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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 3  Schizophrenia I gained weight after I stopped taking prolixin, so I believe prolixin did something to me, but I prefer taking prolixin over taking Latuda, Zyprexa, and Abilify for Schizophrenia (I tried them all). Zyprexa made me gain 40 pounds, so I switched to Prolixin. I was on a strict diet while taking Prolixin and was able to lose a little bit of weight (14 pounds), but as soon as I quit all meds and started eating the normal amount I always have eaten since I was a teen I gained a lot of weight back and I don't over eat at all; Zyprexa just screwed up my metabolism beyond repair I believe. Prolixin didn't make me drowsy and at first I had no complaints about weight gain until I stopped taking the Prolixin and went back to my normal diet. I stopped taking Prolixin because no meds have ever taken the voices away, so I felt like it was a waste of time taking it and I felt like it wasn't worth the risk of weight gain taking it. The nurse and doctor that recommended Prolixin to me both said it doesn't have weight gain side effects, but I wouldn't doubt that it does due to how much weight I gained after going back to my normal diet. M 35 2 months
2.5mg 2X D
 1  Delusions Stopped menstrual cycle, no sex drive, drooling, no feelings, complete lack of pleasure from doing anything, "creepy, disgusting, gross" feeling inside my body and mind, made sucking noises with mouth, restlessness, made my life a nightmare, loss of interest in MY life, didn't want to do basic needs like shower, loss of appetite, weight loss. I've never wanted more to get off a drug. This made my life intolerable F 41 4 months
Shot+ pill 3X D
 4  Bipolar-type schizoaffective Made me sleepy and feel like garbage in the beginning, like many psych meds do. After a few weeks it fell to no side effects besides raising my triglycerides and affecting my cholesterol. This med has been a game changer for me after 12 years on atypical antipsychotics that had tons of side effects and didn't help much. I was on high doses of other antipsychotics and still very unstable, and felt awful from the meds- so tired, lifeless. I only need a low dose of this med and, augmented with other good meds, I have been quite stable for years. However, I was told my sudden problems with my blood lipids I developed soon after going on this are due to this med. I have stayed on it and tried to control the issue with fish oil (as per my dr) because this med works so well for me but it's not helping enough so now I am not sure what to do, I need to discuss it with my psychiatrist and I may need to switch. Unfortunate because this medicine was the first step in really turning around my mental health to be stable for the first time in my life. F 31 5 years
7.5 mg
 1  Schizo-effective-"unspecified" lol As with all antipsychs, this drug is no good. I experienced much uncontrollable muscle movements, weight gain, drooling, confusion, depression, its not as bad as other drugs, but it's still no good..... Cogentin don't do nothing.. So please stop making fake reviews talking about "cogention".... Shove it up your bumm psychiatrists.... No good.... CRAPOLA M 30 2 months
 1  Schizophrenia At the time of writing this review Fluphenazine was recently taken off the market in Australia and is no longer available! 0 days
 5  Bipolar? Hands a little unsteady and sometimes twitches at the corner of my mouth. Controlled by Cogentin. Helped so much. Had been on many different of the newer antipsychotics for about 10 years before a doctor finally put me on this, my first of the older antipsychotics. Works so, so much better for me and less overall side effects, except for a little bit of movement stuff that is controlled with Cogentin. No more cluttered thoughts, no more broken record words repeating in my head, no more uncontrolled narration in my head, no more violent thoughts. F 27 1 years
2 mg 2X D
 5  Schizophrenia Had dry mouth for several months, also some shaking but that is taken care of with cogentin This drug has helped me so much in getting rid of the voices and paranoia. I know some people hate it but it's really worked wonders for me M 25 6 months
5 3X D
 1   Severe sedation. akathisia. glaucoma I was "medicated" for smoking spice. The prolixin damaged my eyesight and caused akathisia that lasts today, over a year later. This chemical is poison and is not fit for human consumption. 49 10 days
15MG 2X D
 5  Lyme Disease to Brain F 25 1 months
1mg 3X D

 1  medication induced psychosis This medication is toxic....creates a slow death M 35 4 weeks
 1  Psychotic depression Felt like a zombie, shuffled walk, had physical difficulty showering and carrying out normal tasks Don't take this drug M 18 2 months
1X D
 1  autism, insomnia, behaviors Zombie like state, excessive drooling.He experienced neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Very serious, life treatening condition in which you are likely to have kidney failure. He had bad cramps all day on day one, then on day two to day ten he was like paralyzed in his arms and legs. Day 30 he started walking again, but is still not 100 % My son is disabled, so any side effects are from us, his parents, point of view. M 18 4 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  psychotic depression bad shaking despite being on cogentin, felt brain dead, zombie horrible drug M 19 3 months