As marijuana becomes increasingly legalized by states, should sellers be allowed to advertise their products to consumers on TV, radio, and the internet?  (end date: 6/10/2014)

Which one of these broad health issues will concern you the most in 2014?  (end date: 4/9/2014)

Should prescription drug advertisements directed at consumers continue to be allowed in the U.S.?  (end date: 1/2/2014)

As a condition of approval, should the FDA require that a new drug show how it performs compared with existing drugs approved for the same condition?  (end date: 10/16/2013)

How do you usually dispose of your unused meds?  (end date: 7/13/2013)

Why do you think the number of Americans taking antidepressants has doubled in the past ten years?   (end date: 4/30/2013)

Have you or your doctor ever reported a serious side effect that you have had to the FDA or the manufacturer?  (end date: 1/31/2013)

Do you tell your doctor about your experience with a medication that the doctor has prescribed to you?   (end date: 8/22/2012)

Do you share personal health care information, concerns, and diagnoses on Facebook?  (end date: 4/22/2012)

Should Supreme Court Justices Thomas (with insurance industry ties) and Kagan (Obama administration ties) recuse themselves from upcoming case on US healthcare reform?  (end date: 2/6/2012)

With around 80% of drug ingredients sourced from foreign manufacturers, are you concerned about the ability of the FDA to regulate the safety of US drug products?  (end date: 1/4/2012)

"Smart Pills": What is your opinion about drugs embedded with microchips that allow your health provider to monitor whether you take your meds?  (end date: 9/27/2011)

Should the US Supreme Court uphold the Vermont law that requires doctors' permission before pharmacies can sell prescribing data to data mining and marketing companies?  (end date: 7/24/2011)

Do you think the quality and safety of drugs manufactured in the US are better or worse than they were 20 years ago?  (end date: 5/5/2011)

Do you think the new health care reform law should be repealed?  (end date: 3/13/2011)

Do you understand what you or your insurance company will be billed for after a doctor visit?  (end date: 1/18/2011)

What is the most effective way to remember to take your medication?  (end date: 8/31/2010)

Are you optimistic that the new health care reform program is a step in the right direction?  (end date: 4/13/2010)

Are you in favor of a voluntary govt. program providing benefits of around $75 a day so that disabled and seniors could stay in their home using home atttendants or adult day care?  (end date: 3/31/2010)

Do you look for and report medical billing errors to your insurance company, even if it does not affect the amount you personally have to pay?  (end date: 1/8/2010)

Do you think health care reform should partially be paid for by new limits on tax deductions for the wealthiest (>$1 million in income) Americans?  (end date: 10/7/2009)

Should schools be strict or lenient about vaccination requirements?  (end date: 7/23/2009)

Should the FDA require consumer packaging to provide information on the manufacturing location and source country for the ingredients for prescription drugs?  (end date: 3/13/2009)

Which healthcare initiative would you most like to see enacted right away in the Obama administration?  (end date: 12/31/2008)

Which presidential candidate is more likely to make affordable and better quality health care available to you?  (end date: 11/18/2008)

Should pharmacies be required to dispose of unused prescription drugs?  (end date: 9/22/2008)

If you didn't fill a prescription you received from your doctor, why not?  (end date: 6/10/2008)

What data, if any, should pharmacies be allowed to sell to marketing companies?  (end date: 1/31/2008)

Which information source do you feel needs the MOST improvement when it comes to providing prescription drug information?  (end date: 4/1/2007)

SENIORS ONLY: Have you signed up for the new Medicare Prescription program?  (end date: 7/31/2006)

Should women be able to purchase the "morning after" pill without a prescription?  (end date: 2/2/2006)

Should pharmacies be required to fill your prescription, even if the pharmacist has moral or religious objections to the potential use of the drug?  (end date: 9/2/2005)

Are pharmaceutical advertisements usually appropriate and helpful to patients?  (end date: 5/28/2005)

Should the Supreme Court rule that medical marijuana laws in 11 states are invalid because of a federal ban on marijuana?  (end date: 4/14/2005)

Will you or seniors you know be better off with the new medicare prescription drug benefits in the bill signed by President Bush?  (end date: 12/7/2004)

Should the US allow reimportation of drugs so that Americans can purchase them at cheaper prices?  (end date: 12/28/2003)

Should the FDA have the power to decide which drugs are sold over-the-counter?  (end date: 7/29/2003)

Should consumers be allowed to sue vaccine manufacturers?  (end date: 4/24/2003)

Are you paying more now for prescription drugs than you did a year ago?  (end date: 12/31/2002)

Do you think doctors are influenced too much by freebies offered by pharmaceutical companies, such as free trips to educational seminars at resorts?  (end date: 11/1/2002)

Have you ever ordered a prescription drug at an online drugstore?  (end date: 8/31/2002)

Should Congress approve a parity law that will make health insurance companies provide equal coverage for physical and mental illness?  (end date: 3/6/2002)

Do you think that prescription drug packaging provides you with adequate information about side effects and interactions?  (end date: 1/5/2002)

Should herbal remedies go through the same rigorous clinical testing as drugs or should they be regulated as foods by the FDA?  (end date: 11/9/2001)

Do you think that Patient Bill of Rights legislation goes far enough in protecting rights of health care consumers?  (end date: 8/30/2001)

Have you ever tried herbal remedies for your health problem instead of going to the doctor for a prescription drug?  (end date: 6/29/2001)

Do you think Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec and similar prescription allergy drugs should go over-the-counter?  (end date: 6/4/2001)

Is it ok for high school students to bring over-the-counter drugs to school for their own use?  (end date: 5/19/2001)

Should Medicare coverage be expanded to include prescription drugs for senior citizens?  (end date: 4/21/2001)

New healthcare regulations being considered would allow companies to market health care products to you based on your health care records without patient consent.  (end date: 3/21/2001)

Should doctors be allowed to prescribe marijuana for medical reasons?  (end date: 2/28/2001)

Do you approve of President Bush's decision to eliminate federal funding of international family planning organizations that provide educational information about abortion?  (end date: 2/6/2001)

Should all Americans be guaranteed a minimum level of health coverage?  (end date: 1/23/2001)

Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to send promotional mailings to your home based on your health care records (e.g. prescriptions filled)?  (end date: 12/31/2000)

Should doctors that prescribe the new "abortion pill" drug RU-486 be allowed to maintain their anonymity?  (end date: 12/31/2000)

Do you think that pharmacists have the right to accept monetary incentives for encouraging patients to switch drug brands?  (end date: 12/1/2000)

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As marijuana becomes increasingly legalized by states, should sellers be allowed to advertise their products to consumers on TV, radio, and the internet?

Yes, for medicinal use products only
Yes, for recreational and medicinal use
Not sure

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