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 1  Common warts This cream was prescribed for an 11 year old to use topically on warts on hand. Symptoms with use included painful ankles and emotional upset. This is a direct correlation to use with this cream. M 11 1 days
40 g 1X D
 5  Precancerous cells around nose Area turned red & crusty white scab sloughed off. I’ve used it several times on face & legs with great success. Uncomfortable but not unbearable unless area was touched or scraped. Successfully remedied condition. Just don’t over apply or go out in the sun during usage. F 73 14 days
5% 2X D
 5  Pre cancer cells on chest This is my 2nd time using this cream. I used it 5 years ago. The experience this time seems a little worse. I couldn't get to the 21 days the first time and I won't be able to get through that time frame this round either. It is painful and very itchy about 5 hours after the application. I am almost 14 days in and have had the last 2 nights w very little sleep. I use Aquaphor as it helps the skin to stay moist. I never want to go thru this process again so I will be wearing a rash guard to cover my chest for this point forward and will use the highest sunscreen SPF that is available!! F 53 12 days
5% 2X D
 5  Skin cancer Burning, splotches, but overall this medicine is awesomest M 65 14 days
30 mg
 4  •Actinic keratoses.(a pre-cancerous Day 9 was the day I started noticing discomfort. 2 Week protocol. Days 9 - 15 were the worst for me. Lots of burning and pain. Day 19 now and I'm healing. Lots of flaking skin and continuing burning.. This is not a treatment for the squeamish - it hurts and you look like a burn victim. Having a good sense of humor and focus on the end result helps. Daily photos with a smile on your face help to track the progress. I have to remind myself of the possible alternative. Never again will I "get some sun on my face" and will never skimp on sun protection in the future. F 59 14 days
2X D
 2  Solar Keratosis OMG..I was using this all over my chest..basically armpit to armpit, collarbone to breast..I've had the "light" treatment about 6 years ago but the spots never went away..The first day I had nausea-flu/stomach virus like, diarreha, and that conintued the full 10 days..After about 3 days, I had a burning sensation on the applied area, that got worse and worse..red-firelike appearance. I was to apply it for 2-6 weeks, but after the 10 days I couldn't wear a bra, hadn't slept in 5 nights and was so sick, I couldn't continue. Now I am 4 days after and the only thing that has subsided is the diarrhea and flu like symptoms. my chest is still on fire, red spots have not gone away and I have to load up with vasoline and aquaphor just so shirts won't run because the slightest touch is unbearable. I am so dissappointed, and not a wimp by any means, but I couldn't continue for even another day. F 53 10 days
1% 2X D
 5  precancer/ssc on face The first 9 days were a breeze. In fact, I thought I had gotten off without a hitch; face was a little red and tight but nothing intolerable. Then, day 10-21 happened (today is day 21). I can't believe that they describe the side effects as red and itchy, like "a bad sun burn." I have had bad sun burns (hence the flurorouracil) and none of them compared to this stuff. The pain, coupled with the horrible look is not for the faint hearted. Parts of my face look like something out of the movie frozen and I'm ready to hear it crack open and tinkle to the floor. Sleeping is tough if you normally sleep on your side/belly. My husband tells me they use this product (IV form) for colon cancer. The alternative is worse so I can't complain but it takes a very brave soul to do this more than once. F 47 4 weeks
5% 2X D
 5  Actinic Keratoses I'm in week three (two of fluorouracil, now Prutect to moisten and heal). It's as everyone described, but not as bad. It's slightly itchy and I can't wait until I can wash my face again without pain, but totally bearable. I've been in numerous social situations (work, dinner out, board meetings, shopping, new Pilates class) without problem. I was afraid children would scream and run at a glimpse of my face. Never happened. So don't let the minor downsides keep you from doing this, if you need it. M 64 14 days
5% 2X D
 5  Solar keratoses on my face. No side effects. It took about six days until I experienced the effects of the drug that I had read about--redness,blotchiness,tingling,itchiness,taut,sensitive skin. Then,I was in "full bloom". It was uncomfortable, especially in the shower. It was also rather unsightly, so as another patient said, I wouldn't plan any important social engagements. After 14 days,it began to peel a lot and formed a few scabs in the worst areas. The worst part for me was having to wash my face twice a day before each application and the cost--$241.00 for a 40 gram tube (with discount, but no prescription insurance). But I'm sure that's a lot less than dealing with cancer! Per doctor's instructions, I applied it to my face and forehead, the tops of my ears and the back of my neck. I'm extremely pleased with the results. It removed all the sandpapery and red spots from all affected areas. I hope not to, but I'd use it again in a minute. M 61 14 days
5% 2X D
 4  Genital warts The first week I noticed no side effects. Then the doc said watch for "red & angry", and a cpl days later "red and angry" indeed. Lobster red and painful in the scrotum/penis area. Cured the warts and they haven't grown back, so it works. M 39 21 days
1% 2X D
 4  Aetinic (solar) keratoses I used the 5%. It turned my face red and crusty, but, of course, it was supposed to. There was no pain, just a slight itching. I am glad my dermatologist prescribed this medicine. It is labled as a "chemotherapy" because it only attacked pre-cancerous cells. Don't take it if you have any important social engagements in the next 28 days. M 58 14 days
 5  Inoperable Stomach Cancer Lost skin off soles of feet and palms of hands, very painful initially but now the soles of my feet are numb. Finger and toenails growth disrupted - discontinuity, ridging. Lost most of my hair Some Diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting initially Sore eyes Mouth ulcers Got very tired and lethargic The side effects were pretty horrific and twice I had to stop taking the 5FU partway through a six week session (continuous infusion from a battery operated pump worn around the waist). However, the blood markers progressively decreased and are now normal, so I am in remission. After 6 weeks off the chemotherapy I have mostly recovered (except for my feet) and don't get so tired - I have resumed my normal lifestyle. M 71 5 months
 5  Pre-Cancerous Spot on Lip First of all, my experience with this is similar to one a co-worker had. It's NASTY stuff! BE SURE YOU ONLY USE IT WHERE YOU NEED IT! FLUOROPLEX® (fluorouracil) 1% Topical Cream is indicated for the topical treatment of multiple actinic (solar) keratoses. For the first three days, I didn't notice any reaction. Then, on the fourth day, my lip started to redden. Within a day, it became terribly inflamed similar to a fever blister (cold sore). From there, it got worse by progressing to an ulcerated state. It was horrible to look at and it hurt like you would not believe! My dermatologist stopped the cream on Day 10. From there, it progressed for several days before I was aware that my lip had begun to heal, although the healing was from the inside out. I kept Aquaphor on the "wound" to keep it from drying and cracking. It took a total of 22 days from the onset of treatment to completely healed. I guess it's worth it, but I hope I never have to go through that again! F 39 10 days

FLUOROURACIL  (FLUOROURACIL):  This medication is used on the skin to treat pre-cancerous and cancerous skin growths. Fluorouracil belongs to a class of medications known as anti-metabolites. It works by blocking the growth of abnormal cells that cause the skin condition.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)