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 5  Anxiety Didn't have anxiety or panic attacks Was not hungover and no withdrawal when stopped M 36 4 years
700mg 2X D
 5  Get high Only side effect was feeling great. No adverse side effects. Took loads of this in Houston in the 80's along with mandrax (manufactured in Mexico). Like another stated, we would poke a hole in end of pill and swallow. These were some of the best feeling drugs aside from E that I've ever taken. F 54 3 years
The green 2X AN
 2  Recreation back in the 80's I never felt any different. A friend of mine always got wasted when he took them. Also resistant to quaaludes. Tried them 3 times and never got a buzz. M 53 3 days
750mg 1X D
 5  To get high Very heavy drug I drink a couple of tequila sunrises and I slid underneath the table after leaving the bar I ended up overdosing and had to have my stomach pumped F 56 1 days
Not sure
 4  Good None A little grogie next day😴 Bring them back please M 60 2 days
 5  Sleeplessness Bad taste in mouth, dry mouth, floppy limbs, euphoria, homosexual thoughts, blackouts, early ejaculation, other sexual problems, irritability, somnolence, diarrhea, constipation, muscle spasms, lethargy This was the greatest drug that I have ever used for sleeplessness. M 52 2 years
750 MG
 5  To get high!!! Our entire crew would have house party n take them we would poke hole in end n throw to back of throat...tbe gel burnt like tell lol it made the buzz more intense. It was an amazing time F 47 0 days
 5  Sleep!!! Headache….bad taste in mouth Very good drug!!!!!!!! M 52 30 days
 5  insomina Most effective medication for sleep. Taken properly with a glass of water and lying in bed you will sleep in 15 min. Shame for people who used responsibly that so many others abused it. I worked rotating shifts 8/4 4/12 or 12/8. when I needed sleep fast and for less than 8 hours this was very effective, M 55 2 years
750 1X D
 4  Recreational Though used to treat insomnia etc. I managed to have the opposite effect. Everyone around me would be wiped out and I was climbing the walls,ready to go out and have fun. A very good drug if used properly. If used to catch a "buzz", rated by me as one of the best drugs ever. M 50 2 years
500-750mg 2X D
 5  I'm not It f***d me up!!!! U better not be driving!!!! 50 1 days
 5  recreation Took them in my early 20's in the 80's and remember just a wave of calming feeling coming over me and we always add alcohol with it stuporous, blacking out,slurred speech- When a bunch of us took it we just stumbled around and laughed and fell asleep.between 1975 And 1985 I went to some parties and saw substances used to excess in ways that I've never seen since and never will again the experiences in that time of my life between 16 and 25 were some of the most intense memories that Im ever going to have bought a 70 Plymouth Roadrunner with the big block and a pistol grip 4 speed for $650 - the girls were gorgeous the cars were fast the drugs were everywhere and we did it all - I'm not going to lie and tell you that I hate all those times I loved every minute of it but I could never go back to it but what a hell of a time to remember for those of you that came later I can't put into words it's one of those things where if you have to ask I can't explain you had to have been there and in a way I'm glad I was - may the 70's live on - 0 and oh yeah - Mopars forever!!! M 50 5 years
750 mg
 5  It was the 70's euphoria lovely F 45
 5  Insomnia Some gait disturbances if did not retire immediately. Very smooth drug. Unable to get in US now. M 41 21 days
 5  Insomnia one incident of sleepwalking This is not a sneaky pill. Placidyl makes your brain spin, and your head hangs forward as your neck muscles get weak. Your extremities feel half paralyzed. Your speech slurs. It is not a euphoric effect, but you KNOW your're going to sleep. No worries about no effect. I like this kind of emphatic medication; slow-acting and subtle sleep aids help me not at all. M 63 2 years
 3  Migraine headaches Slurred speech, loss of muscle coordination, strange dreams, blackouts, bad aftertaste This drug got rid of my headaches, but had some very weird and dangerous physical side effects for me. I was not cautioned to take it ONLY before going to bed, or in a situation where I could immediately lie down somewhere. I took the drug when I got a migraine at work once, and experienced side effects that made me look like I was drunk! I had to be driven home, and nearly got fired. I had to get a doctor's permission to return to work, was ordered to take a drug test, and had to get all kinds of documentation from my physician stating why I was taking Placidyl. Plus, there were rumors that I was an alcoholic or a drug addict! It was horrible. F 40 6 months
 5  sleep no side effects the effects did not last too long ,more than 6 hours M 46 3 weeks
 5  because it's fun Wooo!! And sex. I saw unicorns and rainbows and they were yummy. my fishy talked to me too. It was AWESOME!! F 10 5 years
 5  insomnia/anxiety bad after taste F 49 15 years