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 4  Depression, possible mania Make me sleep like a baby. Affected motor skill. Doesn't get rid of suicidal ideation. However, it generally helps with lifting my mood. It works, to an extent. F 25 1 years
1X D
 5  Crying spells in bipolar None Wonderful drug M 40 30 days
20 mg
 5  Bipolar disorder None Wonderful drug.. Controlled my crying spells which annoyed me for 10 years M 39 2 weeks
5 mg tds
 1  Schizophrenia Stelazine was just recently taken off the market in Australia. I'm not sure if its still available in other countries but it had horrible side effects anyway! Good ridens! M 31 6 days
 5  I don't take it like I'm supposed to Tardadisconshea sleep a lot lethargic It's good M 56 30 days
Ten ?
 2  anxiety Unable to wake up in the morning memory loss weight gain F 1 years
 4  Bipolar disorder Causing me weakness in muscle . Memory loss Memory lost F 49 2 weeks
 4  paranoid psychosis and anxiety Dizzy when going from 2 to 4 mg. At 4 mg very lethargic + hard to wake up. Withdrawel difficult. Please be careful, this drug works, it stopped me from obsessive paranoid thoughts and I could concentrate more and felt lighter. However I came off and have had muscle twitching ever since. It's unclear if this is tardive dyskinesia or psychogenic, but it's very distressing, particularly not knowing how it may develop. It has reduced me to tears and depression at the prospect of TD fully developing. When withdrawing I experienced tremors + an inability to control my body temperature. Also a feeling of disassociation + suicidal ideas. If the side effects weren't so serious I'd use it again but it's a strong drug and there's no way of guaranteeing whether you get these or not. F 40 1 years
1-4 mg
 3  Bipolar with voices Weight gain of 50+ pounds in one year Stelazine works well to eliminate the voices. It doesn't get rid of them all, but it does its job. The weight gain is a problem though as I've gone from around 200lbs to to 260 in one year. No other side effects so far. M 33 1.5 years
15 mg 1X D
 5   Differs when taken with other meds and the amount taken. Tardif Dyscanisia isn't really a problem at low doses. Please give it considerable thought when giving up this med. The new anti-psychotics aren't much better. If you are having problems with this medication consider reducing it to 1 or 2 mg then adding another anti-psychotic. This medication significantly reduces anxiety and especially so when another anti-anxiety drug such as ativan or buspar is added. Other: doesn't cause you to eat more and helps a bit with sleeping. In summary if you are having problems with this med, try cutting down to 1 or 2mg a day and adding another anti-psychotic (not risperdal or zyprexa). M 52 20 years
1X D
 1  schizophrenia to manic depression took all during pregnancy, felt little movement, twins, one born unattended, nurse told me child was dead, wasn't but gave other away. stelazine caused poor judgement it's blue color made it easy for someone to slip a stronger drug with horrible side effects F 30 12 months
1X D
 5  anxiety, lethargic none Stelazine 2mg every other day for the first 20 years saved my life. Stelazine gave me energy, control on my life. The effect started deminishing over the years. It got really bad when the name brand Stelazine was no longer available. I am now taking 2 mg a day with no relief from whatever I have, anxiety, or whatever, makes my body want to shut down! When I try to give stelazine up I become so lethargic I can't function. I was able to work at a very responsible job until retirement age, thanks to Stelazine. I wish someone would come out with something new that really works as well as Stelazine, in brand name form only. I have tried most of the newer SRI whatevers and they don't work! F 67 40 years
2mg 1X O
 3  Anxiety/Schitzophrenia Paranoia, sleepiness, sedation, feelings of retribution, antisocial After having been on Stelazine & the generic version (the Brand version was no longer available in USA as of 2003), I have mixed opinions. First, I was extremely successful in my career of Computer Programming. I was able to concentrate better on the combo of this drug along with Buspar. I was eating healthy foods and vegtables. I wasn't eating too much junk foods and was able to keep up a consistant excercise routine (Jogging). The "tardif" side effect is "overblown". The drug does make you feel weird, antisocial and negative at times. Feelings of retribution sometimes occur. Otherwise, this is a super drug that is "seemingly superb" at better controlling anxiety and the abilitiy to concentrate. I just wish the Smith Kline drug company would come out with something better. M 49 20 years
 4  anxiety No side effects 1mg twice a day to start with then 1mg once a day for the last few months. I really notice the difference if I miss a few doses and frankly it seems to make me a much nicer person. M 37 9 months
 1  Anxiety/"psyhotic episode" Extreme lethargy, mental slowness, inability to concentrate even in a normal conversation I was given this drug when I was 15 amid general turbulence in my home life, which made me extremely anxious - constant panic attacks, nightmares, etc. The shrinks gave me this medicine, wrongly claiming that I was having a psychotic episode. The drug effectively closed me down as a person - people would even comment that I wasn't concentrating and my speech was slow and slurred. No-one would accept that having a violent step-father who raped his daughter could have had an impact on my mental state - instead they said it was hormonal or some other nonsense. After he left, the symptoms magically disappeared, I came off the drug and never saw a shrink after then, although sometimes I still suffer anxiety (which is very occasionally controlled through diazapam). It was a case of medical negligence on top of child abuse, although "paranoid schizophrenic" remains on my medical record. This drug may be very good for people with genuine problems with schizophrenia, but isn't any use M 33 1 years
 5  psychotic episodes, voices none Have taken 10 mg daily for 11 years now. Am worried about tardive dyskenesia (don't have it yet though) and brain atrophy (frontal lobes). Would like to come off it or reduce it, but would only do that very gradually as I don't want a relapse. I would be interested to hear whether people think 10 mg daily is a low dose or not. F 53 11 years
 5  schizophrenia/psychotic episode At first, within five days of going on the Stela, I had orthostatic hypotension (got dizzy when I tried to stand up). That went away immediately. I gained 20 lbs., not sure if it was because of the Stela, but through a wholesale lifestyle change including diet and behavior and exercise, lost the weight and haven't gained it back. After 20 years on the Stela, I'm still fatigued in the mornings and can barely get out of bed some days, but I have a flexible work schedule. The generic version of Stelazine I've taken since 1987, except for four months in 1992, and after this drug holiday I relapsed and was hospitalized for two weeks. So I'm going on 20 years in recovery from schizophrenia, I have no symptoms, work full-time, and have a masters degree that eneables me to have a career I love. I still have my mental clarity, photographic memory and sharp intelligence. It's too bad everyone raves almost exclusively about the atypicals, because Stelazine gave me my life back with minimal side effects. The one thing to note is that while on the Stela, you could be sensitive to extreme heat and light, so no direct sunlight in hot summer weather for more than 10 minutes for me! Otherwise, I love this drug! F 42 20 years
 5  paranoid phycosis and amphetamine phycosis.. this drug never gave me any side affects apart from giveing me life. was on it for 10 years 20mg night, came off amphetamine then 3 years later came off stelazine,,,then had another break down 5 months after comeing off it,,,now im suffering from chronic sleep deprivation leading to paraniod phycosis,,still trying every med to get back to normal,,,its been 5 years now,,,,dont see much hope M 37 10 years
 1  severe depression, anxiety felt numb all over, dazed, low ability to make decisions, traffic accidents low dosage but ended up with permament tardive dyskensia. drug never did stop heavy daydreaming addiction (knew untrue) the doc said would. he felt drug was mandatory. was the same when stopped. F 49 4.5 years
 5  voices, persecusion, high anxiety * felt like I needed an hour more of sleep * slightly less attentive * dry mouth Years ago I was a poison victim and suffered a deep chronic psychosis. If I hadn't had a family I would have needed hospitalization. Stelazine didn't seem to do anything positive at first: it isnt's a happy pill. After a few months: no voices at all ! :) After several months I was happy and so friendy and would go up to anyone and chat out in public. I was very happy and everything in my life came together. Now, 10 years later, I'm gettin a lower dosage refill. I won't try a "new drug" because I know stelazine cures me. Stelazine is a wonder cure if you have the disease it's meant for - if your doctor has diagnosed you correctly. Historicaly: stelazine is know as the first psychiatric drug. It let tens of thousands of people out of mental hospitals and is highly acclaimed still. M 1 years