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 1  Leg edema Aldactone was added to my regimen to treat leg edema with a potassium sparing diuretic. The edema did not improve. I was extremely drowsy. M 65 2 weeks
 1  acne I have been extremely depressed after taking the generic brand for almost 4 weeks. In the beginning, my mood seemed heightened and now has swung the opposite direction. I dropped my 3 month prescription in the trash last night. F 28 1 months

 4  polysystic ovary's androgenization Excessively thirsty, I was told it would take six months to show some effects but after 2 weeks my voice lightened. Still waiting for my menstrual cycle. F 33 4 weeks

 5  Rosacea None Reduced rosacea by about 90%. Not retaining water as much as before. F 37 10 months

 4  acne tiredness at first and frequent urination. It made my periods a bit irregular, sometimes getting them twice a month. I was very happy with the effect on my skin, i rarely get spots now, still one or two sometimes or smaller ones, and the acne on my skin has also nearly completely cleared up. My skin is less oily and feels better. Although it did make my periods irregular (especially at first - then that normalised) they were also painless, whereas before I use to have very painful periods. F 28 1 years

 3  Cystic Acne Frequent urination (kept me up at night), dizziness, low blood pressure, eye twitching, vision disturbance F 43 3 weeks

 1  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Frequent Urination, moods swings Was unable to stay on it long enough to get good benefits. Half an hour after taking it I would experience irritability, anxiety, anger and depression. F 21 2 months

 5  Acne Scalp felt weird, skin seemed easy to scratch, only had to pluck eye brows once a week and before the Aldactone I had to pluck them daily, no pain during periods and it was horrible before, periods are irregular but lighter, this is a miracle pill for me, my acne is totally gone and it was horrible before, worked very very fast, worth the minor side effects F 25 70 days


 5  severe hormonal acne None I honestly have not noticed any side effects I can attribute specifically to Aldactone. I have been on this drug for a year now and my acne is completely cleared up, my hair is thicker, I have lost 5-10 lbs, my sex drive is unchanged, and my periods are SO much lighter than ever before...I love this drug and would recommend it to anyone, especially females with hormonal acne. F 32 1 years

 4  high testerone none so far i have been taking this med for 5 days now, lost some weight, which im sure is water, 4 pounds, i was wondering if you guys are worried about high potassium levels, and if you are avoiding high potassium foods. im only on 25 mg right now but will be going to 50mg. 5 days

 4  acne No menstrual cycle or if one it is very light. I was prescribed med by a dermatologist. He has told me to see a GYN about this side effect or to "not worry about it." Acne is much better. I am only getting a large cystic bump every so often, the rash of smaller ones has stopped. My PMS is much better. No noticable increase in urination. I worry about the cease in my cycle, but I don't miss having it! F 38 6 days
 3  Hypertension Wake up with a headache and constipation. I have noticed some weight loss and some hair growth. F 50 2 weeks

 5  Hormonal Acne Mood swings - This was most noticable the first week - nothing I can't deal with though. The benefits far outweigh the side effects. Occasionally lightheaded. I didn't eat with two of the doses and experienced diarrhea. I recommend eating a snack with the pill. NOTE: I do not eat things rich in Potassium, such as bananas or orange juice since taking this pill. After a year of being on expensive antibiotics, prescription creams, etc. from the Dermatologist with no improvement, my acne was getting worse - I was experiencing hormonal acne. I did research online and found out about Aldactone. This is a WONDER DRUG! After only a few weeks on this pill, my skin cleared dramatically, my scalp isn't oily anymore, my ears aren't greasy. Prior to this drug, I was breaking out terribly on my face, scalp, neck, chest, shoulders and back with cystic acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. I also experienced way lighter periods and little to no cramps. I also went up one bra size - I've heard other women say the same thing. I don't know what the connection is, but I also had the same thing happen. F 30 90 days
 4  PCOS dry mouth This medication really works if you have PCOS... My testosterone was high and I had lots of hair loss...If you have hair loss from PCOS use wal-mart brand rogaine, it really works.. F 36 4 years

 4  PCOS and Hypertension some drowsiness but for the most part I really haven't noticed any side effects. My blood pressure is down to 128/70 which is Amazing compared to 160/100. I will check back in a few months to let you know about my excessive hair issues due to high testosterone and PCOS. F 21 33 days

 4  hormonal acne Always feel dehydrated. Some increased urinary frequency, depends on the day. Sometimes get headaches. Sometimes feel dizzy and lightheaded due to lowered blood pressure. I am on 50 mg, a very small dose. I think it has helped my acne but I also use several other medications - two topically plus birth control. So I really don't know how much it is doing. I am getting tired of taking this drug I think, and hope to get off it soon. I always feel dehydrated and I think I have lower energy than I otherwise would. F 27 9 months

 2  Hair Loss Extreme anxiety, depression, fatigue, possible modest weight gain Brand is much stronger than the generic version; but after 4 months have not seen any improvement in hair thinning; anxiety has become unbearable -- will probably have to discontinue use. F 30 4 months

 5  PCOS dizziness, stand up too quickly feel lightheaded, dry mouth This has been a wonderful medicine for me. It completely controlled the hormonal acne problems. Seemed to slow the hair loss and controlled the excessive hair growth on other parts of body. F 43 8 years
 3  PCOS/acne scalp hair loss has increased a lot, drowsiness, fatigue, irregular menses Acne has cleared up, so that part is good. I'm having trouble dealing with the hair loss. F 38 3 months

 5  acne no adverse side effects, only positive ones: weight loss, huge improvement of acne, slightly increased breast size, no pms symptoms, mood elevation, This is a miracle for me after 35 years of battling acne, this drug makes my skin look fantastic with no side effects. I was on minocycline for many years and developed horrible joint pain. Had 4 treatments with accutane and dreaded going through it again, so decided to try this and am so glad I did. F 49 45 days

 3  prostate prophylactic Weight loss, query skin lesions, gynomastia, vocal changes [vocal range higher] (opposite of deepening] M 61 4 years

 2  hair thinnig and loss more hair thinning and loss in general F 64 60 days

 2  hursutism associated with PCOS Dry mouth, dizziness, rosacea increased substantially, hair thinning Hair on face reduced noticeably. Not worth the side effects. I may try again after a break. F 42 60 days

 3  acne Initially: light headed, shaky, sweaty in mornings, decreased ability to exercise intensely; better after adding sodium. My blood pressure runs on the low side to begin with, so this drug hit hard initially. I started drinking water with a quarter teaspoon of table salt added in the mornings before exercising, and that took care of the problem. Also added more salty foods to my diet, as I eat a lot of foods which are high in potassium. This probably wouldn't be wise for anyone taking this as a blood pressure medicine. Jury is still out on whether it helps my skin as I am also taking antibiotics for a few weeks. F 47 18 days

 4  acne, rosacea Fatigue- especially the first few weeks when starting and then again when I increased my dose.Currently on 75 mg with a goal to get on 100mg. Doing it slowly since I am having fatigue. I have had some mild anxiety symptoms since starting- I have a history of anxiety that has always been well controlled on Lexapro- but I feel like the Aldactone has decreased the potency or effectiveness of Lexapro. My acne is doing so well it is almost worth any anxiety I feel! F 35 3 months

 5  hormonal acne No noticeable side effects. My dermatologist started me on this drug at 150mg over a month ago because of my allergies to most antibiotics. I have noticed a definite decrease in break-outs and excessive oily skin. My skin is so much clearer. It has definitely made a difference. F 49 5 weeks

 5  acne, very oily skin, facial hair No side effects have been experienced at 50mg. This medication is wonderful. :o) My skin cleared up completely, and in a very short amount of time. My skin is no longer as oily as it was. I've been using the medication for 5 months, and am very happy with the results so far. I have not really noticed any significant change in the amount of vellus hair, but I'm hoping that with time, that will decrease as well. F 35 5 months

 1  excess testosterone, hirsuitism Irregular periods (didn't have any for months at a time and when i did it would only last a day, where before i started taking aldactone my periods were very regular and lasted 5-7 days) However periods were much lighter and not painful(i used to have pain in the first day or two of my period) I was always thirsty, which caused frequent urination. Headaches due to dehydration Infrequent dizziness due to lowered blood pressure I was prescribed this because i have excess hair growth on my face an body. However there has been no noticeable change whatsoever. I was taking two tablets a day or 200miligrams with no good effects, only side effects. Im now taking myself off this drug; gone down to 1 tablet for a few days then i will stop completely. Would not recommend this drug F 18 3 months
 4  adult acne I've been on a low dose,50mg,for 2+years. Miraculous results in clearing up acne but now deal with embarrassing rosacea. A distinct red mask will flush my face in stressful situations or when drinking wine. Since this occurs in mostly social situations it is problematic. Monthly periods have become irregular(4 days later than expected-regularly), painless and greatly abbreviated. Breast size has also increased 1 size. I have also noticed general weight gain in my upper body,arms and chest. Even with adverse affects, acne improvement outweighs side affects for now. F 39 2 years

 4  Excess facial hair, PCOS Side effects included: more urination, dry eyes, thining of head hair. I was a 100mg dosage last year for about 6months and lost my excess weight, and excess facial hair. I started Aldactone again 3 months ago on a 50mg, seems much better. No thining head hair, do not have to pluck facial hair everyday, less period pain and lighter periods. I'm also on the pill, so the combination of both seems to work well. I will stop aldactone before I decide to have children. F 27 3 months

 3  androgen blocker & facial hair Confusion, fever, sweating, heart palpitations, MOUTH ULCERS!! At first it made my mood tranquil which made me want to keep taking it almost addictive, then I started getting cloudy and feeling confused, gave my boyfriend a hard time :( then had awfully painful mouth ulcers so I called the doc and he said stop taking it and going back to see him next week. Once I stopped taking it I actually felt better F 14 days
 3  Hormonal Acne Irregular periods, confusion, lethargy, weight gain I started Aldactone because of hormonal acne. I'm on month 5 now and have seen some improvement - my acne is not all gone, but it is less of a problem. I have actually gained weight, even though it's a diuretic, my body shape is changing. Just started the pill to help in hopes that I don't have to stay on this for too long. I'm not convinced it's a miracle drug, but it does help, with some side effects. F 39 5 months

 2  Adult onset acne Fever,rash,edema (20lbs in two days), swelling of face. It is an anti-androgen and is supposed to help women in their peri-menopausal years with acne. It quickly cleared up my cystic acne and break outs too bad I had an unusual allergic reaction! F 40 14 days

 5  hormomal cystic acne Clear skin, the cyst stop popping out each month. I don't even get a pimple any more. Been on the drug two months. Saw immediate results. Wieght loss with low carb diet 20 lbs in two months. Look great, feel great! DOSAGE 25 mg once a day. Finally something works. Periords the same on time and at 48 years of age. No hair loss, still have the chin waxing to do!! F 48 60 days

 1  b.p high /allergic to dieuretic Some like it some dont as I read -I might be the first Male to post on this medication.after 4months of taking it with verapamil ccb. I feel like junk! I was forced to cutt down to 1/4 pill due to dehydration and almost fainting feelings. im soon to get off it ! for men,I started to gain waight put on in 2months 14lbs. and not eatting wrong or much of anything! headaches and dry mouth and eyes dry at night -alot of no sleep!lightheaded and dizzy feelings off and on when on this! pannic attacks happen and depression too! tenderness in chest slight Man boobs growing! lucky me!! I think my doctor is crazy, no maybe he thinks im crazy? well nuts to him im getting off this crap tomorrow! will ween it down fast and stick to the basic crap medications! sorry to read what it does to women ! omg !! it should be baned !! when will a medication come out that has no side effects ? and works good ? hate these meds we get !! all seem to be junk to take ! M 56 4 months
 1  acne, hair loss palpitation (tachycardia), heart ache, heart skipping a beat, fatigue, increased anxiety, migraine headaches no improvement with hair loss whatsoever. I was on and off this drug for a few years for acne and hair loss Does help with acne (temporarily. as long as you're taking it). However, whenever i took it i had heart problems (never heart problems before this drug) and had to stop it due to that. Now it seems like the heart pain is becoming much worse. Will have to stop it. F 35 6 years

 5  hypertension None really. I had to urinate quiet often for the first few days, but it's a diuretic so it's to be expected. F 50 5 years

 4  hair loss made me very sick the first week - loss of appetite and some vomitting, but this stopped after the first week. Other side effects (good ones!) - some hair regrowth on head, some weight loss F 28 2 months

 5  hormonal /cystic acne Some weightloss...nothing extreme, i did notice a slight increase in breast size, I feel like it can make me tired...but the positives outweigh any negatives. I had been on this medicine previously for 2 years with incredible results. Nothing else had ever worked for me. I stopped taking it for about a year and the acne started coming back so I am back on it but had to just step up to 200mg. I also am on a low dosage b.c. pill. I would recommend it to anyone with hormonal or cystic acne!!! F 39 4 months
100mg 1X D

 5  acne In the past couple months I gained 15 lbs. Up 3 pants sizes. I'm hoping that with more aggressive exercise I can get back to my normal weight. Completely cleared up my terrible cystic acne. I no longer get a single pimple. Its really amazing. I take it with birth control, but have been on the birth control for 9 years. F 25 6 months
50 MG 1X D

 3  adult hormonal acne Feeling very tired. Hopefully this will improve after a while. Frequent urination as expected, but only for about 6hrs after taking pill. Having a heavy cycle this month, not sure if this is related or not. No improvement in my skin as of yet, however it has only been a week. My problem with acne is on my neck, chest, and back. Antibiotics did nothing for me. Wanted to give this a try before moving on to Accutane as a last resort. F 36 10 days
100mg 1X D

 5  Hormonal Acne Personally, I don't remember any side effects. I did gain weight in the last three years (like 20 lbs) but I attribute that to my eating habits. I love this medication! No more cystic acne! I only get tiny pimples now, but when I change out my pillow case every few nights it helps. My oil slick skin is so much more normal! It was so embarrassing to have such an oily face. Now its awesome! I have been very happy for the last 7 years. Beware, though, you must taper off this medication and not stop cold turkey. I have since tapered down to 25mg in the last couple of months and find the results still positive. F 40 7 years
100 mg 1X D

 3  Acne I get breakouts really bad especially during my time of the month. My acne is so bad that the pimples always leave scars so my doctor recommend Aldactone. My acne is the worse on my forehead and sides of my face. I have been dealing with acne since i was a teenager and for over the last 12+ years nothing has worked. I like Aldactone. Compared to antibotics aldactone works a lot better. I'm not sick while taking it. I've noticed less breakouts now. I did also notice that my period after the first month came but was very light and didn't last long at all. F 27 30 days
1X D

 5  Hormonal Acne Dry mouth, increased urination, weight loss I Love Aldactone!! It completely cleared my acne by 3 months, first time I have ever had clear skin...great!! F 40 6 months
100 MG 1X D

 4  Hormonal acne No significant side effects, slight increase in breast size with some tenderness, after one week I had one day where I lost a considerable amount of hair but haven't experienced that rate of hair loss since that one day. So far I am very pleased with aldactone for hormonal acne. I am 52 years old and have been searching for an answer for my hormonal outbreaks for 20+ years and I was getting very discouraged. I have seen numerous dermatologists who would only give me antibiotics or topical treatments which have done nothing for me. I finally found out about aldactone after doing yet another search online and after reading all the input here and elsewhere, decided to give it a try. I am also prone to unwanted chin hairs that I would have to tweeze on a daily basis and during the first week of using aldactone I didn't even have any to tweeze, in 3 1/2 weeks I've only had 6 hairs grow on my chin, BIG difference. Face, back and chest skin is definitely smoother and slowly improving. I rate this drug a 4 because it is still early in my treatment but if this improvement continues I will update my rating to a 5. I am on a low dose of 25mg and understand it takes time to get results. I am so happy to have found this, it was my last best hope but things are going good so far! F 52 28 days
25mg 1X D
 3  Acne, Facial hair My dermatologist prescribed Aldactone for my hormonal acne and facial hair. So here are the pros: the hair on my head stoped falling out, I mean I lose 1 hair a day. Cons: I started breaking out with monster big cysts. This can be due to stopping my BC Yaz. I started to take the pill again in hopes the cysts go away. I also gained about 3 lbs in the past two months. I've been a size 4 for the last 10 yrs with zero weight gain. I gained the weight in my upper body, love handles and upper back (bra buldge) ewww. F 31 2 months
50 1X D

 5  PCOS, non insulin related No side effects if I take it in combination with BC. Without BC, it causes immediate and extreme constipation and airy gut- within minutes- which is highkly painful. It is mostly bloating that happens, but this is only if I dont take it with BC. Otherwise, NO side effects! I want to chronical my use of this drug. Previously I had tried it unknowngly WITHOUT a BC pill and had the terrible but reaction described to the left; Now I take YAZ to treat my PCOS and funnily it lends me tolerance to other drugs I previously could never tolerate. Now, I am slowly losing small amounts of weight and I feel a settling or soothing effect physically and chemically from takign this. It feels like whatever has been attacking my body, is now gone and I can finally relax. I also do not have the horrible urinary retention and constant thirst/dry mouth I used to have- even though I drink more and urinate more now than previously. I can finally drink an entire glass like a normal person would, without dreading the weight shwoing up on me the next morning and never comign off of me again. :) I want to up the dose after reading some other reviews; but will be carefult ot take it at night because it can make you a bit drowsy- just a tad. But its way less fatigue than untreated PCOS causes, by far!!! I am happier, friendlier, and have INCREASED libido rather than less; I finally felt physical pleasure from sex which was unheard of for me. I give it 2 thumbs up!!! I'll be back later to write about it more. F 26 7 days
50 1X D

 5  excess facial hair Significant weight loss. I have nothing bad to say about this medicine. It has worked wonderfully for me. Facial hair reduced dramatically, it does take some time to be able to tell a difference. Its definetly worth the wait. I went off aldactone for about 2 years to try to get pregnant and hair did return. Started taking again this week. F 31 5 years
100 2X D

 5  acne, hirstuitism, oil production Having to pee a lot! But that was okay, because it helps with bloating. You definately need to stay hydrated if you are on this medcation, though. Also, I was a little worried at first about drug interactions when I took ibuprofen for period pain (spironolactone and NSAIDs interact with each other) but because I take such a small amount of ibuprofen and only one time each month, I haven't any any problems. It works! Cleared up my moderately severe acne (after two courses of Accutane) and made my skin and hair much less oily. Yay! Also, it reduced my body hair by about 40% - the hairs grow back slower after I pluck or shave, and they are less thick and dark. I am taking a faily high dosage though (I think the highest doctors will prescribe is around 300 mg) so that may be why it is so effective for me. When I was at 50 mg it did much less (although it still did something). Accutane was good, but Spironolactone is great! And unlike Accutane, you can take Spiro long term. Some doctors may have their patients do blood work once a month since Spiro can raise potassium levels, but because I eat a pretty low-potassium diet, my doctor saw no need. Just watch out for too much salt, NSAIDs, and bananas! F 20 9 months
100 mg 2X D

 3  Acne & excessive hair Periods are lighter. Same period pain. I'm more emotional & I cry more (but happy tears.) I urinate a LOT. I have an INCREASED sex drive. I've noticed some hair on my body is lighter. My Dr put me on it for excessive hair, & I take it for acne, as it cleared my friends hormonal acne. Weird thing is my hormone tests come back normal. I have a high sex drive, but Aldactones suppose to decrease it, I find it increases mine even more, which is weird. It's testosterone that makes us aroused, oh well. I'm a happy person, but find I'm more emotional on it, I cry more, but happy tears. I'm still breaking out heaps, but the pimples are not as big. I also use proactiv. I've noticed this week my body hair in some places is lighter. I also did laser hair removal on my face 4 wks ago & not 1 hair has grown back. I want to see what happens after being on Aldactone for 6 months in conjunction with laser. I know Aldactone increases fertility & causes birth defects in male fetus' so I'm unsure about it for that reason, I don't take the pill because of it's risks! F 30 2 months
100mg 1X D

 5  Hair loss, acne, hirsutimsm Breasts got larger, body shape more feminine, weight very steady I started this medication mainly for the hair loss. My hair loss was a combination of telogen effluvium and androgenic alopecia from PCOS. The hair loss leveled out and only slightly increased over the years. My skin has improved from cystic acne to people telling me I have some of the best skin they have ever seen. I never get a pimple. One of the most striking things is what has happened with my body and weight. Prior to starting this medication, I dieted and exercised hard core all the time and my weight would range from 128 (if training) to about 146 and the swing would occur throughout the year. I would have to work hard to keep below 142. When exercising, I would also bulk up in a way that did not look very feminine in the upper body. Spironolactone stopped that. My weight is a constant 130 with or without exercise and I have not dieted since I started this medication. I no longer have a huge appetite and all binging behavior ceased. I can eat what I want and if I gain even a pound (such as on vacation), it comes right off. When I get sick, my weight drops to the mid to lower 120s so actually, keeping weight on is more of a problem. F 35 7.5 years
50 mg 2X D

 3  heart condition After two yrs on drug, SEVERE breast enlargement for a male. Getting sent to surgeon to rule out cancer. Also, looking up side effects, finding it causes leg and feet pain which has progressed for me. M 70 2 years
25 mg 1X D

 4  Acne Breast tenderness, weight loss Has worked great for me. I currently use this with retin-a and duac gel, the combination has given me awesome results for my acne! I have been on every oral medication out there for acne besides Accutane and Aldactone has worked wonders even at the low dose I'm on. My skin tone is even brighter and I have no new break outs. F 30 2 months
50 mg 2X D

 4  acne stiff muscles caused by low sodium I've been on aldactone for several months, seen solid improvement in my moderate acne. It has helped much more than any thing else I have ever taken, birth control, antibiotics, topical gels, etc... I think it's worth a try if you are plagued with stubborn acne but definitely need periodic blood tests to make sure you are staying healthy. Caused my sodium levels to fall below normal and now have to drink lots of electrolytes to maintain a normal level. F 34
100 1X D
 5  Acne None Love it. After years of acne I am thrilled taking Aldactone. It is the only thing that keeps my skin clear. It also seems to help keep my blood pressure normal. F 51 3 years
100 MG 1X D
 5  Hair loss Drinking water a lot as it goes straight through me. Periods are irregular and coming every 2-3 weeks though very light. Drug is helping hair loss, was told it would take from 6 to 12 months to start to work. Upped the dosage from 25 to 100mg and noticed it working after only a month. Have a lowered libido and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Always had problems with constipation, but this has now rectified itself. Weight gain is not a problem at all any more. I love the drug. No other side effects, however will cut down gradually to see if the libido picks up. F 45 5 months
100 MG 1X D

 4  acne Weight gain F 33 4 years
100 1X D

 5  Decomp cirrhosis (edema) from Hep C I like this drug. I started on a higher dose. It worked to prevent edema and ascites (fluid in the abdomen). I've been able to reduce the dose and the side effect of breast enlargement. Libido is reduced I take fluid, or, better yet, electrolyte replacement (Gatorade) to prevent muscle cramps. M 64 2 years
25 mg 1X D
 5  PCOS, Hair loss and edema (ankles) Some dry mouth. Some light dizziness at times but I relieve that symptom with a tasty dill pickle, I have to drink water more frequently, I don't feel like I pee more frequently, I have less oily scalp, feel more feminine than I ever had in my life, higher lebido, I've lost almost 30 lbs now, the hair on my head is growing very fast adn I can hardly believe my eyes! I experience less joint pain when I do physical activities like walk or ride my bike, increased energy and increased feeling of well being. It occured to me after walking around a warehouse type store the otehr day that my legs and feet were not killing me and I still have a spring in my step! I have complete faith that I am on the way to a cure for my condition. I am pleased that I read about this product after being diagnosed with PCOS. I am on a low potassium diet to be on the safe side (especially avoiding things like chocolate, bananas and potatoes). I am walking about 45 minutes a day. Another side affect of my PCOs is that I have high cholesterol which is going down too because of the increased activity and better eating habits on my part. I am also not eating the red meat and cutting out Dairy quite a bit going soy, chicken and fish. I have 90 lbs to go to be down to my goal weight, so I will check back in with you all in December. F 37 30 days
50mg 2X D
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