As marijuana becomes increasingly legalized by states, should sellers be allowed to advertise their products to consumers on TV, radio, and the internet?  (end date: 6/10/2014)

Which one of these broad health issues will concern you the most in 2014?  (end date: 4/9/2014)

Should prescription drug advertisements directed at consumers continue to be allowed in the U.S.?  (end date: 1/2/2014)

As a condition of approval, should the FDA require that a new drug show how it performs compared with existing drugs approved for the same condition?  (end date: 10/16/2013)

How do you usually dispose of your unused meds?  (end date: 7/13/2013)

Why do you think the number of Americans taking antidepressants has doubled in the past ten years?   (end date: 4/30/2013)

Have you or your doctor ever reported a serious side effect that you have had to the FDA or the manufacturer?  (end date: 1/31/2013)

Do you tell your doctor about your experience with a medication that the doctor has prescribed to you?   (end date: 8/22/2012)

Do you share personal health care information, concerns, and diagnoses on Facebook?  (end date: 4/22/2012)

Should Supreme Court Justices Thomas (with insurance industry ties) and Kagan (Obama administration ties) recuse themselves from upcoming case on US healthcare reform?  (end date: 2/6/2012)

With around 80% of drug ingredients sourced from foreign manufacturers, are you concerned about the ability of the FDA to regulate the safety of US drug products?  (end date: 1/4/2012)

"Smart Pills": What is your opinion about drugs embedded with microchips that allow your health provider to monitor whether you take your meds?  (end date: 9/27/2011)

Should the US Supreme Court uphold the Vermont law that requires doctors' permission before pharmacies can sell prescribing data to data mining and marketing companies?  (end date: 7/24/2011)

Do you think the quality and safety of drugs manufactured in the US are better or worse than they were 20 years ago?  (end date: 5/5/2011)

Do you think the new health care reform law should be repealed?  (end date: 3/13/2011)

Do you understand what you or your insurance company will be billed for after a doctor visit?  (end date: 1/18/2011)

What is the most effective way to remember to take your medication?  (end date: 8/31/2010)

Are you optimistic that the new health care reform program is a step in the right direction?  (end date: 4/13/2010)

Are you in favor of a voluntary govt. program providing benefits of around $75 a day so that disabled and seniors could stay in their home using home atttendants or adult day care?  (end date: 3/31/2010)

Do you look for and report medical billing errors to your insurance company, even if it does not affect the amount you personally have to pay?  (end date: 1/8/2010)

Do you think health care reform should partially be paid for by new limits on tax deductions for the wealthiest (>$1 million in income) Americans?  (end date: 10/7/2009)

Should schools be strict or lenient about vaccination requirements?  (end date: 7/23/2009)

Should the FDA require consumer packaging to provide information on the manufacturing location and source country for the ingredients for prescription drugs?  (end date: 3/13/2009)

Which healthcare initiative would you most like to see enacted right away in the Obama administration?  (end date: 12/31/2008)

Which presidential candidate is more likely to make affordable and better quality health care available to you?  (end date: 11/18/2008)

Should pharmacies be required to dispose of unused prescription drugs?  (end date: 9/22/2008)

If you didn't fill a prescription you received from your doctor, why not?  (end date: 6/10/2008)

What data, if any, should pharmacies be allowed to sell to marketing companies?  (end date: 1/31/2008)

Which information source do you feel needs the MOST improvement when it comes to providing prescription drug information?  (end date: 4/1/2007)

SENIORS ONLY: Have you signed up for the new Medicare Prescription program?  (end date: 7/31/2006)

Should women be able to purchase the "morning after" pill without a prescription?  (end date: 2/2/2006)

Should pharmacies be required to fill your prescription, even if the pharmacist has moral or religious objections to the potential use of the drug?  (end date: 9/2/2005)

Are pharmaceutical advertisements usually appropriate and helpful to patients?  (end date: 5/28/2005)

Should the Supreme Court rule that medical marijuana laws in 11 states are invalid because of a federal ban on marijuana?  (end date: 4/14/2005)

Will you or seniors you know be better off with the new medicare prescription drug benefits in the bill signed by President Bush?  (end date: 12/7/2004)

Should the US allow reimportation of drugs so that Americans can purchase them at cheaper prices?  (end date: 12/28/2003)

Should the FDA have the power to decide which drugs are sold over-the-counter?  (end date: 7/29/2003)

Should consumers be allowed to sue vaccine manufacturers?  (end date: 4/24/2003)

Are you paying more now for prescription drugs than you did a year ago?  (end date: 12/31/2002)

Do you think doctors are influenced too much by freebies offered by pharmaceutical companies, such as free trips to educational seminars at resorts?  (end date: 11/1/2002)

Have you ever ordered a prescription drug at an online drugstore?  (end date: 8/31/2002)

Should Congress approve a parity law that will make health insurance companies provide equal coverage for physical and mental illness?  (end date: 3/6/2002)

Do you think that prescription drug packaging provides you with adequate information about side effects and interactions?  (end date: 1/5/2002)

Should herbal remedies go through the same rigorous clinical testing as drugs or should they be regulated as foods by the FDA?  (end date: 11/9/2001)

Do you think that Patient Bill of Rights legislation goes far enough in protecting rights of health care consumers?  (end date: 8/30/2001)

Have you ever tried herbal remedies for your health problem instead of going to the doctor for a prescription drug?  (end date: 6/29/2001)

Do you think Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec and similar prescription allergy drugs should go over-the-counter?  (end date: 6/4/2001)

Is it ok for high school students to bring over-the-counter drugs to school for their own use?  (end date: 5/19/2001)

Should Medicare coverage be expanded to include prescription drugs for senior citizens?  (end date: 4/21/2001)

New healthcare regulations being considered would allow companies to market health care products to you based on your health care records without patient consent.  (end date: 3/21/2001)

Should doctors be allowed to prescribe marijuana for medical reasons?  (end date: 2/28/2001)

Do you approve of President Bush's decision to eliminate federal funding of international family planning organizations that provide educational information about abortion?  (end date: 2/6/2001)

Should all Americans be guaranteed a minimum level of health coverage?  (end date: 1/23/2001)

Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to send promotional mailings to your home based on your health care records (e.g. prescriptions filled)?  (end date: 12/31/2000)

Should doctors that prescribe the new "abortion pill" drug RU-486 be allowed to maintain their anonymity?  (end date: 12/31/2000)

Do you think that pharmacists have the right to accept monetary incentives for encouraging patients to switch drug brands?  (end date: 12/1/2000)

AskaPatient Opinion Poll

Do you think the quality and safety of drugs manufactured in the US are better or worse than they were 20 years ago?

(Total Votes: 550)

A lot better (11.5%)

A little better (11.5%)

About the same (10.9%)

A little worse (12.7%)

A lot worse (45.8%)

Not sure (7.6%)

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  • • This is a silly question impossible to answer.
  • • But most aren't manufactured in the US anymore they are out sourced.
  • • The variety of drugs avaliable today has improved more lives than harmed.
  • • I believe there is countfeiting going on
  • • Before one takes a new drug do your research on reported problems. Don't be a statistic.
  • • I think the consumer is used more and more as a lab rat than ever before.
  • • health "no one cares" about patients
  • • fda in bed with pharmaceutical co's.
  • • It was 20 yrs ago, of course it was better?
  • • Pain killer have greatly improved, this resulting in higher demand for illegal sale.
  • • You want to reduce healthcare costs? Look at big pharma!
  • • we want fast approval but safer testing,you can't have both.
  • • since most of our drugs are made overseas, we don't trust the purity of them.
  • • The FDA "fast track" makes us all lab rats. Politics/money keep the truth buried
  • • So many drugs are making people worse.Not tested enough before prescribing.
  • • an I'm a pharmaceutical chemist-
  • • generics are not all equal...side effects under-reported
  • • Drug companies should not do safety testing on their own products.
  • • Too many side effects
  • • drug manufacturers are only thinking for their profit than to cure
  • • I think we are sheep and follow doctors order regardless of side effects at the expense of our child
  • • No federally forced health insurance. Actual health care. More drugs but reign in Big Pharma
  • • it's all about money with these drug company's. Not enough testing and too many issues after the fa
  • • Drugs today are rushed to market, the FDA is in the pocket of the BIG PHARMAS. It's sickening.
  • • Too many possible serious side effects
  • • Concerned about counterfeit drugs in the system!!
  • • corrupt FDA and big Pharma mean you are better off avoiding docs.
  • • drugs treat symptoms, not causes
  • • yes in pain medication change with hydrocodone apparent 2005
  • • Every week we see another Class Action Lawsuit against yet another drug. Not Tested enough.
  • • people are living lots longer due to better drugs
  • • Well Drug Companies get sued for millions when one of their products creates harm to patients,
  • • too expensive
  • • I didn't know US manufactured any drugs here.
  • • fewer devastating side effects
  • • I feel like Drs are not asking qualifying questions any more.
  • • horrible brain altering drugs on the market now.
  • • Its all about the money
  • • side effect are chilling
  • • Almost every drug has bad side effects.
  • • My aunty was on meds all her life now its me
  • • Side effects of most drugs are extremely harmful.
  • • US over charges for medicines
  • • to many drugs! for everything! Scary country run by big Pharma
  • • Big pharma controls the healthcare industry
  • • The FDA only cares about business-not people.
  • • They are now drug pushers and what they want you to take.
  • • It seems to be all about the money the drug manufacturers make
  • • hard to tell as there has always been the problem of data manipulation by some drug companies
  • • need support groups like 4 cancer
  • • generics can be +/- %20...what do you think they are doing?
  • • everything is about profit, not making people well
  • • drug companies only care about the bottome line not the people who are receiving these drugs!
  • • Benzene is not an appropriate base for pharmacuticals and the claim that they are largely unmetaboli
  • • Big Pharma wants 100% of the population on high cost drugs.
  • • pushing them through without sufficient testing.
  • • drug companies have to much control and sacrifice people for monetary gain
  • • both us and overseas!
  • • Drug Companies outside of US, Western Europe, and Israel hardly ever get inspected by the FDA
  • • More interested in profit than patients well being!
  • • I think it is all about the money now and not finding a real cure.
  • • I am tired of the doctors accusing the patients of not knowing what is causing this pain.
  • • I am tired of the doctors accusing the patients of not knowing what is causing this pain.
  • • Drugs have gotten worse since 1994 when Congress gave FDA permission to take money from pharmeceutic
  • • too much lobby clout by big pharma
  • • generics are not dependable
  • • drugs are too expensive!
  • • heard on ABC news that 80% of drugs R made in foreign countries with loose stadards (e.g.,India
  • • a little worse
  • • fda needs rebuilding with responsible scientists and doctors.
  • • Better drug but fewer people have access to them when needed
  • • I didn't know there were any drugs manufactured in U.S.
  • • Perhaps the FDA is getting into population control!!
  • • There are plenty of bad drugs that are off the market from back then and plenty that are still on.
  • • Everyone is a guina pig now for whatever they come up with.
  • • probably the same, we just didn't hear about the foo-pas before, also their budget has been slashed.
  • • better, side effects are known