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Which of the following would MOST affect your decision to get an FDA-approved coronavirus vaccine?

(Total Votes: 92)

Effectiveness Rate (e.g. flu shot is 50%) (30.4%)

Side Effects (56.5%)

Duration of Protection (0.0%)

More than one dose required (1.1%)

Other (list below) (12.0%)

Voter Comments (the following are opinions of readers and not

  • • Unknown long term effects
  • • No info on long term effects
  • • Hasn't been tested long enough
  • • I believe in science: they got us the polio vaccine, rabies vaccine & others. I trust scientists.
  • • Why would you not try it ? Avoiding a problem is Paramount ?
  • • Prefer not to take vaccines at all
  • • also morally acceptable - no aborted baby cells
  • • As with the Flu vaccine, this Covid vaccine will probably have negative side effects.
  • • approved by SCIENTISTS not DJ Trump
  • • Approved by WHO, CDC, FDA; Safety/side effects/efficacy
  • • Safety , side effects
  • • Also who approved it and how well it was tested
  • • Very skeptical; would wait to see how effects others
  • • Allergic reaction. That's why I avoid flu shot. Egg white allergy.
  • • approved by all CDC FDA etc
  • • All ingredients must be listed

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