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 5  stroke-APS When my INR is too low I get brain fog, headaches, aches in joints, hands shake and fatigue. When my INR is closer to 3.0 or higher, these symptoms go away. I also have been dx with reynaud's syndrome, fibromyalgia, and lupus. I've been on this since my stroke in July 2001 at age 48. I was told I have anticardiolipids in my blood. F 56

 4  DVT left calf Fatigue (there are days where I want to just sleep for hours after I get home from work)and joint pain/mild swelling (especially in the knees). I still have occasional swelling in that extremity and initially did NOT want to wear the Jobst stockings, but I can truly say they have helped greatly! Primary dx is from OC but have been on OC for 20+ years, so not convinced this is the "real" dx yet. F 39
5-7.5mg 1X D

 3  2 Massive left leg DVT's: 6/03,1/09 FATIGUE!!!, drippy nose, heavy periods, easily cold, weight gain (due to lack of energy to work-out) My original DVT was in my left leg and massive: groin to ankle. Diagnosed as possible MAY-THURNER SYNDROM...They placed left common illiac stent from belly button to groin and put me on coumodin. I started to notice my severve Fatigue (and other symptoms) might be caused by taking coumadin, but that was not mentioned to be a significant side effect. So, i tried to go off of it. I noticed a tremendous improvement and felt like my old self again. Four months after going off it, i got my second DVT, required more elaborate re-stenting and had to go back on coumadin for life. UGH. I rated it a 3: because I hate the side effects, but it keeps me alive!!! F 47
10-15mg 1X D

 3  PE Right Upper Lobe & DVT Rt Calf Fatigue/low energy, Sensitivity to heat, increased joint pain, do not feel like normal self Many doctors have told me that comundin does not have side effects other than issues related to bleeding. I was placed on coumadin 2x and when I came off the coumadin the first time my energy levels turned to normal, my joint pain decreased, and I felt like my normal self. Unfortunately, I am coumdin again and I am due to come off the coumadin in September. M 47
20-22 mg 1X D

 3  Blood clots in legs & lungs Feel tired all the time, stomach pain, troubel concentrating, feeling cold, food lost it's taste. I wish there was a medication that would dislove blood clots without the severe side effects. I have to be on blood thiners the rest of my life and it is very upsetting to think every day for the rest of my life I have to feel this terrible. M 51

 3  DVT rt leg after surgery on lft leg HORRIBLE nausea started after being on it for 3 weeks. Feels like morning sickness. Very tired as well. cant wait to get off it. Should only be on it until the end of January. F 37

 2  Atrial fibrillation Blood in urine I have had Afib for about 18 years but it has become more prevalant the last 3 months, so my cardiologist put me on coumadin 5 mg daily. I am fairly fit and run 50 miles a week and eat a healthy diet. After 2 days on the medication, my urine changed from slightly yellow to the color of mud. It returned to normal after discontinuing the drug, 2 days later. My cardiologist claims this cannot be related to coumadin in such a short time and I just started another regimen yesterday. I seriously have my doubts, since I have never had this problem in 65 years, and all my regular medical checkups have been excellent. M 65
5mg. 1X D

 1  several PE's No energy, lack of interest in things I use to enjoy, difficult to interact with people ( very different from my pre-coumadin years ), joint pain, sleep more I wish the drug companies would come up with an alternative for patients who have side effects to coumadin F 52
12.5 1X D
 1  because i have nonmechanical valve i got bleeding nose and gums.. and i can play now volleyball because i got surgery in my head of accidentaly hit me in my head thrice.. so need to open my skul now i need to careful not to bump or need to be careful to my head for now on..so i really really hate coumadin i dont like ever.. i need to stick my finger to tell to my nurse wht my protime is.. dats an disturbing things and really hate that kind of medicine... F 41
1mg 1X D
 1  PE Also weight gain-10 pounds ! Or has anyone had the weight gain issue ? F 56
6 1X D

 1  Aortic Valve Replacement Tiredness, dizzyness, foggyness, mood swings, hair loss, nausea, vertigo, headaches, menstrual hemoraging, diahorrea, weight gain Horrible drug. I do wish I had been given all the options at the time of my surgery, as knowing what I know now I would have demanded a bovine valve. Even though most days I am glad to still be here, considering I also had to have an emergency aortic aneurysm repair, most days are so bad that I wish I wasnt. At least I get to see my kids grow up which is a blessing and the only thing that gets me through the worst days. Any suggestions on alternative therapies would be appreciated. F 41
3 MG 1X D
 1  Factor V Leiden, DVT in right calf Horrible pain in hips and some pain in knees. With the first DVT, my doctor prescribed generic warfarin and I practically couldn't walk. Changing to Coumedin resolved the problem and I was off the drug in maybe 4 months. I did lose a lot of hair from my head at the time. Ten years later I had a second DVT (same right calf) and was told I'd be on Coumedin the rest of my life. After a couple months on Coumedin I have hip pain that comes and goes. After a couple years it has become increasingly hard to walk. I've tried acupuncture and chiropractic; nothing helps. This is a horrible drug. Canada and Europe have an alternative blood thinner which does not have these side effects. Why the FDA will not allow that drug in this country I do not understand. F 63
5mg/7.5mg 1X D
 3  DVT/PE I had a dvt/pe in May 2007 and went on coumadin for 6 months. In January 2008, when they took me off it, I felt like a veil of fatigue had been lifted. I knew I had been tired while on coumadin, but it became very evident when I was off it. Unfortunately, I've had another dvt/pe in February 2009 and I am back on coumadin (warfarin, really) It's been 2 months so far this time and I'm feeling tired, I seem to be depressed (although almost dying twice and being off work for 4 weeks could have something to do with that?), I have normal moments and then severe down moments - crying etc. I have some join pain - but I've been stepping up exercise, so that could be from the exercise. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the differences between coumadin and warfarin? F 41 2 times
 1  Did not take Sorry to see so many people suffering from this dangerous drug. Here are some alternatives but work with your doctor. Papaya's enzymes can help dissolve clots but will affect the Coumadin dosage- you will need less (good). Garlic is very good against bacteria and good for cardiovascular system but again makes Coumadin more effective. Raw garlic 1-5 cloves a day or garlic oil etc. Ginko Biloba also helps thin blood but is safe- less drugs. Nat vit E also good- mixed tocopherols best or lots of nuts. Ginger thins blood also and has many other good properties, anti-dizziness, anti bacterial, raw form digests protein and probably clots. Nattokinase is a good clot dissolver. And Vit D3 - from sun or pills is very important in general- or cod liver oil- also thins blood. See vitamindcouncil.org. Check out James Duke PhD for herbs. Work with your doctor for the right Coumadin dose and get off it asap. M 52 0 days
 5  Arterial fibrillation Cold hands, cold feet. I always shave at night because I don’t have time in the morning to wait for the cut to heal. I get horrible bruises when I walk into furniture…I had dilapidating panic attacks before taking coumadin, thank god those episodes are gone. If I can help anyone regarding their panic attacks, I would be more than happy to give you my uneducated opinion. Be well. M 45 1 days
 3  I got a PE I get tingling in my feet, shortness of breath and chest pain at times, weekness as well. F 43 1 days
9 1X D

 3  blood clot around liver dvt Body discomforts body numbness tired easily pain joint headache M 31 1 days
 1  4 blod thinner Makes my throat close in M 51 1 days

 3  4 pulmonary emboli Tightness in sides of head and in neck. Worsens as day progresses. Now taking 7 1/2 mg., various dosages over past 2 months. Hate not feeling like myself, but guess drug necessary. Curious if others experience this neck tightness. F 64 2 days
 2  antithrombin III deficiency hairloss patches, energy level has dropped severely, tired all the time and have to take naps which I never had to do before, joints ache,swelling of legs on and off, weight gain. Wish I just could feel like myself again. Full of energy and rarely got tired after any activities, etc Trying to go with the flow but it really really stinks. Have to take it for life unfortunately wish they would find another drug with less side effects. I am worried about the long term use and effects on your body. But there is no other choices or options at this time. F 46 2 days
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