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 1  RA I have headache stomach pain back pain yeah it's a pain side pain all over my body pain I think my toes don't hurt. Lupus rash on faceJoint pain so intense. Pain is a 7 to 10 for the last 9 days. My tongue is swollen and my throat is very sore it's very sore I feel like I have a cactus in my mouth my tongue is on pins and needles. I have tried Benadryl however it is barely working is bleed working my neck hurts with a severe that's what they severe pain I will never ever take this medicine again. I don't even know if this is a 100% normal in the head to even have another dose after after having massive side effects with the 1st dose F 54 1 weeks
1X D
 2  Ulcerative colitis I really didn't have any side effects but two years later I develop Lupez I had a seizure and now I have a cute kidney disease and possibly I know they have a lot of lawsuits about it so I just wondered because I when I had my seizure that ended my job and I was seeing a neurologist for a year F 59 1 years
7 bottles 1X M
 4  Rheumatoid arthritis Fatigue dizziness insomnia or extreme drowsiness no in between. Helps with RA but feel miserable otherwise. F 26 1 years
450 1X O
 4  Ulcerative colitis To date no serious side effects experienced After 12 days it seems to be working very well, further let's see how things will take place F 20 12 days
30mg 1X O
 3  Ulcerative colitis It has helped me loads as I was very poorly with losing a lot of blood but 2 days later it came back, I'm very tired have bad headaches and aches all over the itching is the worse part every single night not sleeping very well at all ! F 37 1 days
2X D
 1  Chrohns This medicine killed my mother. This is not a duplicate post. My mother deteriorated over a period of two weeks from an on-the-go wonderful grandmother (to 20 grandkids!) as well as an avid gardener. A year or so previous my mother ate some meat which disagreed with her. My sister recovered but she developed diarrhea that wouldn't go away. She was running to the bathroom constantly and it limited her life greatly as she couldn't leave the house. Her doctor diagnosed her with Chrohns (with no previous history of any digestive/bowel issues)and put her on Remicade pills. The pills helped. She would wean off them and the diarrhea would return. (Prior she had a trial of antibiotics which really helped but because they were really strong her doctor said she couldn't take them for a long time thus the Remicade). The issue kept coming back whenever she weaned off the pills. In October 2019 she had a bad case of vertigo with no known cause. Many test were run and came back negative. She was in rehab for 1 month and was able to resume normal activities upon arriving home. We all breathed a sigh of relief with no one questioning her medication because her doctors didn't. At the end of May 2020 my mother's handwriting changed and she began to slur her words. We thought it was a stroke. She entered the hospital. All test came back negative for stroke and cancer. She deteriorated more and quickly. After multiple CT scans they thought they may have found a glioma at the brain stem. It wasn't showing in previous scans. They did a biopsy. It came back positive. Even though they saw no visual evidence of cancer during her biopsy she deteriorated to needing a feeding tube and, within two weeks, was gone. For six days she held on in our home proving to be the fighter she was and how strong her body was. The grief is unimaginable and difficult to surmount knowing that she would still be alive today if not for the Remicade. F 81 1 years
1X D
 5  Psoriatic Arthritis Initial side effects were fatigue day of and then a few days after. First couple of infusions developed mild mouth ulcers. Brain fog had never been an issue in the past; however, I do experience for a couple of weeks - nothing severe, just forget talking points mid conversation. Experience nausea, but zofran helps greatly. I had an infusion a couple of weeks ago and I experienced the least amount of side effects ever! My dose is 8 vials every 8 weeks and to date I've had 7 infusions. Remicade allows me to walk and have a normal life. I have been on methotrexate, most biologics some with no success, and some like Enbrel and Humira who worked wonderfully and then stopped. PsA - most people don't understand the severity until they witness you being unable to walk. To me - the side effects do not outweigh my quality of life and fully functioning in my career. M 55 1 years
1X O
 3  RA If feel somewhat at ease the day of getting it .but seems 2 days afterwards I hurts so bad in my toes, knees , I just ache all over .. it's happened all 3 times . I've exhausted all infusions and injections. I'm still be open minded about the drug since I'm still on the lower dose of the drug and can still be adjusted . I'm holding out it will work . F 44 3 months
1X M
 5  Crohns colitis None Loading doses kicked me into remission for over a decade in combination with azathioprine which I continued to take after loading doses of infliximab. M 36 2 months
2X M
 1  Autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, I was given this drug 1 time, to treat a diffuse connective tissue disease, or autoimmune disease, by my Rheumatologist. The hospital that administered the drug, forgot or didn't bother to put a filter on the IV, which my Dr. ordered. I was so nauseated for a month afterwards, I couldn't function, that was my 1st & last treatment, to say the least! I got no relief, but I did get Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, 5-6 yrs later! I don't care what anyone says, I believe this drug caused my cancer, that was a st4, by the time they figured out I had it! I'm only 54yrs old, no Dr. should've given me this drug, in my 30's! Unless you're in your late 60's-70's & have severe RA, I don't recommend this drug to anyone. When I was given this drug, there weren't as many newer RA drugs out. Now, I'm sure there are better one's, that hopefully don't cause Lymphoma or Leukemia! F 54 1 days
Not sure
 4  AS Bit of a rash and fatigue but still helpful in decreasing severe joint pain. F 43 6 years
 2  HS From first dose I had the most severe headache and back ache Iíve ever had. Lasting into a week or so. Also felt I was extremely moody even angry. Iím not an angry person. Iím very laid back and easy going. Next dose same effects and third one has scared me I feel like Iím going insane. My mind is not right, Iím thinking things that are not good. My mental health is very important to me so Iíve made people aware of how Iím feeling. But if this keeps up I may have to stop taking this drug. I donít like how itís making me feel. Also extreme lethargy and fatigue since day one. I should add I have been on anti depressants for a few years. I know what depression is and this is not it. This is horrors. Like a woken nightmare going on in my very much awake head. Will discuss this on my next visit and hope they have answers. Stay well. Smile even when itís really hard to.💜 F 52 3 months
 3  Bechcet's I've had 3 infusions. The day after I feel so good but thenthe next day i get achy, tired, weak for 4-6 days. My family has expressed that I am very irritable for about 2 weeks after each infusion. I'm not experiencing extreme improvements but there have been some. For me the jury is still out if I will continue the Remicade. F 42 0 days
400 mg
 1  My Dr recommended it to treat Sarco Bad rash all over my body,Peeling skin on hands and feet,swollen feet and ankles,pain in calves Horrible experience. After 3 months of treatment i developed a severe rash all over my body. I annot stop the itching. My hands and feet are dry,peeling and shedding and i have developed blisters.I can barely stand let alone walk. I was against using this drug.My doctor was trying to convince me for over a year. I finally agreed and now wish I never did. F 55 3 months
 5  Crohn's Disease Mild exhaustion Remicade saved my life. Without it, I don't know where I would be right now. It has eliminated many of my Crohn's related symptoms and brought me to remission. I've been in remission for almost two years because of it and I couldn't be more grateful to be where I am. I would highly recommend it to anyone with severe Crohn's Disease. F 17 3 years
unknown 1X O
 4  RA None I didnít realize how much this drug was helping me until I was forced to discontinue because my new insurance would not pay for it. F 63 6 years
1X M
 5  crohns Disease Totally wiped out for a few days after treatment. This is the only side effect I have experienced. Thankfully! I have had Crohns Disease for about 24 years. I was not responding to any other drugs and My doctor recommended a new experimental drug. I have been taking Remicade for Crohn's disease for around 20 or more years back when it was experimental. I've take it every 8 weeks for the last 20 years and I have never to this date had any Crohn's symptoms. It is truly a miracle drug! M 48 20 years
110 mg 1X O
 5  Rheumatoid arthritis Nausea and feeling worn down and icky the day of and next day after infusion. Only twice did I have trouble breathing during infusion, but that was due to not being able to be on remicade for 6 months due to insurance change. Even though I've had two scary moment where I could not breathe, my nurses took wonderful care of that and I've had no issues since. I absolutely love this drug! I was bedridden for 2 years!!! At 28 years old!!! Now I have my life back!! I am willing to deal with occasional nausea and fatigue just to be able to walk! I take the double dose every six weeks as the normal dose and 8 weeks didn't help much. I have very severe RA. Humira and enbrel did nothing for me. I am on 1cc methotrexate weekly as well. I personally recommend this drug for RA. It has saved my life! F 31 2 years
 2  Adult Stills disease I am in the hospital as I write this. They took me off Humira and started me on Remicade and it has gone downhill since then. I came down with sudden pneumonia in both of my lungs and sepsis. I am lying here with massive doses of antibiotics going into my veins and they are trying to save me. I regret are going on this drug F 57 3 months
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 1  rheumatoid arthritis Achilles tendon rupture can't stand to walk Quit giving people poison and making them think they can feel better but more problems come F 2 days

REMICADE  (INFLIXIMAB):  This medication is used to treat certain types of arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis of the spine, psoriatic arthritis), certain bowel diseases (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis), and a certain severe skin disease (chronic plaque psoriasis). In these conditions, the body's defense system (immune system) attacks healthy tissues. Infliximab works by blocking the actions of a certain natural substance (tumor necrosis factor alpha) in the body. This helps to decrease swelling (inflammation) and weaken your immune system, which slows or stops the damage from the disease.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)