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 1  Rotator cuff Awful drug. Had no idea what had been injected into shoulder. Emailed nurse day later as I had the worst diarrhoea I've ever experienced as a adult. I had hot and cold flushes for 3 days. Insomnia too. Horrid headaches. I suffer from health anxiety but had managed to control it so it wasn't all consuming like it had been in the past. Since this injection it has gone through the roof. The negative thinking, anxiety, racing heart rate are awful. My resting heart rate is usually in the 70bpm mark, it's been going up to 120 and higher. I feel like it's going to burst out of my chest. My period also lasted 14 days. It's been 3 weeks and I still don't feel like myself. But no medical professional will acknowledge these issues, my consultant did not mention any of these potential issues. The drs need to be way more informative about the exact drug they are using well before they use it so you can make a informed choice. F 42 1 days
40mg 1X D
 1  Facial rash Immediately after getting injection in my arm I got an instant headache which lasted about 30 minutes. Later that night I woke up with left side numbness (arms, legs, face) ears ringing, vertigo, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpitations, slurred speech, and blood pressure through the roof. I went to the er and was admitted to the hospital as a possible stroke patient. I was in the hospital for 9 days where my symptoms continued as they ran a multitude of tests and bloodwork. Everything came back normal on all tests. I finally returned home with no answers but I know this is all side effects from the injection. It has been 3 weeks since getting the injection and everyday is a struggle. I continue to have muscle weakness, ears ringing, extreme confusion with inability to think clearly. This drug is like a poison. My PC cannot give me any kind of timeframe that the effects from this injection will last. This has left me unable to return to work or drive. I hope this subsides soon and life returns back to normal. Please read up on Kenalog before allowing your doctor to give an injection. F 56 1 days
40mg 1X D
 5  Lupus No side effects at all, and I think most of the people that report side effects are not affected by the drug, but they blame it for everything that affects them. I think some people that feel a need to convince themselves they are victims. It reduces inflammation, it doesn't cause inflammation. F 50 0 days
Shot 1X D
 1  Back and leg pain Severe diarrhea, stomach cramps and vomiting. It help with the back/ leg pain but cause stomach pain. F 45 3 days
40 mg 1X O
 1  Knee Pain Stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, very high heart rate, hand tremors. If I'd known how awful this drug would make me feel, I would've dealt with the knee pain another way. Would not recommend! F 30 1 days
1X D
 1  Sinus infections Have recurring sinus infections due to deviated septum, sinus pressure got really bad, went to urgent care gave me this shot in butt, and worst decision, blood pressure went up, fast heart rate, leg pain, horrible anxiety, had to go to emergency room, everything was fine just horrible side effects from this steroid, This drug is horrible it's been over 30 days and still feeling side effects!!! F 45 0 days
40 1X O
 3  Random hives and bronchial infection Period 3 times a month, for 7 months now!!! Extreme weight loss due to how much I'm bleeding. I had an allergic reaction of bad hives From head to toe that would not go away. At the same time I developed a bronchial infection that I have gotten every year since childhood. The bitch at my local urgent care spent 30 seconds listening to me and immediately was going to give me this steroid. I hesitated but went ahead and took it to get rid of the hives. She said my cough was also allergies(I told her she was WRONG.) The uncaring, unknowledgeable staff didn't give me any information on the drug or its side effects when I asked. It has been 7 months now since the injection. My hives went away immediately. I was sick with mucous in my lungs for 2 months. Even after going back to get amoxicillin. But I continually bleed and have heavy periods. I am fed the fuck up with the health Care professionals who don't give a fuck about what they do to you!!!! I had to go to my natropath doctor to find out this was a side effect. I don't know why I can't find ANY information in my online research about long term effects. Everything says weight GAIN but my experience is the complete opposite!! Every other "professional" says it leaves the body after 3 months and says it can't be the reason for my periods and drastic weight loss. What are they trying to hide with this steroid???? F 25 1 days
40? 1X AN
 1  Dermatitis Hives for weeks. Abdominal pain, nausea, chills all day long. Loss of appetite. Fatigue Donít recommend at all. Canít believe this drug is approved. M 58 0 days
 1  I had slight caugh and dr gave shot Very high pulse rate 147. Had to go to the ER. And take beta blocker to keep pulse below 100. I have just had stents in my heart. It interfears with Plavix. Awful experience. M 72 0 days
40 - 80
 1  Shoulder pain My BP rose up so high I had to go to ER. My BP has not come down yet. This was in April. My life because of high bp has been hell. NEVER had high bp before the shot. This drug has settled in my liver and I was told it could take months to flush out F 51 0 days
 1  hair loss Caused me to have stiffness in head and neck with excruciating pain F 54 1 months
 1  Lumbar disk degeration Terrible side effects. I experienced chest pain- In upper abdominal region. Rolling headaches, weight loss, muscle loss, panic attacks, loss of sex drive. My hands would shake, I could not keep them still. Numbness in feet Finally my PCP checked my B-12 level. It was very low. Kenalog will cause your B-12 to drop, drastically. If you are experiencing nervous system dysfunction after having epidural injection of Kenalog, have B-12 checked. You may need to see an endocrinologist to evaluate and replace. M 37 1 times
1X O
 2  Seasonal Allergies I inquired about the side effects and was told there were side effects but my allergies were severe enough that the pros outweighed the cons. I have experienced absolutely zero side effects but still have severe allergies. F 32
1X D
 1  Wrist pain Terrible side effects started within hours of one injection into my wrist. My abdomen bloated up very large and hard, painful. I had terrible headache, ringing in my ears, freight train in my head, blood pressure off the chart, anxiety, no stomach feeling or ability to sense a BM or needing to void, diarrhea, dizziness, cognitive changes and confusion, inability to think, inability to sleep even with sedatives, lethargy, chronic fatigue, inability to eat or fear of eating due to even more bloating, weight loss due to this. None of my clothing fit and I have been unable to wear any of my clothing; can only wear sweat pants and no bra. Had to buy sweat pants, shorts and bras 3 sizes too big due to my abdominal bloating/swelling. I can only wear the 3 sizes too big bra for about an hour without severe chest/back pain from the binding effect. I went to the ER, and have seen numerous doctors who are in denial that my symptoms were caused by the injection. Have endured numerous blood I was not given the option of an informed consent; I did consent to it -they did ask me but never informed me of the possible side effects, which are all over the net if one simply looks. In my opinion, it should be removed from all formularies. The list of side effects are incredible and it must be mandatory for all subjected to this terrible drug to be forewarned to the possibilities that could occur. F 55
10mg 1X D
 5  Seasonal Allergies / Hay Fever I was having horrible hay fever and re-occurring sinus infections. Got the shot in my buttock and cleared it up within 48 hours and lasted about a year. Just got the shot again because symptoms started up again. The day of I get a bit fidgety and a little anxious because of the steroid but after that I was fine. F 28 2 times
 1  Inflamed tendon in left shoulder Memory loss, anxiety/panic attacks, highly elevated blood pressure, elevated pulse. Injection was Feb 2014, it's now Jan 2015 and only in the last couple months have the horrible symptoms begun to subside. In my opinion corticosteroids are an incredibly dangerous drug that is passed off as "safe" by the medical establishment. M 42 1 years
10mg 1X O
 5  seasonal allergies none this shot was a savior to me for my seasonal allergies. if i could get it before my allergy season started, i never had a symptom. no problems with the shot or the site of the shot. F 49 1 years
unknown 1X AN
 1  Allergies I took shot at 5:45 pm today. I am DYING RIGHT NOW !! I have considered going to the ER. The pain is almost unbearable from my low back yo my knees. TERRIBLE !! M 43 1 days
 5  Lumbar - spinal stenosis Dry mouth Nerve pain was debilitating. Could only stand up for 5-10 minutes at a time. Painful even to stand and shave/brush teeth in the morning. First injections (both facets and epidural space)...everything is fine. Can stand, workout, life is more normal M 54
1X D
 1  Lumbar , constant headache, cramping everywhere, can't sleep. Side effects immediately after injections. legs were getting paralyzed. Cramping everywhere First shot in 3,months went OK , kept climbing water towers , my job Second shot 6 months went OK , kept climing water towers Third shot 9 months later really went bad immediatly after shot Cramping cramping cramping , all epidural . Bent over a pillow for shot. M 50 9 months
60 3X O

KENALOG  (TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE):  This medication is used to treat a variety of skin conditions (e.g., eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash). Triamcinolone reduces the swelling, itching, and redness that can occur in these types of conditions. This medication is a medium- to strong-potency corticosteroid. The potency depends on the strength and the form that you use. For details on the potency of your product, ask your pharmacist.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)