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 4  schizophrenia sedation , akathisia it was ok . but i ended taking it because i dont hear to doctor. i thought i dont have any psychiatry problem . M 19 3 years
15 mg 1X D
 5  Borderline Personality Disorder At first mild tiredness, mild dizziness, mild constipation. Went away after 2 weeks. No side effects any longer. This has been the only medication out of a plethora of mood stabilizers, anti-depressants (they make me MANIC), atypical antipsychotics that has worked. It calms down the frequency and the severity of the emotional outbursts and mood swings associated with Borderline. Also it cuts down on delusional and paranoid thinking common with the episodic mistrust of people during the emotional outbursts. Very slight drawback of decreased creativity, but I can drink coffee, meditate, or just start writing or painting and it will come back. Be wary though if you are prone to suicidal thoughts or depression, as this does reduce dopamine. My experience is that it was reduced in the correct areas to pRevent agitation and irritability. After a few weeks I was able to feel pleasure again, as my body got used to it. My doctor was initially hesitant to prescribe due to the fact its an older antipsychotic, but i asserted to try it as i hadnt experienced an older antipsychotic. THIS IS THE ONLY HELPFUL DRUG FOR BORDERLINE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. F 28 10 months
2mg 2X D
 5  Psychosis and agitation. Bipolar to get used to it the first time I had extremely rigid and painful muscles, walked around like a zombie. I then I experienced tremors in certain places that was fixed by an anticholinergic such as cogentin, but that does not work for me. I take artane and I still have a bit of a quiver in my chin/lower lip. However, I have not had to be hospitalized in almost four years and that for me is an extreme accomplishment. Taken off and on since I was 17, only taken off due to multiple doctors trying to put me on the new popular med at the time I had illogical and racing thoughts, bursts of anger and extreme paranoia. I had a psychotic break in high school my senior year. I am almost 40 and it always worked for me but they took me off it in a hospital and I have tried every antipsychotic and this is the only one that worked with sustained use. F 39
8 w/4 prn 2X D
 5  severe postpartum and confusion No side effects at all.This drug saved my life. I improved after 2 doses. Had about 5lb weight gain. I hope they always make it. The newer drugs are scary.)/ F 58 8 years
4mg x 3 da
 1  told doctor i might be depressed anxiety restlessness thought my head would explode when i cold turkeyed peratsin only after few days but survived and was ok afterwards. never cold turkey this thing fast or bad things can happen M 28 3 days
 5  Schizoaffective Disorder None except some yawning an hour after taking. This is by far the best antipsychotic I've taken with the fewest side effects too. It helps with thinking straight, being unafraid of people, sleeping at night when I need to, and it even has increased my libido. Overall I've become much more functional than when I took any of the so-called atypical antipsychotics, including the revered Clozaril. I only tried this older medication after trying all the newer ones over the course of ten years, and supposedly having no other choice. It's a shame I wasn't tried on this first. It would have saved me years of agony and excess body weight (I'm losing all my Zyprexa weight now while I've been taking Trilafon). Just remember that just because it works so well for me, it doesn't mean it will for you. Everyone reacts differently. M 39 1 years
24 mg 1X D
 1  psychiatrist didn't like me Akathesia. This drug is pure poison. NEVER voluntary use it. If you have used it for 1-2 days STOP IT IMMEDIATELY. I did and I survived (28 years old) although I it was terrible. I used seroquel to help with sleeping thought. If you have used it for longer periods of time. I don't know. You maybe doomed. God bless your soul. M 30 3 days
8 MG 2X D
 5  anxiety ,depression dry mouth , tired in the daytime, insomnia at night This drug really help me with anxiety and racing thoughts. I take it 3 x per day, makes me tired, but would rahter have that then scary anxiety . If I take it at bedtime gives me insomnia, so takin git three X a day abd not at nightitme, works better. I know this is a very old drug, and in these low doseages works well .4mg three times per day F 48 1 years
4mg 3X D
 2  Schizo affective disorder nausea, restlerssness sleeping problems, nightmares, vomiting, dry mouth, drowsiness rapid heart beat, difficulty urinating, problems breathing, sor musles hurt real bad, shaking body or hands during different parts of theday, dizzy, confused, cannot focus I take as my doctor prescribed, but have problems one momment and better another. Feel like the world can do without me, only friends and family seem to understand. others want me to kill myself and stole my profile pictures and posted them on the Software Problem and other Google groups. While I am not suicidal, I am very sad adn am mocked and made fun of on most web sites. I try to keep my mental illness a secret, but they know and follow me around the internet telling me to kill myself or that the world would be better off with out me. I even get phone calls asking for someone with a different name who does not live here and it happens during the day. It used to happen at 3AM a few years ago, but why are they doing this? I guess I don't belong here, tried to stop thinking about it, tried to forget, but medicine brings those bad memories back. My crime they say, is that I exist and that is reason enough to hate me and why they want me dead. But I will survive this and be with my friends and family as long as I can. Even if I am suffering and in pain a lot with a sore neck, back, and head. I've had my head hit many times in my life and recently bumped it on a wooden TV stand trying to get a computer part that fell back there. Even my own son disrepected me, my father died his grandfather, and I try Love and Logic and be a good father, but he keeps doing these things to me and he knows they get on my nerves. I love him, but if he keeps it up somehow the stress reacts M 42 60 days
12 1X D
 2  Psychotic episode Cognitive slowing, major confusion, painful muscle spasms, feeling sick and zombielike, made me too disorganized to read Some people love it. It does have a lot of good about it, but I would never consider taking it again. Ever. F 17 2 months
24mg 1X D
 5  Paranoid Schizophrenia Rapid/Pounding Heart Beat, Palpitations, Muscle Cramps I have had hardly any side effects from this medicine, and I feel really good on it. It doesn't increase my appetite like some other antipsychotics. F 22 2 weeks
 1  some sort of psychotic disorder Severe depression leading to intense suicidal ideation Normally I can sometimes THINK about suicide, but Trilafon made me so depressed that I started OBSESSING about it. It got so far that I made exact plans, before I decided to seek help before it was too late. M 34 1 days
 3  Bipolar II Dry mouth, muscles aching, sore throat, draining sinus, forget short term memory (most of these went away until I upped the medicine), sometime but not alway, wake up early ie 4:00 am increase oragms? I just increase from 12 to 16. The side effects aren't horrible but annoying. Most of them went away at 12 but came back when I went to 16. Perphenazine has made be ok better, I still have some have my moment. Perphenazine did make them less and not as bad as normal. I am really hoping this works because I think I have been on most everything and either it didn't work or side effects that I could not live with. This is an older drug and there is a small chance of getting Parkinson. My Dr. told me to take 800mg of vitamin E. F 39 1 months

TRILAFON  (PERPHENAZINE):  This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, manic phase of bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder). This medicine helps you to think more clearly, feel less nervous, and take part in everyday life. It can reduce aggressive behavior and the desire to hurt yourself/others. It may also help to decrease hallucinations (e.g., hearing/seeing things that are not there). Perphenazine is a psychiatric medication (antipsychotic-type) that works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances (e.g., dopamine) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)