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 4  Chronic cough Headache, dry mouth/thirst, drowsiness, loopiness, dizziness The medication does help with cough, but as others stated, it wears off in about 3-4 hours. The first few days, I was extremely thirsty; could not get enough ice water. My hands were warmer and drier than usual. I would wake up with headaches. Upon standing, I would feel dizzy and sometimes loopy. After maybe 1 week, the side effects started to subside. Someone else mentioned "psychotic dreams", I did experience crazier than usual dreams. F 39 6 days
200mg 3X D
 2  upper respritory infection/ cough Dry Eyes, Insomnia, Head Ache Not really helping. It does slightly work for about 2 or 3 after hours taking it, but then I cough for 3 or 4 hours until my next dose. Waste of money for me. M 35 2 days
200 4X D
 4  sinusitis bronchitis This drug made me feel a little loopy but very hyper and talkative. Apparently no one else has had this reaction. F 27 10 days
100mg 6X D
 4  chronic cough Some nasal stuffines. It has definetly helped keep me from coughing as much. I can tell when it is wearing off and need to take another dose. F 61 7 days
200 mg 3X D
 5  severe cough & congestion Increased drowsiness Took 200 MG in addition to PSE BPM liquid BPH. The combination worked like a charm. Neither medication is cheap. M 78 7 days
 5  bronchitits no side effects except slight eye irratation I was finally able to get a good nights sleep after a week of hacking all nighters. Would take again if needed. F 39 5 days
 5  Post Viral (H1N1) Cough None. I got a little dizzy about 30 minutes after the first dose. It subsided within minutes. I have a HORRIBLE cough after having H1N1. The cough is worse than having the flu. This has worked great! It does not completely get rid of the cough, but it brings it down to a less severe, manageable level. 32 4 days
 1  Bronchitis None This medicine did absolutely nothing for my cough. I took the perles - not sure whether the formulation makes a difference - I found no change until I changed to Tussionex. F 39 6 days
 4  cough slight shortness of breath. But overall, helped me sleep at night by subsiding my cough just enough. I am very sensitive to side effects with med (see nasonex!) but experienced nothing with this medicine. Mine was 200mg- may need 2 if you are at 100mg F 39 2 days
 3  unproductive cough trouble sleeping, when taken right before bedtime F 48 3 days
 4  Constant cough/ viral bronchitis None at all. Started taking this 3 days ago with almost immediate improvement. Yes, I still cough some. But nothing like before. Doesn't make me sleepy during the day. F 63 3 days
 1  Acute bronchitis Within half an hour from taking Tessalon, I experienced: severe vertigo, nausea, stomach pain, numbness on my throat that made me feel like I was choking (no, I did not break the capsule before swallowing it...) visual distortion/red spots, slight confusion. The cough returned as strong as ever when the drug wore out. I was told that the body adjusts to the drug after a few days, so I took another Tessalon the next day but the symptoms felt even worse, so I quit taking it. I have no known allergies to medications and I was only taking the antibiotic clarythromycin at the time which did not cause any side-effects. I did not find any drug counteractions with clarythromycin online and the same doctor prescribed these drugs, so I assume she would know (I hope!) F 41 2 days
 4  Bronchitis none noted I would have these severe coughing fits that would come on very sudden along with chronic coughing throughout the day. These seem to help stop the urge to cough. I can still cough if needed but didnt have that constant "itch" in my throat as I did before. Seems like this would only last on me for 4-5 hours so I'd take this 3x a day and then the Tussionex at night. I could definitely tell when this would wear off. F 37 10 days
 4  cough none great cough suppressant without the serious sedation M 23 4 days
 5  chronic cough- post viral I'm on a number of prescriptions right now so not really sure. I am coughing less often and less deeply. Nexim seems to help with the roughness in my esophagus and the Diflucan for the yeast in my throat I got from the inhaler. I am happy with the results from Tessalon. Nothing has worked for six months, Tessalon is! Yay! F 57 10 days
 3  Chronic Cough None at all It is starting to work after 4 days; still some coughing. M 50 4 days
 3  Cough Shimmery lines through line of vision, temporary loss of peripheral vision, and worst headache of my life. It did control the cough but horrid side effects. Would never take again. F 48 2 days
 5  chronic cough none, drowsiness at night This stuff works great! Super results. Used only at night or if at home too sick to work. Used with phenergan and got the only sleep I'd had in days. Used it only until I could sleep at night. Have used it three times and requested it twice. Finding this was almost as good as Christmas. F 41 7 days
 1  chest cold and cough Increased coughing and suppressed coughing up of mucus. Burning eyes. M 75 2 days
 1  uncontrollable dry cough during flu dizzy, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, dry mouth, hard to swallow, felt awful. Discontinued after 1st dose. Took Benedryl and lived on cough lozenges until cough subsided-Benedryl helped a lot. Tussins didn't help at all. Really expensive and risky side effects F 49 1 days