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 2  Upper respiratory infection My Dr. was on vacation this week, and his replacement gave me these, which I've had before and found them ineffective. But being desperate, I took one. About 30 minutes later I realized that my breathing was labored and my eyes were burning. The Dr.'s solution was Benadryl, which knocks me flat out on my butt. Needless to say, I'm not taking these any longer and I'll be suffering through my cough. F 31 1 days
 2  COPD cough doesn't seem to be helping. i'm still coughing and it brings up mucus. F 69 5 days
3X D
 1  Pneumonia Extreme dizziness, body has numb feeling, fatigued. . F 32 1 days
100mg 2X D
 5  Bronchitis/Cold Slight dry mouth, slight difficulty swallowing. It helped me sleep throughout the night without coughing. Also helped me cough a lot less and avoid coughing fits. I made sure to follow all of the directions and did not mix it with other drugs without consulting with my Doctor first. Tessalon is great! F 4 days
200 MG 3X D
 1  Would not take it Did not take it. Dangerous drug. F 54 1 days
Dont know
 3  post nasal drip from sinus infectio Within an hour of every dose, I have moderate to severe stomach cramps. Coughing subsides somewhat, but not completely. I think the stomach cramps are gonna beat the cough in severity, though. No constipation, just pain. F 43 3 days
1-2 pills
 3  Cough I am not really sure this is helping my cough at night or night. Still unable to sleep through the night. This drug gives me very VIVID dreams and even sleep-walking which I have never done. F 58 2 weeks
1X D
 1  bad cough Has been of absolutely no help in relieving my cough. I hacked all night! Very irritated. Was looking forward to some relief and got none Waste of money! F 37 1 days
100 mg
 1  Never will take it 16 yr old female just died as a result of taking this medication. It is very dangerous. Read the warning labels and side effects. It is very serious. F 16 7 days
 2  cough It made me so fatigued thought I had mono. AlI wanted to do is sleep, and no one flagged that as a side effect for 3 weeks. It went away in hours after I stopped taking it. F 69 2 weeks
30 mg 3X D
 5  Cough None!! This is a miracule drug for me and i have used in through The years when I have a cough . It works when nothing else does F 69 5 days
3. Capsule
 1  Upper respiratory tract infection Severe dizziness and dry mouth. F 47 1 days
30 mg
 1  bronchitis very little help and eyes have been burning My daughter is a respiratory therapist and she says this med is HIGHLY over-rated and basically worthless, but a common cough suppressent given in clinics for whatever reason. F 58 3 days
100 3X D
 1  Pneumonia Felt like my throat was swelling up, difficulty swallowing , burning eyes and dizziness . Pills were taken as directed . I did not chew them. I ended up losing more sleep trying to wait until the side effects to wear off. F 32 2 days
 5  Cough None Ad bedtime...let me sleep alll night...sometimes needed second dose during night, but medicine did calm cough and let me get important rest to recuperate from bad flu M 48 1 weeks
1X D
 1  chronic cough did nothing did nothing..I kept coughing until I was couching up blood M 55 4 days
1 1X D
 1  bad cough Paranoia, suicidal. The most horrible time in my 55 years. I became extremely paranoid and suicidal. My wife had to literally lay on me in the bed to keep me from getting up in the night to kill myself. I ended up in lock-up in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital for three weeks, and took over a year psychiatric counselling and more drugs and more recovery from the symptoms from those drugs. After three years, I am finally getting back to normal. PLEASE EVERYONE READ THE FINE PRINT AND BE AWARE OF POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS BEFORE YOU START A NEW MEDICATION. M 55 6 weeks
1X D
 1  Asthma, bad hacking cough Dizzy, tired, weird feeling in my chest, still felt the need to cough and stuff still coming up. Itch in throat. I am not sure how this should work, but it didn't work at all for me. F 26 7 days
200mg 3*s
 1  cough Shortness of breath, foggy mind, still have cough. F 71 2 days
100 3X D
 4  Post-Sinus Surgery coughing Drowsiness I was coughing a lot after a major sinus procedure and this medicine helped keep some of the pain from coughing at bay and helped me to get some decent sleep. I use it as needed now and usually only at night but it seems to help with little to no side effects for me. F 26 5 days
100mg 3X D