Why CENESTIN* (Estrogens, conjugated synthetic a ) is Prescribed for Patients

Patient opinion of CENESTIN: satisfied (average rating score: 4.23)

(based on 26 reviews )

Top 10 Reasons for taking CENESTIN
(reported on Ask a Patient)

  Reason # of Ask a Patient Reviews
2Hot flush*2
3Premature menopause1
4Menopausal symptoms*1
6Night sweats1

*Also included as reason for taking drug in FDA Adverse Events summary.

Top 20 Side Effects of CENESTIN
(reported on Ask a Patient)

  Side Effect # of Ask a Patient Reviews
1Breast tenderness2
3Night sweats2
5Feeling jittery1
6Eye inflammation1
7Abdominal distension1
9Endometrial cancer1
10Cardiac flutter1
11Visual impairment1
12Fungal infection1
13Premenstrual syndrome1
14Weight increased1
15Vaginal discharge1
19Urinary tract infection1
20Ovarian cancer1

*Important! This side effect is also associated with Adverse Event Reports (serious reaction); Also see charts in FDA Adverse Events summary.

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Level of Satisfaction with CENESTIN

Total Reviews: 26 (Average Rating: 4.23)

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Total Reviews: 26*

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