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 5  I take it to enhance my sex drive Hyper focus and increased sex drive. Because I am on government assistance and stay at home I use this to take my edging fetish to unbelievable levels. Never been happier with my life. F 36 9 years
20 mg x 2 2X D
 5  Level 3 DSM- ADD and ADHD -long and short term memory improvement -Massive Increase in focus -Massive decrease in fidgeting and impulsivity -Massive decrease in constant running thought process. (Brain chatter) -Increase in organization -Diet, sex drive, and mood unchanged At a young age I knew I acted differently than the average kid. My extreme case on ADD and ADHD enabled majority of people I met, treat me less of a human. Impulsive actions without thinking 30s into the future, Unable to sit still for more than 15mins, Unable to focus at all, Forgetfulness, Couldn't stay on a single task for vary long. The list goes on. I never understood why I acted out irrationally, or why no matter how hard I tried or got punished I was still doing everything I described above and more. My teachers HATED me and would treat me like an animal, and for a growing child thagcan cause other issues in their life. Up until college I decided to get Adderall prescribed and my whole world turned right side up. The way I describe it is insane what Adderall did for me. I understand not everyone has the same experience with this medication, however for me it was a miracle! I can focus for extended periods of time. I dont fidget anymore when I'm sitting. I dont act on my impulses as much as I used to. My schooling comes noticeably more naturally. Even when I take a week or more brake from the medication, I still own those normal human quality's that I learned from being on Adderall. My diet hasn't changed, sex drive still the same, mood unaffected nothing has changed besides my mental cognition and my ability to function like a normal person. Adderall isnt for everyone, but with my bad case it's the perfect medication. M 27 2 years
10MG 1X D
 1  Adhd Ineffective in managing ADHD F 61 30 days
30 1X D
 2  Idiopathic Hypersomnia Loss of appetite (seems to be getting better though), extremely distracted, OCD is really, really bad, I cant stop cleaning everything I see, hot flashes/sweats, jittery, cant remember anything, I forget what Im talking about in the middle of talking and cant seem to stay on topic for my life, insomnia (I would stay up all night, one night I didnt even sleep at all and remained awake for 2 whole days). I hated taking this. It really doesnt help me at all. In fact, it stops me from doing my work and makes me more anxious as a result. I dont know why anyone calls this a miracle drug because I cant even stay focused on any task. I am constantly getting distracted and I am very forgetful. One minute Id be on a zoom meeting and the next Id be talking to whoever walked in the door or doing the laundry, completely forgetting I was in a meeting. It was ridiculous! This just did not work for me. Granted, I wasnt tired. But I couldnt sleep and was feeling terrible dealing with all these symptoms. F 19 5 days
10 MG 1X D
 5  ADULT ADD I took it for years it helped me concentrate . I never lost weight on this medication, my appetite never changed, I only stopped because I don't feel comfortable taking it at my age because of the possible increased heart rate and blood pressure that could result F 73 10 years
25 MG 1X D
 2  ADHF Loss Of Emotion, Became Mono Toned, Felt Like A Robot, Increased Anxiety, Zoning Out, Self Doubt, Mind-Racing, Chest Tightening, Cold Skin, Partial Appetite Loss, Headaches, Dry Mouth, Crash Headache Psych provider initially prescribed Adderall IR 20mg tablets to take three times daily. This improved focus "some what"Ě but frequent moments of "zoning out"Ě lingered. At next follow up appt after explaining my experience, she switched me to trial Adderall XR 30mg capsule once daily. Focus was improved, zoning out limited (but still dozed into), cold skin to the touch, everything I had said or whatever I was conversing with someone else about my voice projected very "mono toned"Ě which is unusual due to normally I'm the most animate, enthusiastic and bubbly individual you'd cross paths with. I seemed to become more confrontational and blunt whereas my usual self if extremely passive/reserved. I became impatient and frustrated with just daily normal things... for example... road rage (I never had before to a point where I felt as angry as I did in this occasion) to a point I began screaming and laying on the horn!!!!! Adderall induces PMS?!?! Lol. I felt like I was trapped in a robot... It was so foreign for me and to the other around me, family, friends, co workers, they even asked if I was going through something? When in fact I was quite content on the inside and just wanted to get whatever tasks done efficiently and completely. I crashed hard after the 6 - 6 1/2 hours of the XR being in my system... long story short F 22 2 months
XR 30mg 1X D
 1  Staying focused It works, however, the withdrawal is horrible. I felt depressed after it wore off. I don't recommend, look for alternative ways to stay focus. M 19 4 years
20 1X D
 4  ADHD Dry mouth, facial flushing, absolutely no appetite, weight loss and feeling that my throat is closing, chest tightness, feeling like I canít catch my breath and social withdrawal. Toward the end of the day after taking it I notice vision changes (itís hard to look at my phone/computer.) I am taking 20 mg XR once daily! Overall it has helped me tremendously with my nursing school exams, and focusing at the clinical site. I feel that I need to talk to my doctor about the feeling of my throat closing/tightening because it makes it hard to catch my breath. F 21 2 months
20 MG
 5   The only side effect I am feeling is an insatiable appetite for sex. Itís all I think about. I suppose this is not a problem since it is working so well otherwise. I have clarity, focus, I listen to people.. F 48 60 days
15 mg 2pd
 3  ADD Inability to sleep, jitters, anxiety when trying to relax I took this when I was 15 to 17. Apparently I was ADD according to my mom. When I took it, my room was always clean, my homework was always done and I wanted to do chores. My mind always wanted to be occupied, I always wanted a task. It was awesome and made me feel super productive. I was not motivated if I wasnt on adderall. The only problem was that I could not relax. I couldnt watch tv or wind down for bed. I got this extreme anxiety if I wasnt doing something. Thatís why I stopped taking it. Iím back to my old ways of being pretty generally unmotivated. But thatís just who I am and I donít need medication for it. F 16 0 days
 4  ADHD-ADD A lot of energy and motivation that I have lost for over 30 years. Now I am very dynamic and feel great with myself. Sometimes a little increase in blood pressure and jittery feeling. If you use generic Adderall XR, please make sure it does NOT come from IMPAX GENERICS. I almost died using the one from this Pharmaceutical at the point of very close to having a heart attack. M
30mgXR 2X D
 1   Heart Problems, Strong Dependancy/Addiction, Short term Memory Loss, Brain Damage, General Anxiety Disorder, Emotional Instability, Weight Loss, Calcium Difficiency, Weakening of the Immune System, Overall Tiredness, Sleep Loss, Appetite Loss, Problems with concentrating without the substense intensified, Dopamine/Serotanin Difficiency. This substance is a short term profit but long term loss, Cons of using it outweight the pros; waste of time, money and most importantly health&brain cells specifically. There are other options to improving concentration, some absolutely free like meditation which is scientifically proven to help with those conditions related to focusing problems. Make your self be pruductive in any other way than taking legal amphethamine. Stay away. M 3 months
 5  Adult ADD anxiety No side effects that I can tell I take 20mg when I wake up and then 20mg in the afternoon (at least 4 hours apart) this medication has truly changed my life. I wish Iíd been diagnosed sooner, it would have saved me difficulties at jobs Iíve had. Without it I canít seem to focus on any detailed paperwork long enough to finish it calmly and correctly. Iíd rush through things because Iíd loose patience. I no longer get overwhelmed by things and shut down. I can finish things or I can come back to it calmly without it causing anxiety. My anxiety has reduced so much that I barely need my other meds. I have built a tolerance to the get up and go feeling but thatís okay. I donít notice extreme fatigue if I donít take it either. I have multiple medical problems that I truly believe would be much worse without the adderall. I recommend it if you truly have ADD or fatigue from overwhelming anxiety. F 52 3 years
20mg 2xday
 1  Possible ADHD. Off-label/depression If used prn & at healthy doses I give it a "4.5." Dr's who prescribed it's steady use at higher than reasonable doses long-term are the reason I give it a "1." It ruined my life! Totally! Stole everything & everyone. Most critically, it stole me! M 42 6 years
10mg qid
 5  Add My situation is different because for 2 months it has worked great but for the last three to four days ive been feeling head feels heavy i cant comprehend normal activities my speach is slurred twitchie not doing anything different except taking more pm's thsn i normally do to sleep. F 46 2 months
 1  Add A feeling of being on top of the world that you can do any thing smarter than everyone else jittery and high strung and obese I've thought that reapeao and can't stop lack of sleep She I stop obsessive thinking stops but feel depressed no energy or motivation or ability to function on simplest things. Need to take it to function and have the high like being on top of the world and high self esteem and are driven a over-focus and if I dont have it am anxious to get more and obsessed for more. F 57 5 years
 1  add This drug should be illegal. It feel on top of the world the first few times you use it and then damages your brain for life. Look up amphetamine neurotoxicity if you donít believe me. Permanent brain damage, Caused me permanent parkinsons disease Permanent destruction of my prefrontal cortex and dopamine neurons PET imaging has confirmed the damage to my dopamine reward system and my brain. Lost my girlfriend and all friends. Became permanently aggressive violent agitated and extremely irritable. Lost ability to enjoy music or feel ANY emotions. Used to laugh all the time now my eyes look Dead and my whole face looks completely different. Do not take this neurotoxic poison! You will regret it in the long run! Everyone who takes this becomes addicted and dependent on it to do or feel anything because it fries the dopamine neurons in your brain!! Anyone who doesnt believe me try stopping this poison and see hoe you function without it compared to how you used to function before! M 20 0 days
 3  Adhd When it wears off I crash and become very tired at work. When I don't take or miss a pill my head fills heavy & cloudy. Just want to lay around not answer phone etc. For me it is like life feels like you don't have a purpose. It really scares me, but when I don't take before work I can't focus or get organized. I feel stupid, some times I can't speak my thoughts right. I'm am a manager over 8, afraid not to take it. F 64 1 days
10 X2
 3  Adhd When it wears off I crash and become very tired at work. When I don't take or miss a pill my head fills heavy & cloudy. Just want to lay around not answer phone etc. For me it is like life feels like you don't have a purpose. It really scares me, but when I don't take before work I can't focus or get organized. I feel stupid, some times I can't speak my thoughts right. I'm am a manager over 8, afraid not to take it. F 64 1 days
10 X2
 2  ADD Nausea, sluggish, depression though's .all ready have depression.what to do. It helps me stay focused on my there anything else to take M 55 1 days
10 mg twic