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 1  Insomnia Could not sleep, restless legs, felt like I was drugged. Headache next day, groggy. Will never take again!!! F 65 1 days
50mg 1X D
 3  help with sleep My skin is drying out very bad. I get nightmares. F 73 7 months
25 mg 1X D
 2  Anxiety My anxiety started relapsing and while they increased my dosage of lexapro they also prescribed this drug for the occasional anxiety attack back in 2019. One night I took a pill and it did make me sleepy and relaxed but it made me feel really weird. I felt so confused, unfocused, and my felt light. Never took it again, I prefer promethazine. Don't recommend, consider all other options. F 21 1 days
1X D
 1  For sleep I was prescribed this med a few yrs ago. It made me so groggy with no energy, headaches, bad sweats agitated and horrible vivid nightmares along with more. I just started taking it again. After just one night taking it the bad side effects kicked in even though I cut the pill in half (25 mg). I will NEVER touch this stuff again. This drug is dangerous! F 60 1 days
25 1X D
 1  Sleep I tried this on a Dr's advice but it is definitely causing me lots of aweful dreams. They are so realistic and scare me so much that I try to wake up to stop the nightmare but I end up going right back to it. I'm always in a very deadly situation in each case and the people I love most in this world ie kids, granddaughters, and mother are always the ones I'm trying to save. It took me a while to realize it was the Vistaril but as soon as I skipped a night, no nightmares. The dreams are so vivid and scary that I can't put them out of my mind for most of the day. This drug is not worth the distress and depression it's causing me. Trust me, this is a horrible way to feel and I hope this helps people. F 64 30 days
25mg 1X D
 5  Sleeping My son has been taking this for 2 years he turned 5 November 13th 2020 today is December 2nd 2020. He has gained weight the entire time on it which we were told he was just a growing boy he is heavy for his size 56lbs. He has experienced nightmares, leg pain, extreme confusion you can talk to him sometimes it's like he's not even there, he'll say sorry mommy I was thinking about that noise again and he wakes up swearing he is hearing noises such as singing, talking, or growling. He wakes up in a complete panic screaming and he has extreme emotional breakdowns we have four kids so we know normal breakdowns and these are not typical ones, he's only 5 this was prescribed by his pediatrician 2 years ago we were told that these were all not side effects of his medication. I don't believe it. He was out on this for anxiety and sleep disorder he did not have these issues prior to the medication. Leg pain started 3 months into the medicine. Nightmares started when they upped his dose from 5ml to 10ml. I am discontinuing the medication slowly and seeing how he does. I DO NOT recommend for anyone. M 5 2 years
10ML 1X D
 1  Anxiety Making me very sleepy, making my heart race, which should be doing the opposite. Makes me feel wired.... Blah. I'm going to stop taking it, just to see if this is the issue. F 28 2 days
50 mg 3X D
 1  Anxiety Angry as f*, vivid nightmares about the anxieties I was having. The only thing this is good for is sleeping all day. What the f is this drug? Not only has it made my anxiety worse but caused more intrusive thoughts to keep happening M 29 6 months
25mg 1X D
 2  Anxiety severe nausea Drowsiness heart racing for the first hour disassociation Short term memory loss The side effects make this drug hard to be functional on and that is the premise of this so take what you want from it. I do feel like this medicine has helped me sleep but also makes me more anxious. I feel like it does nothing for me cause regardless I do not feel properly functional. This is a medicine that might be hard to go to work on. I find it strange that all the ratings for this drug from circa 2012-present are 2 and under, and prior to them (2000-2008) all the ratings are stellar. For that you can make your own consensus We know the pharmaceutical industry. This makes me doubt if this is even a good drug at all however I will give it a chance, that is who I am, this is my first week. I used this for the anxiety induced by my IBS, 99% of my mornings I wake up at 5am to nausea and cramps. I hope my information helped, stay safe and healthy. Email me if you have any good medicine suggestions Or questions :) F 19 0 days
25 2X D
 1  Insomnia Horrendous weight gain, severe leg pain developed over time, tremors, groggy feeling upon waking up. It worked for the first few months but the last 2 months I just keep getting more and more side effects. It's also not helping me sleep anymore. F 31 6 months
100MG 1X D
 2  Anxiety Dizziness, cloudy head and vision, feel like I am going to HAVE a panic attack which is what I am taking it for!, groggy, clumsy, feel like my body doesn't work right Disappointing as I don't want to go back in SSRI's F 57 1 days
25mg 3X D
 1  Insomnia It did put me to sleep but I was so groggy the next day. Not worth it. F 66 3 days
25 1X D
 1  Anxiety Elevated anxiety, irregular heartbeat in the beginning, fast heart rate through out the whole day, blurry vision, headache, confusion, sweating, insomnia, tinglyness and numbness throughout body, extreme paranoia. Will never take this drug again. Only took one med of 25mg and I never felt so scared about what was happening to my body. I was so tired but felt like if i were to fall asleep that I was going to have a heart attack or die because of how hard and fast my heart was pounding. I even went to the ER because I had no idea what was happening to me. Woke up next morning feeling a bit better but still dealing with major headache and blurry vision. not take this drug! F 28 1 days
25 mg 1X D
 1  Sleeping difficulties Increased muscle pain, burning, tingling, itching, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, angry, aggressive. Possible drug interactions with 2 of my meds! Not supposed to take with depression. F 47 8 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety Vertigo for way longer than the actual effect of the drug. Motion sickness due to that. Not worth it. Only thing it does for anxiety is put you to sleep F 30 5 days
 3  Anxiety/Insomnia I was groggy every morning and would sleep until late into the afternoon. Major weight gain and bloating to the point where my pants no longer fit. Frequent headaches. This medicine really does work to help me sleep, but the grogginess and weight gain just wasn't worth it for me. F 23 4 months
 1  Anxiety Agitation, can't focus, horrible weight gain, barely helps with anxiety. I'm more anxious about the weight I put on F 25 25 days
 1  Nightmares and insomnia Messed up my period. Leaves me spaced out for days. Water retention and extreme weight gain. I actually got my period twice in a row. F 34 3 months
25 mg
 1  Sleep, anxiety I am diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder and Iím on antidepressants as well as Vistaril. My doctor prescribed me this medication as I expressed I had lots of anxiety while trying to sleep and it caused me to not be able to fall asleep most nights. I was getting around ~5 hours of sleep and with Vistaril I am now getting ~3 hours. It makes you feel drowsy, donít get me wrong, and relaxes your muscles, but not in a way that is helpful. I felt like I was trapped inside a zombies body. Falling asleep on this drug is extremely difficult. My body is uncomfortable and feels numb. I wake up several times during the night and the next morning I donít know if I was asleep or awake during the night. I can only remember staring at the window for what seemed like hours. I feel the side effects of this drug a whole 24 hours after taking it. The next morning after taking it for sleep, my muscles do not work properly and I feel as though Iíve lost motor function in my limbs and fingers. My brain is not comprehending information quickly and I have a hard time typing and reading, which is most of my job. Even reaching up to open my car door is a chore for my body. I was in a store and felt like I had to be taken to emergency because of how much anxiety I was feeling coupled with my body feeling limp and weak. Everything about this medication effected me negatively. Didnít help with my anxiety. Didnít help me fall asleep. Just made me feel like an empty shell F 20 3 days
 1  Insomnia I was on Ambien for several years with no side effects whatsoever! Dr. decided it was too addictive & put me on this! I have not slept at night since I started it. I didn't realize ER gave it to me last year for nausea & I was So restless that I could not stay in the bed. It made me a nervous wreck! I did not have anxiety before. I just needed something to get me to sleep. I take it just 1x a night. But never again!!!! How can Ambien not cause me any side effects & this Hydroxyzine cause me horrible side effects.?! It also gave me severe diarrhea! I cannot take St Johns Wart either as it messes with your serotonin! F 71 0 days
25 MG

VISTARIL  (HYDROXYZINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Hydroxyzine is used to treat itching caused by allergies. It is an antihistamine and works by blocking a certain natural substance (histamine) that your body makes during an allergic reaction. Hydroxyzine may also be used short-term to treat anxiety or to help you feel sleepy/relaxed before and after surgery.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)