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 3  Bronchitis Very, very vivid and insane dreams. Helped with cough, however my side effect with the dreams made me stop taking it. F 31 3 days
 1  Cough This medicine made me unable to BREATHE!!! I went to urgent Care to appease my boyfriend. He hounded me about taking the meds they prescribed even though I felt the intuitive urge not to... As soon as I took one, about 30 minutes later came a cough episode from hell, with my throat closing up. Thought maybe it was cold air. Took another one. Same thing. This time chest tightness and burning. I went to another urgent care where they gave me a breathing treatment and a z pack for suspected bacterial bronchitis. I came hm and told my man I think it was a side effect of the meds. He said let me take one, I've been coughing a little let's see if it works for me. 30 minutes later he had a migraine from hell and a fever. DON'T TAKE THIS TRASH!!! F 30 1 days
 1  Severe cough w/respiratory infec symptoms similar to a heart attack -- tightness/pressure on chest from front and back, everything went gray, extreme nausea, feeling faint, stumbling, weakness, heaving. I saw a diagram of a heart -- almost like my "check engine" light came on -- as the symptoms began. I was so wiped out by the experience it took 1 week for me to lay around the house and rest before I could feel slightly human. This stuff could have killed me! Was on 100mg 2xday and did not have side effect except for a little drowsiness. Dosage was doubled by MD due to persistent cough, and that's when the trouble began! I would NEVER take this med again and will just use over-the-counter products and stay the course. F 58 1 days
200 mg 2X D
 1  Bronchitis with severe cough This was an awful medication -- and that means a lot coming from a person with Bipolar Disorder who has taken more than her fair share of medications! This little pill was evil. The irritation and negative reaction was immense for my esophagus. It produced a feeling of blockage, and I had great difficulty swallowing. My throat swelled up and I have pain from my tonsil area all the way down into my esophagus. I had to go to urgent care where the doctor was surprised by the reaction. Now I have to take Prednisone to alleviate the inflammation and swelling (not a great med for BP people to take but it's better than feeling like I'm choking!). RUN AWAY from this hateful pill!! F 41 2 days
 3  Sinusitis laryngitis Very vivid dreams to the point I'm waking up angry and can't think straight. It takes me about 5 minutes to realize it was a dream. Also very sweaty and drowsy still. Made my cough go away F 25 4 days
 1  Persistent cough Confusion, depression, hallucinations, light sensitivity, weakness, tightnessness in chest, almost like a blistering feeling with a bad taste in my mouth...just now stopped taking once I realized this was related How long will this last????? I do not feel well Absolutely horrid side effects!!!! Why are doctors prescribing this ?!?! F 47 3 months
 1  Persistent cough I recall a severe light sensitivity, which may have been due to the headache, and general sense of lethargy and confusion. I was on vacation and spent 2 days in the hotel in the bed with the lights off. I remember thinking that this pill was evil, which reminds me, I may have been having slight hallucinations. It did help with the cough. M 50 2 days
1X D
 1  For severe cough I stopped using the drug because of its side effects, mainly severe headaches, state of confusion and feeling chills. F 44 2 days
100 3X D
 1  sinusitis and severe cough Dizziness,sweaty clammy feeling, and hallucinations worse on second night! Stopped completely!Don't know how long for symtoms to cease! Would not recommend! M 69 2 days
200mg 3X D
 1  bronchitis and sinusitis About 30 min after taking (swallowing whole with full glass of water) itching throat, swollen tongue and severe dizziness with blurred vision. Crazy dreams. Cough not better. Feel like jello. Scared to finish prescribed time of 10 days! F 38 3 days
200mg x 2
 1  Cough Made cough more productive once it wore off. Worse than original cough. Nightmare , weird dreams, felt anxious. I would not recommend this med. Tessalon Pearles giving to me in ER.. My Family doctor said he doesn't recommend them because of the side effect. Told me not to finish the RX F 51 1 days
 1  Cough Weird vivid dreams, like someone put all of my thoughts and ideas in a snow globe and shook it! Slight confusion early on. Did not work for cough, made it worse by triggering my asthma. M 34 1 days
 2  Coughing Has made my cough worst F 38 4 days
100 mg
 1  Constant cough Did not help cough at all! M 10 2 days
 1  Sinusitis Tightness in chest, odd taste in my mouth, still coughing and feel worse than before I took it. M 43 1 days
 2  asthma Somewhat better breathing lesser coughs during night. Side effects for me are giving me a hard time to sleep, exercise and eat well. Using with prelone and Flonase F 34 4 days
 4  Cough Vivid dreams, sleep paralysis This was prescribed for me to take 3x a day for 10 days as needed for cough. It helped for the cough but the dreams I had were very vivid ! The first night I talked in my sleep and went in and out of consciousness. That didn't bother me too much . What bothered me was the next night when I had constant nightmares and sleep paralysis. It was very scary because I was aware yet I could not wake up . I wouldn't advise against taking it necessarily, however I would suggest to see if there was an alternative drug available for the ailment the person has . F 18 10 days
100 mg
 1  Cough Did not help at all. Absolutely hate this medicine and doctors are constantly trying to prescribe it to me. Makes me feel they get some sort of pick back for doing so. F 36 1 days
 5  acute sinusitis with postnasal drip No side effects. Finally stopped coughing enough to get some sleep. Med worked great. F 35 10 days
200 MG 3xd
 1  cough Shortness of breath and confusion. I was disoriented and dizzy. Do not take this drug for any reason F 41 1 days