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 1  Cough I took just one dose and while trying to fall asleep, experienced wild arm and leg jerks. I got up to get my phone to read about side effects. I was stumbling around the room in confusion and didn't know what my Fitbit was when I saw it next to my phone. Ended up calling a hotline at 1:00 a.m. (uncharacteristic for me). Then I fell asleep and had very vivid and unpleasant dreams. Why do we need all these fancy new drugs? I think I'll stick to good old fashioned Robitussin from now on. I won't be taking it anymore. F 59 1 times
200 mg 3X D
 1  Viral cough Vivid disturbing dreams. The emotions I felt during were so strong. I'd wake up drained and feeling frightened. I searched side effects but dreams like this weren't listed. I then searched specifically for "weird dreams"Ě and found this site. I will never take this drug again. F 63 5 days
100mg 2X D
 1  cough possibly covid Massive anxiety 20 minutes after taking 1 pill. I feel like I need to flail my limbs around and that I'm coming out of my skin. I wish that was listed in side effects. I'll never get the much need rest I need now. F 40 1 days
100 mg 3X D
 2  Mucus and coughing Terrible vivid nightmares! Even during a small nap. Harder to get mucus up that I needed to remove. Make me feel extreme nauseous. Then I start reading the warnings and it seems you can easily OD on this med??? So, no thank you F 19 2 days
3X D
 1  Pneumonia My anxiety sky rocketed to the point I was suicidal. Stopped taking it instantly and called the doctor who advised that as well. Could not sleep. M 33 2 days
30mg 3X D
 1  Cough I had extremely vivid nightmares all ending in death. I was told to take 3 times a day and each time I would become sleepy, which I knew was a side effect. But I always woke up groggy and in tears from these horrible nightmares. I initially thought it would pass, but it would happen each time I took it. I just stopped taking them because I could not deal with the emotions it would cause. F 27 10 days
 1  Deep chest cough over 3 weeks Seemed to help with the clout but made me very tired. Both nights I took this medicine I had very, very vivid nightmares where I woke in the middle of the night sweating and exhausted because I thought my life was flashing before my eyes. I was awake for hours after experiencing this. Not worth the cough relief. F 33 2 days
 1  Persistent cough I took one pill, within half an hour I felt anxious, short of breath, light headed, and awful stomach ache (not much in the world gives me a stomach ache, but this did). Didnít cough all night for once but couldnít sleep either, now that it wore off the cough seems worse. Still feel super light headed and confused, gross like after anesthesia. I feel like everyone is pushing this drug, but wonít be shocked if in 10 years studies start to show the negative effects or worse. Will never take this again even if it means weeks of sleep deprivation and bad cough. Will never take one of these again. F 52 1 days
 5  Acute cough possibly viral None I was able to get some rest. M 62 7 days
200 mg x 3
 1  Cough/sinus infection Worst nightmares of my life. Iím used to having vivid, memorable dreams but the day after starting this med I literally woke up crying. Suicidal in almost every nightmare. Canít believe I took it for a week before realizing the reason... I thought it was pregnancy-hormone related, like the dizziness and dry mouth. Nope, it was all this dangerous pill. Should be illegal to prescribe after what I experienced, imo. Donít take it. Coughing a lot is much better than the side effects of this stuff. Find a different option. Wish I did my research before trusting the doc at the minuteclinic F 25 7 days
 2  Bronchitis Anxiety feeling Anxious, May trigger panic attacks, chest tightness, dizziness had to stop taking it !!!!! Inhaler & z-peak along with some mucinex dm and plenty of rest you should be fine :) 38 5 days
 1  Cough I was prescribed this for a cough from severe sinus infection, to be taken three times a day. This drug made me so sleepy I could not stay awake, on the second night I had the most intense, vivid craziest dreams which were all nightmares ALL NIGHT LONG. Iíve never had dreams feel so real in my life. I can still remember every little detail about each one. Felt so real. I discontinued taking it and have been doing research since, to which I have discovered this is a common side effect not included in the actual documented side effects of the drug. Regular cough medicine is much better option. Still coughed on this medicine as well. DO NOT RECOMMEND F 21 2 days
 1  Bronchitis I have asthma and this drug prevented me from bringing up ANY mucous, to the point I felt like I was suffocating/drowning. That never happened with codeine cough syrup, which is what I will be demanding going forward. Doctors are now expected to consider what's better for society rather than what's right for the patient in front of them. Ridiculous! F 61 1 days
 2  pneumonia bad taste in mouth terrible night sweats not going to take anymore after 7 days did help my cough but cough med's work just as well. F 81 7 days
2.00 3X D
 2  Pneumonia cough F 78 10 days
 1  Cough associated with cold symptoms Bad nightmare last night after taking the med for one day. I didn't anticipate this b/c there was no mention of nightmares in the package insert. However upon doing more research I found this site where nightmares appears all over the place. This med hasn't helped my cough one bit. I'm not taking it again. Hot tea with honey and lemon, along with an over the counter cough suppressant are my drugs of choice for this cough and cold. F 68 1 days
100 MG 2X D
 5  Bronchitis VIVID dreams. Had two dreams back to back that were so vivid, that it felt like I was in an action packed movie. The first one was more of a nightmare because it was a shooter at the office. The odd thing is that i can remember most of the details unlike regular dreams (the longer you're up, the less you remember about dreams - but I can remember everything!). Just had to take a shower to clear my head. Other than that.. the coughing has been completely gone 28 1 days
 1  Bronchitis Vomited multiple timed 30mins after taking meds. Felt lightheaded and confussed the next day... Never taking this drug again F 34 1 days
 5  Bronchitis and a cold It worked really well but I was also taking steroids for five days and I had a Z PAC. F 69 9 days
 3  Bronchitis Very, very vivid and insane dreams. Helped with cough, however my side effect with the dreams made me stop taking it. F 31 3 days

TESSALON  (BENZONATATE):  This medication is used to treat coughs caused by the common cold and other breathing problems (e.g., pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma). It works by reducing the reflex in the lungs that causes the urge to cough. Use of this medication is not recommended in children younger than 10 years. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)