the worst experience of my life and it can be easier to just want to give up most days. I always feel alone like some of you I would imagine. Like no one gets it. Just know you are not alone we are fighting this together. Good luck and god bless you all. M 38 16 weeks
125mg 1X W
 5  R.A. at first no side effects, last dose severe lower back pain and nasopharyngeal M 51 12 months
125 1X W
 1  rheumatoid arthritis Severe back pain and spasms, chills, nausea, sleep disturbance, light headed. It is not helping the RA at all. F 54 5 weeks
125 mg/ml 1X W
 2  Psoriatic Arthritis Psoriasis has flared. Hands and fingers are full of psoriasis and are cracked and bleeding. After injection I get a severe headache and nausea. Pain has increased in back, legs and feet. I want to stop this medication. This is the 10th biologic I have been on. I rate it as one of the worst for side effects and not working. F 68 2 months
1X W
 3  Rheumatoid arthritis Dizziness, chest pain, weakness, anxiety attacks, nausea, loss of appetite. F 56 7 months
25mg 1X W
 4  RA Fatigue M 69 1 years
750 1X M
 2  Rheumatoid Arthritis Severe lower back pain, which I am just now reading seems to be a common complaint with Orencia. My joints are continuing to deteriorate and I am in pain 24/7, so whats the point? The only positive thing about this biologic is I was on Humira for 3 years and felt better, but developed severe lung issues, including pseudomonas with inflammation and scarring in lungs, so was switched to Orencia. Still some lung problems but better than when I was on Humira. Other opportunistic infections are warts, oral fungi and skin cancers F 63 4 years
750 IV mo 1X M
 1  Psoriatic Arthritis Headaches,Dizziness, fatigue, sweating and back pain. At first it seemed to be working but after the first couple of months everyday is worse than the day before. Side effects are getting worse and more intense. Enough is enough I see the doctor in a couple of days and I'm going to stop the infusions.i want my life back! F 53 5 months
1000mg 1X M
 5  Rheumatoid Arthritis I couldn't take Methotrexate because it elevated my liver enzymes. Enbrel causes me to have MS systems. I was scared to do an infusion but Orencia seemed like the least risky so after 3 months I felt so much better & I'm doing great on it 10 years later. F 53 10 years
1X M
 2  Rheumatoid arthritis I was getting dizzy, feeling like I was going to pass out, several times an hour by the time I figured out it was the Orencia. I would also get indigestion when I got dizzy. F 65 6 months
 1  AS/ RA/ Severe lower back pain and side pain,can't walk without pain. Big painful knots on lower back and left leg. Headaches, dizziness, eye pain. Lots of inflammation. I've been on several biologics, I have severe hypersensitivity to many drugs and this is one of them. I had I.V. infusion. But stopped before 3rd treatment due to the pain. I was really hoping this would work this time. F 59 2 weeks

ORENCIA  (ABATACEPT):  This medication is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, a condition in which the body's own defense system (immune system) attacks healthy tissue. This leads to swelling in the joints, which causes pain and makes it harder to move. This medication is also used to treat other types of arthritis (such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, psoriatic arthritis). Abatacept works by weakening your immune system. This effect helps to slow down joint damage and reduce joint pain and swelling so you can move better.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)