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Are you comfortable with the CDC's decision to loosen mask restrictions for vaccinated people?

(Total Votes: 162)

Yes (32.7%)

No (54.3%)

Not Sure (13.0%)

Voter Comments (the following are opinions of readers and not

  • • Masks should be mandatory inside for sure!!
  • • Not sure what I think anymore. This has become more of a political issue then a pandemic.
  • • Too soon to unmask , just don't trust that people are truthful about their status
  • • It's a matter of choice. I wore a mask myself for most of the time that the vacci
  • • Only if vaccinated
  • • It depends where the venue is. In a very large crowd everyone should wear a must indoors or outdoors
  • • No masks, not needed, never were, not for Covid
  • • COVID is still new & we're still learning, err on the side of caution
  • • my body my choice to wear a mask or not, govt spreading too much fear
  • • Should be vax it and mask it
  • • delta variant
  • • Still wear one in stores
  • • Not enough people vaccinated yet
  • • Think it's too soon still
  • • Nobody needs to wear a mask and vaccinated or vaccinated it's complete bs
  • • Asymptomatic Vaccinated people could be spreading Covid & unvaccinated people can Lie and expose others
  • • I am vaccinated, and will still wear a mask.
  • • I am comfortable NOT wearinga mask outdoors but I will still wear one indoors
  • • Masks should not be used outside and never for kids playing sports.
  • • Mask don't work
  • • Too soon to know the consequences
  • • It's too soon!
  • • Too soon
  • • Why not be safe than sorry! Please?! Everyone just wear one for common sense sake!!??
  • • Too early w/not enough ppl vaccinated
  • • We shouldn't had to wear them in the first place, especially outside
  • • We never needed the mask mandates in the first place
  • • I'll still wear one for a while longer, however.

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