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Are you going to get a coronavirus antibody test?

(Total Votes: 97)

No; no past symptoms/not interested (47.4%)

No; the results aren't reliable enough (20.6%)

Yes; had past symptoms (15.5%)

Yes; no past symptoms but was/am curious (6.2%)

Yes; as part of a community study (1.0%)

Other; list below (9.3%)

Voter Comments (the following are opinions of readers and not

  • • There is NO safe vaccine!
  • • Don't plan on vaccination either, pharma companies are not to be trust, even today they cover up
  • • No symptoms
  • • Undecided. No symptoms
  • • Don't think it would make any difference for me.
  • • Daughter had 103 in March, still has symptoms of fatigue, backache
  • • Had the test, waiting for results
  • • I already got
  • • Putting YES, but really no idea! Been staying home, 72, still have to stay home, regardless!
  • • There are far more people needing the testing than I. I have stayed home and wore a mask at the grocery
  • • Have had though symptom free.
  • • I had both tests. Negative
  • • In isolation over 80 with wife 81
  • • silver and sodium ascorbate are really effective against the virus.

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