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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  Migraine headaches Darvon is a strong pain medication and when I take it I go to bed. It does affect ones mental state and a person should not make legal decisions when taking it or drive or mow the lawn. I have taken this drug for decades and I have had doctors prescribe other prescription pain medications and either they were ineffective or I became addicted. Now that it has been recalled by FDA I don't know what I'll do. I check out every new medication for migraines and there are reasons I cannot take any of them. I can't believe that Reglan and Avandia are available and had hearings but not Darvon. It seems that it should be my decision and my doctors as to my risk in taking Darvon. I guess since medical marijuana is now legal in this state, that might be what I have to use. Now that is sad. It's being banned in Canada, too. M 73 47 years
60 1X AN
 5  shoulder pain none worked well to relieve the pain F 60 120 days
 5  headaches I take what is called Darvon 65 which was manufactured by Lilly. I have taken it since it was first on the market and have had no problem with this medication. I do take it with food or milk and I never drive or do dangerous activities or make major decisions because it does alter ones judgement. But with the headaches I wouldn't be driving, etc. anyway. Darvon 65 was manufactured by Lilly and then it was sold. I hear that someone is suing FDA for not banning this drug. It is narcotic and should be used sparingly as it is potent. Without darvon I'd be in the ER with my headaches and probably vomitting from the severe pain. I've tried other medications and I became addited to them in a few days. F 71
 2  pain from oral surgery The first day it helped, took away the pain , made me a bit stupid and sleepy. The second day it still helped with pain but it made me anxious, paranoid, and despairing. The third day (generally the worst after surgery) I decided to live with the pain. Better some pain than feeling crazy and filled with despair. Scary. This is such a disappointment. In the past I took it with no ill effects. I guess my body just can't handle it anymore. A smaller size is listed in the PDR, and I requested it, but the pharmacist was not even able to find a place to order it! You'd think there would be some effort to help people take LOWER doses of narcotics. If I have to take it again I will open the capsule and dump out half the medicine first. F 52 2 days