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 1  Knee Inflammation after ACL surgery Kenalog was administered to help with inflammation in my daughters knee 2mths after ACL surgery. It was her first (and only) shot sheíll ever receive. 4 days after the injection was given, my normally happy bubbly girl was very moody and down. Her face/cheeks broke out in dark red rashes just randomly, her whole body was itching. Body temperature elevated. Her period started up again 4 days after she stopped a 7 day cycle and it lasted 9 days. Most recently she developed a mild case of cold urticaria that she has never before experienced in her entire life. We discovered it after she broke out in hives from an ice pack on her knee. Iím mind blown that all of these side effects were from a simple small dose of Kenalog but everything Iíve read and people Iíve spoken to it all lines up. Iím hoping and praying that these side effects will just go away after time since she was injected with a very small dose. Itís so depressing..wish we wouldíve been well informed before agreeing to have this shot. That being said, itís helped her knee but the cons outweigh the pros here. I wouldnít do it again. F 17 1 times
 1  Torn rotator cuff on shoulder Had a kenalog 10 shot in shoulder, to try to calm inflamation down, instead of doing surgery. Second day after, felt it go through me like a total wave. Hot red face, went up to my scalp. Put that on fire Went onto arms, legs , feet, and rear end, burning skin and numbness, and tingling. Severe neuropathy in feet, and burning lower legs. Feel crippled. I had a reaction over a year ago, had shot in my hip for a hair dye reaction. Still dealing with that issue on scalp. Now I feel like I really did my self in. Also, very dizzy. Two months out. Should have never had another shot!! Like others have said, doctors do not tell you these very dangerous side effects. I am going to John's Hopkins, or Cleveland clinic to get help. I cannot live like this!! There are other numerous things that I am dealing with from this injection, which is my bladder, feels very irritated, but I do not have a bladder infection. I have seen numerous Dr.s and they do not know how to help me. The orthopedic surgeon that gave me the shot, just looked at me and said, good luck!! I have contacted the FDA. I am also writing a long letter to them. They need to take this stuff off the market!!! F 61 1 days
40 mg
 1  Duhring's (rash asso. w/ Celiac's) Delayed anaphylaxis (throat swelling shut), dangerously elevated heart rate & blood pressure, hives, temporary loss of peripheral vision. ****LINGERING SIDE EFFECTS(post allergic reaction): *** interrupted menstual cycle & ovulation, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, psychiatric/mental changes (suicidal thoughts, raging temper, split-second mood swings), severe general anxiety & startles extremely easy, joint pain (esp. in legs & neck), muscle spasms (back and hips), major injection site bruising & radiating pain into hip/back, shortness of breath, jitters, sporadic racing & irregular heart beat, elevated pulse & bp, uncontrollable post nasal drip, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, metallic taste in mouth & excessive thirst The potential side effects were highly downplayed during discussion with doctor. I was assured it would not have the same negative effects as oral steroids; yet the same effects have occurred and to a worser degree, along with additional debilitating side effects.PLEASE research thoroughly before consenting! *I only received 1 injection; the "time taken" indicates length of time that has pasted since injection. All "persisting side effects" listed have continued for the duration of the time & are still present. F 25 3 weeks
 3  keliod formation irregular menstruation(every 2 weeks & days long), sore and tingling breast for 8days, blurred vision, loss of appetite, heart racing, feet and palm tingling, feeling faint, salivating, cattarch, sleepless night, having weird dreams, constipation, weight loss, pale skin with clear green veins on my breast, feet & hands, darkening of linea nigra (not pregnant), nausea, weakness, anxiety, gastric problems like bloating, belching, stomach growling, indigestion, baby-like beating in my stomach, dent at the place of injection i have had this injection years back due to a keliod from a thyroid cyst surgery on my neck, i stopped after three injections because of the pain, & didn't have or probably didn't notice any side effect. From Nov 2015 - march 2016, i started the injection again due to a lump formation on my shoulder and chest, just above my right breast. i didn't notice any effect except for the pains on the place of injection which stops after 2days but on the 2nd to the last injection i started experiencing weird symptoms like i listed, i thought i was i was pregnant from drysex, i did a PT both urine & blood test, it came out negative, went for gastric test, every thing was okay, but the symptoms still increases daily. i didnt know i will be alive telling my story cause it was a horrible experience. the steroid flattened the lump though but i have recently noticed a dint on the area which is expanding day by day. the symptoms have vanish to where it came from, after almost taking my life away. i would never have the injection again, even if it was a substitute for DEATH. and it takes only one shot to have a terrible side effect. F 26 4 months
10 2X M
 1  Wrist injury One injection in wrist has caused skin atrophy( many cellulitis infections) soft tissue atrophy in my arm and palm of hand and muscle atrophy... Nine months later and no better... They really should warn people of side effects!!!!! F 43 1 days
 1  Daughter's eczema My daughter was prescribed this as a baby. We found out after stopping this that is was causing difficulty with holding urine at night. I was getting up at night to urinate too because I was the one applying it. My daughter wet the bed at night for years until hit his medication was stopped. It also contributed to major mood swings and depression in my daughter. Resolved when medication was stopped. It did NOT clear the rash. Essential Fatty Acid supplements and reducing sugar worked better! F 8 7 years
 1  Itchy rash Greasy, thick, slow to absorb. Usual warnings of taking steroids. This did not work for my itchy rash. Results lasted only minutes. Because it can only be used sparingly it is not an effective drug for my condition. F 32 2 days
.10 2X D
 3  Whiplash/neck & shoulder pain I was very sore for a few days after. Could not raise my hands over my head or put my chin to my chest. My period was two weeks late then lasted 9 days. Then it quit for five days only to start up again and now I'm on my 14th day again! Bleeding will act like it is going to stop only to start up full force again. Flow also has a lot of clots. Was not aware of these side effects or would not have had it done. It hasn't been worth it. I'm tired of having a period!!! F 38 1 days

KENALOG-10  (TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE):  This medication is used in a variety of conditions such as allergic disorders, arthritis, blood diseases, breathing problems, certain cancers, eye diseases, intestinal disorders, collagen and skin diseases. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of triamcinolone, especially if it is to be injected near your spine (epidural). Rare but serious side effects may occur with epidural use. Triamcinolone acetonide is known as a corticosteroid hormone (glucocorticoid). It works by decreasing your body's immune response to these diseases and reduces symptoms such as swelling.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)