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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  elevated BP A. overall "creakiness" in all joints - seems to "hop" around: some days it's my left knee, then my right knee, then my right ankle, hip joints, shoulder joints. One day I have to use a cane, the next day it miraculously disappears! B. total loss of libido. C. sadness, loss of interest. D. heart palpitations. E. sleeplessness, then drowsiness during the day. F. weight gain I am SO extremely upset right now! I stumbled onto this website while trying to find out whether my horrendous heartburn last night was due to taking my daily meds right before bedtime. Imagine my shock when reading these things about HCTZ! I've been through testing for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus about this joint pain! All were negative. I'd just resolved myself to sitting here doing nothing, not feel like doing anything, in too much pain to do anything, like I have the body of a 90 year old! VERY disappointed my Dr. never suggested the possible connection between my subjective complaints and my use of HCTZ!!! I am going to self-taper myself off this drug immediately! I'll control my BP issues the right way: diet and exercise (of course, I'll probably actually feel like exercising after I'm off this drug) ! F 60 8 years
25 mg 1X D
 1  high blood pressure muscle pain, weakness messed up electrolyltes critically low sodium and chloride doctor put allergic to this drug and said I was never to take it or any drug containing hctz again Electrolyes were in critical condition F 71 6 months
25mg 1X D
 2  HI Blood Pressure TRY SILDENAFIL I DID & IT WORKS!!! I NOW TAKE 50MG 3X'S/DAY STARTED W/ 25MG 2X'S. STILL REQUIRE DIOVAN 120-160MG/DAY & NORVASC 5MG, BUT OFF HCT. INITIALLY IT HELPED ALTHOUGH IT CAUSED PALPITATIONS. THEN ADDED NORVASC 5MG AND IT STOPPED PALPITATIONS. ALSO TRY INCREASING POTASSIUM INTAKE ie..2000 - 3000MG /DAY & KEEP SODIUM UNDER 1000MG. THESE DO WORK. DRINKING DISTILLED WATER HELPS TOO. FOR THOSE WITH MILD HBP DR. WHITAKER HAS AN HERBAL FORMULA CALLED BP ESSENTIALS. I TRIED IT, IT WORKS BUT NOT ENOUGH FOR MY CONDITION. Once the palpitations ended I had about 2 weeks of feeling pretty good, which I have not had in a long time. Then I began to get worse by the week. Then I got worse by the day. Went to a different Dr. he did Basic Metabolic Panel- Glucose & Electrolytes. In only 2 months HCT had lowered sodium & chloride too much & increased Glucose which is why I began having scabs form for no reason & did not go away till 2 weeks after quitting HCT. I got weaker & weaker & every muscle & joint in my body hurt way more than Diovan alone. Could hardly sleep more than a couple hrs @ a time but always exhausted. I would try lying down to sleep but no luck. When I did actually sleep I had very agitating dreams. Not sure I was awake or asleep @ times. The last month I had increasingly severe headaches. Before long I was taking 4-6 Tylonals / day just to exist. I normally seldom ever need that. Definitely signs of Lupus. RBC, Hemo-G & platelets R dropping. Now about 2 weeks off HCT Headaches have gone, pain has decreased but not gone, energy has come back some. I would not recomend this to anyone. Sildenafil is the best thing I've found yet & it does more than lower BP. If U know what I mean. I AM STARTING A GROUP CALLED CITIZENS AGAINST PHARMACEUTICAL TORTURE - CAPT. Contact me if U want to help. I want to change the way Dr.s just throw meds at people w/o even diagnosing them. M 44 2 months
 3  Mildly elevated blood pressure It worked very well in controlling my BP. I'm a classic "White Coat" person -- always reads high in the doctor's office but was generally 120/80 or below at home. However, after 2 years, I had a fasting glucose reading of 129. My A1C readings were in normal (5.5) range. After reading a lot of stories about HCTz raising blood sugar, I convinced my doctor to take me off this. The next fasting glucose was 105. Coincidence? M 53 2.5 years
 1  hypertension medicine-induced lupus Even though there is a low risk for drug-induced lupus, I wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone -- if you have an autoimmune disorder (such as fibromyalgia, or even think you may possibly have one -- please do not take this drug. They say the lupus usually goes away within days of quitting the drug, but it has been months for me -- and I was not even taking the HCTZ for more than a few months. F 50 4 months
 1  High Blood Pressure Had taken HCTZ for about 2 1/2 years with little or no problems. In the last six months, however, I started having dizziness/dizzy spells and feeling light headed. About 2 months ago, started experiencing ED, which I have never experienced before. Could not get or maintain an erection. Lost my libido as well. I started researching possible causes, and discussed with my doctor HCTZ. Stopped taking it and switched it an ACE inhibitor. Dizziness went away within 2 days. Within 1 week, my ED problem started to disappear; within 2 weeks, my libido almost completely came back and is now virtually back to normal (after 3 weeks). Not having any ED issues at all anymore. Although I'm 40 years old, I am fit and in shape, eat right, and have a good mental attitude. All of these factors did not mean anything when on HCTZ, although no problems showed up within the first 2 years of taking this drug. Would like EVERY male who takes HCTZ to know that the potential sexual side effect of this drug IS REAL! Due to this side effect problem, it caused problems with my girlfriend who thought I wasn't attracted to her anymore; I thought I was going crazy since my libido dropped to nothing and I couldn't get or sustain an erection. All males should BEWARE!!! M 40 2 years
 3  HBP Slight dizziness and the too often feeling like I have to GO! It seems to bring down the BP when added to an ACE to get it to a normal reading. M 50 30 days
 2  hypertension impotence kicked my BP down great, but not worth the trade-off. I wonder how many people are on this AND Viagra. M 41 6 months
 4  Hypertension Blood pressure is now at 120/70! It was at 180/90!!! I can still do sports a lot. Marathon, Mountain biking.... But I have now problemes with impotence. The erections are weak. It takes very very long to orgasm. M 36 11 months
 2  HBP (150/90) Complete loss of sexual function Worked extremely well at controlling high BP. Took 10 mg in combination with 10 mg Altace each day. The Altace didn't do much by itself, so the HCTZ was added. Within 2 days of starting the HCTZ my BP had dropped to 115/70. The sexual side effects, however, were not worth it. Discontinued HCTZ after 3 weeks and switched to Norvasc. M 41 3 weeks
 1  hypertension makes you lethargic, there is weight gain as your body retains more water, it flushes essential minerals from your body leading to muscle cramps and joint problems, disturbs your sleep and also leads to erectile dysfunction.this diuretic means disaster for your health M 58 18 months

HYDRODIURIL  (HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE):  This medication is used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Hydrochlorothiazide belongs to a class of drugs known as diuretics/"water pills." It works by causing you to make more urine. This helps your body get rid of extra salt and water. This medication also reduces extra fluid in the body (edema) caused by conditions such as heart failure, liver disease, or kidney disease. This can lessen symptoms such as shortness of breath or swelling in your ankles or feet.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)