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 1  4 blod thinner Makes my throat close in M 51 1 days

 1  DVT in lower left leg Tingling in left arm and hand, feeling very heavy headed and dizzy bad heads now very high blood pressure don,t know if Coumadin affects blood pressure??? just want to get well again Got offered alternative medication to Coumadin but I could not get it on the NHS in Cyprus I would have had to pay about 120 euros a month. I am retired now and do not have the money to pay for meds so I have no choice but to take Coumadin until the doctor takes me off it in January F 64 4 months
& mg a day 1X D

 1  PE Hair loss,cold all the time,bones ache,barely able to get out the bed,pain in both arms,carpal tunnel etc.... Today I'm taking myself off this SHIT. There are other was to thin your blood. http://m.wikihow.com/Thin-Blood..... I been on the generic warfarin for 3 months after a cesarean bith of my daughter. My hands hurt so bad I can't even pic up my daughter. IT'S RAT POISON FOLKS!!!!! My doctor think it's all in my head 😥. He wants me on it for 3 more months, NOT. I plan on regulating myself with aspirin and wine for the next 3 months. I also plan to seek a pulmonigst. Good luck and God bless u all F 36 3 months
 1  Left leg DVT BACK PAIN AND JUST TIRED LONG HEAVY PERIODS STOMACHE PAIN I was on warfarin for seven months the first time. For a DVT in my left leg. It did take the pain away in my leg after twentey days. I am now back on in after a surgery on my left leg. My back doesn't hurt it Hurts. I begged to get off this drug the first time, now I am begging again. I know it's warfarin when I stop taking it everthing goes away! F 36 14 days
5mg 1X D

10MG 1X D
 5  superior vena cava syndrom I have not really experienced any side effects beside a little bruising was put on coumadin because of blood clots that I had in my main veins in my chest I had six procedures done and was in the hospital for two weeks I was swelling in my neck and left arm ...if it wasnt for this drug I guess I would die F 38 1 years
 3  DVT right leg Burning sensation in the legs, thin skin, pins and needles sometimes, irregular periods, pain. F 45 1 months
5 mg

 5  Protein-S deficiency (hereditary) I have brittle nails, experienced hair thinning but is finally growing back. I feel as if I can feel my blood flowing through my body. Bad anxiety and panic attacks that come out of nowhere. Occassional tingling on the left side of my face. I bruise easily. Finally on monthly visits. My numbers range from 2.3-3.0. I've NEVER had a blood clot and I'm thankful for that but I have had a TIA and the feeling of your body going numb on one side is horrible! F 39 4 years
 4  open heart surgery My eyes will just close for a few mins I would like to know If anyone else has this problem F 76 2 months
30 -40
 3  blood clot around liver dvt Body discomforts body numbness tired easily pain joint headache M 31 1 days
 3  Blood clot Lack of sleep, feel like I'm dreaming, confused, pain, bloated, lost, exhausted M 36 4 weeks
 4  3 P.E.'s, factor 5 Bruising if my INR is too high. This drug "Saved" my life. My first PE the dr. thought was a result from a surgery I had experienced. The double PE that hit me a few years later, almost killed me. I'm grateful I was tested for the factor screening, that I'm here to enjoy family, friends and life. I'm active, I motorcycle, bicycle, hike and horse back ride...Don't be afraid to live! You can still have hobbies. I monitor my diet and other prescriptions that might interfere with my dosage. I gained weight initially because of physical limitions, but joined TOPS and got it off! We all make adjustments.... That's what compromise is all about! Wake up out there! Someday I hope it won't be necessary to ply myself with "rat poison" but it could be worse, I could be dead! F 56 15 years
5-7mg's 1X D

 1  pulmonary embolism extreme tiredness; stomach bloat/discomfort; dizziness; red spots on body/face; peeling fingernails; major hair loss; dark areas on lower legs; bleeding gums frequently; aching joints/muscles; small red blood vessels showing on cheeks; frequent nausea; osteoporosis; bruising; to name some symptoms. This is a horrible and potentially deadly drug. I intend to look into natural alternatives to this 'drug' with so many horrible side effects. There has to be a better way to live than this! F 50 11 years
varies 1X D

 5  lung clots Blurred vision, head aches, dazed,confused,shaky,pain on left shoulder all the way in arm pit, ice cold or sometimes after taking it a hot feeling runs through my arms, I get tired quickly, my butt and back thighs hurt when I sit, my feet hurt when I stand, my hands hurt when I lean on anything. This medicine has probably kept me living this long but I can't wait to get off of it. F 49 7 days
7.5 mg

 3  Bilateral PE's Factor V Leiden Extreme fatigue all day and stomach discomfort until around noon can't keep anything in stomach and leg pain and hip joint pain and lower back pain F 51 3 months

 4  cerebral sinus thrombosis Colder than usual but extremely thankful for this med. F 45 1 months
9.5 mg dai
 3  Dvt left leg Miserable nights. Tingling in feet arms, buzzing in ears, fatigue, depressed, no appetite. Just want to get better!!! F 46 3 months
 3  DVT Tiredness most of the day.dizzyness ,rapidheart beat.slight chest pain. Slight Pressure in left side of head but no pain.... M 35 5 months

 4  Dvt left leg Major anxiety, tingle in feet and legs, nausea, blurry vision, eye pain, rapid heart rate, really bad at night!!! Praying things get better. Buzzing in ears, depressed. F 46 2 months
2.5 1X D
 2  3 DVT -- Factor 5 Leiden Feel like a bobble head. Dizzy. Dry mouth. Depressed. COLD!! Tingling in calves. Stomach pain. Lower back pain. Trouble sleeping. Vision problems. So glad I found this website. No doctor will validate any of these side effects. Still doing 2 a day lovenox shots. My stomach is all bruised and lumpy. Hope to get therapeutic levels soon so I can discontinue those!!! F 42 1 months
 1  DVT from trauma, Protein S Occasional PT/INR checks lower than normal. Unable to control bleeding from "everyday injuries". As a firefighter, this is incompatible with my career. M 46 2.5 years
10 1X D

 4  Arterial clots Tired, peeling fingernails, brain fog F 62 2 months
10 mg 1X D

 3  3rd DVT Longer/heavier periods/headaches(reaaally bad). Gas and bloating. Really bad pain in legs exspecially with stairs. Pain when legs r bent for any period of time. Feeling of blood flowing via legs. Achey all over. Short term memory loss. Always tired...never ever feel rested. Loosing strength. Was always on go now lucky to get housework done. Dont work anymore. Have no strength...feels like when i had pnemonia everyday. Anxiety. Scared about INR results. Getting inr 1x week...so unstable. Spikes that time of month. Havent felt myself for years now. Gradually feel im deteriorating. Also thankful to be alive but quality of life leaves me in tears at times. This is not life. Surviving...thats it. Warafin causing issues with others physical issues i have and cannot properly medicate for. Dont wish this on anyone. Beyond pain in ass. Most days just want to curl up in ball. Apparantly a lifer. YEAH for me. Honestly pissed..tired...disheartened. Feel like ginnie pig. Good luck everyone. F 45 1 years

 3  DVT left leg Fatigue, upset stomach, loss of appetite, increased anxiety & depression, night sweats, difficulty sleeping. Sporadic loss of focus & interest in life activities. Makes me wonder if the cure is worse than the "disease" (DVT in leg) M 40 4 weeks
12.5MG 1X D

 3  bi-lateral PE's in both lungs Have to be on this terrible drug for 6 months. experiencing weight gain (gained 9 lbs in hospital before coming home and gained another 5 lbs since being home), stomach bloating, diarrhea, low appetite, poor sleep, severe joint and muscle pain, hands and feet cold, hair loss/thinning, extreme exhaustion (as in I cannot function some days because I am so worn out), brain fog/trouble with remembering thoughts/words, bruising, raised liver enzymes. I HATE this DRUG and want to be done with it so badly! but I have so long to go! hate all the inr tests, the constant up and down and up and down of the dosage, and all the side effects. i feel so crappy right now that i am beyond depressed. some days i just want to crawl in bed and just sleep until it all goes away. HATE THIS DRUG but know that it thinned my blood after a month and a half of being on it. So praying it will just do it's job, help my body break up the clots so I can feel better and get the heck off of it. F 36 1.5 months
10.5 1X D
 3  DVT in thigh, PE/Plumonary Embolism Swelling knees, back aches, often have difficulty sleeping due to lower back pain along the muscles of the spine, morning muscle aches from the kidneys upwards or muscle pain radiating out from between the shoulder blades, the lower trapezius. More frequent cramping in calves, fingernails are brittle (rip and chip more easily), fatigue/loss of physical endurance, slower to heal, sensation of blood rushing through my leg veins, maybe some minor memory loss as well, although it could be that I'm just getting older :) It is difficult to distinguish what might be a drug effect, what is due to clotting, and what is life, but it seems to me that since going on Coumadin the circulation in my back muscles is reduced when I sleep. I get woken up after 5-7 hours from the ache, and it only goes away with a massage or enhanced blood flow to the area from a little physical activity. Sometimes in the middle of the night I get calf cramps that I never used to get as well. Naturally I'm often more tired as I don't get the consistently unbroken sleep that I used to. The slight swelling at the back of my knees has made maintaining leg flexibility a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. My INR still fluctuates every few months between 1.3 and 3.4. All of this is a pain to manage but not life changing. As a seasonal labourer the most disturbing symptom for me is the fatigue/steadily declining physical energy reserves, although it may have more to do with hitting the 40s than Coumadin. Still, I am looking at other drugs like Rivaroxaban but the long-term side effects are unknown. Would love to go off Coumadin for 4 or 5 months a year so I could heal more rapidly during my work season. M 41 3 years
7.5 MG 1X D

 4  lupus anticoagulant Anxiety. If inr becomes too high i feel fluish if inr is too low i feel very tired. F 33 3 years
 5  Multiple DVTs and a PE Haven't had any side effects, luckily. I am do grateful for this drug. I have been on it for a year and I'm terrified to stop taking it. Initially I was told I would be on it for life but yesterday my Hemotologist told me I no longer need to be on it. Yes I do! Getting a 2nd and 3rd opinion. F 29 1 years
 5  Right Leg DVT and PE of lungs Hello, the name is Robert and I was 43 when this happen and was 44 when I was taken off the Coumadin. I had pain in the left leg for sometime thinking I had pulled a muscle, but about a month and half I started getting pain on my left side about mid back. two days later I was in bad shape and was coughing up blood. That day I was admitted to the hospital where I was told if I had waiting another 24 hours I wouldn't be here to write this. I'm now going on 47 and have been off Coumadin for 2 years. When I went on Coumadin it took only about a month or so where I was pain free after my 5 stay in the hospital. I did notice of the course of taking this drug that my hair growth slowed and was thinning on my head as well as my pubic area! Even now I don't have the hair that I had, but the thinning has slowed and some has come back. However, I'm glad to my alive and I'm glad that this drug was around even know it's been around for many decades. I hope all of you get better and move on with lif M 46 1 years
7.5 1X D
 4  Pulmonary embolism Extreme fatigue (I'm exhausted all the time!) hair loss, and the interaction with my other medications is causing me to get frequent headaches/migraines After much trial and error to get the right dosage, I'm now taking 7.5mg 4 days a week and 11.25mg the other 3 days each week. I am two months into a six-month course of Coumadin and cannot wait to be off this medication. I'm so tired of the side effects and having to watch my diet so carefully. However, my heart rate is slowly decreasing, so I know that the Coumadin is doing it's job and that my body is breaking down the blood clot. F 34 2 months
7.5mg 1X D
 1  dvt tingling in head heavy head pains in head and neck hot burning sensations all over especially in legs and arms and face deppression dizziness chills loss of appetite doctor keeps telling me its not the medicine but i dissagree didnt have this before medicine i just keep praying it will all heal well and i can get off it in 6 mos like they say and actually i am on warfarin 42 1 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  DVT (right leg) While taking coumadin I experienced mood changes, my body is always very sore, my feet and hands are always ice cold, I also have trouble sleeping, but when I do get to sleep it is hard for me to wake me up. F 21 2 years
 3  DVT/PE On Warfarin for 2 year - just switched to Xeralto. All those side effects disappeared almost over night. Headaches, achiness in legs, always feeling disconnected from my body. I feel relieved to be off Warfarin. With Xeralto I do not have to watch my vitamin K. M 45 2 years
2.5 & 4 mg 1X D

 3  P.E, Lupus Anticoagulant Not sure if the hair loss was from Coumadin, memory loss, eye pain, pissed that I can no longer eat whats natural (vitamin k) makes no sense to me so I'm researching natural ways... F 32 1 years
9 MG
 4  Pulmonary embolism surgery Hair loss after 3 months Glad to get the okay to stop! F 52 4 months
10 mg 1X D

 5   I had no side effects, the drug was amazing. The lower body pain I was experiencing, started long before the large left leg DVT , that caused terrible pain, was diagnosed. The first thing I noticed was my breathing improved, then the swelling in my face began to go away, people who had not seen me in a while, would do a double take, and say wow is that you? You don't even look like the same person. then slowly the pain in my lower body began to resolve, until around 3-5 months at which point the pain was gone completely, amazing not possible I thought. Then it got even more amazing, For the first time in years, my husband said to me slow down, you are walking to fast, I had not even realized how strong my lower body muscles had become. At one year the doctors decided to take me off the coumiadin because the DVT had resolved, my doctor said he would leave it up to me, weather I wanted to stop taking coumadin. I thought well since the DVT is resolved I should not have the same problems F 47 1 years
1X D
 5  DVT left calf, Multiple PE Dry skin (breaking out a bit) stomach pains (full/bloated), heaviness or tightness in chest, tingly sensations, fatigued more easily, slight weight gain F 29 3 months
2mg, 2.5mg 1X D
 3  dvt in groin too knee I'm going through the numbness hotness and stiffness so stressful on warfain didn't realise it could effect whole body, F 37 6 months

 3  DVT 2x Factor V, Protein S Defici Headaches, vertigo, fatigue I have been complaining of headaches for years while on coumadin and both my hemotologist and Primary tell me it's IMPOSSIBLE to be caused by med. Also my INR has been a horror to regulate. F 29 4 years
15 1X D
 3  DVT in my right leg from taking Yaz Fatigue, memory loss, dizziness, bruising, headaches.. In general I am not the same person I was before. I can no longer work in the field I was in for 24 years. I was in the Meat packing industry, but my doctor advised me to leave my job due to the medication and my usage of knives. After taking Coumadin and knowing how it makes me feel, I could never do my job as a Meat cutter again, I do not have the energy or the strength anymore. I have shortness of breath as well and I never had that prior to taking this drug.. F 47 7 years
7.5mg 1X D
 4  Saddle embolism after broken bone I feel tired all the time, slightest activity leaves me short of breath, headaches most days and generally feel aches and pains. I know that I am lucky to have survived and try to think positively. I have to take warfarin for 6 months and think its a small price to pay for still being around F 60 10 days
3.5 1X D
 3  Chronic Iliofemoral DVT Nausea, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Vertigo, Depression. I was told by numerous Dr's that there would be virtually NO side effects from Coumadin/warfarin....they were wrong!!! My Hemotologist still tries to tell me that my symptoms are all in my head and the meds couldn't possibly be responsible. UGH!!!! F 33 2 years
10mg 1X D
 2  DVT extreme fatigue, light-headedness, bruising I have to wait one more month (6 months on Coumadin) to get a scan to see if my DVT has shrunk. I am sceptical as I still have pain in the area of the clot. F 66 5 months
2.5 - 5 mg 1X D
 5  DVT/PE Swelling/Edema in legs & trunk, weight gain, hair loss, brittle nails, nausea, vision change, taste change, pain in abdomen/stomach, extreme Fatigue, skin changes F 37 3 months
5 mg & 7mg
 3  Mechanical Valve Bypass Pacemaker Hair loss , Heavy periods , Depression , Weight Gain , Lack of energy , Bruising Until stumbling onto this site i never realized there were so many people around my age that were struggling with this, And reading others side affects and comments makes me feel like im not alone... someone out there gets it. F 30 6 years
3-4MG 1X D
 1  dvt nausea-fatique-dizzy M 61 61 days
1 1X D

 3  pulmonary embolism in left lung i am still always out of breath, freezing cold constantly, starving, lost 20 pounds, and we have no idea how or why i got the clots to begin with. my inr fluctuates weekly, and i still get weekly inr tests. i have 5 more months to go. F 33 9 months
4mg 1X D
 3  Factor V Leiden/3 Pulmonary Emboli cold hands and feet, always cold, have been experiencing chronic fatigue for the past 2 months, and decreased sex drive since beginning Warfarin. INR is always fluctuating. Must do weekly not monthly INR tests. F 20 1.5 years
5-7.5 1X D

 3  mechanical valve replacement light-headed, loss of vision in half of eye at times, fatigue, chest pain at times, cold, depression, short term memory loss at tmes Was told that these are not side affects from coumadin. I have never felt so awful. I have no energy at all. I still work a full time job and love t. Prior to surgery, I was always "on the go" doing so many things.....now, my life has changed.....it's terrible. I think, at times, that I would have been better off w/o the surgery....at least I had a life. F 69 10 months
9 mg 1X D

 1  PE Dizziness, rashes on hands (skin so thin), no appetite, lethargic. Doctor says it has nothing to do with it! Yeah right! All side effects started a month after taking the medication. I'm on quite a high dose for my age and I will be seeking help of a Naturopath and Chinese Medicine Doctor for alternatives! F 19 6 months
9mg 1X D
 2  Blood clot in left leg Bloating, joint pain, weight gain. It does not allow me to take my regular medication for arthritis. M 52 3 months
5mg 1X D

 2  DVT LEFT INNER THIGH/ LARGE Fatigue is extreme. In the beginning, until just recently (1-2 wks ago) I felt nausea. My endurance is poor and my Drs. have still not been able to achieve a theraputic dose w/out sending my INR to 5.0. Skin heals extremely slowly. I dont like this drug BUT my clot has reduced by abt 45%. F 52 6 months
From 5-15

 3  DVT April 2010 and again Nov 2011 fatigue and breathlessness; loss of energy and stamina; light-headed and dizzy even for light exercise; symptoms in feet and legs but not sure if these are side effects of warfarin On warfarin for 6 months (May - early Nov 2010) and had severe fatigue and breathlessness. Still had some problems Jan 2011 so went back to doc, who arranged blood tests, and in the end was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia), Symptoms slowly faded away and felt I was getting back to normal, until Nov 2011 had another DVT, in the other leg. Had daily heparin injections for some weeks until Jan 2012 when started back on warfarin. Within a week or two, noticed breathlessness and fatigue started again. Doc has said I shouldexpect to stay on warfarin permanently now. M 59 7 months
12 mg 1X D

 2  DVT & PE Freezing all the time, weight gain, heavy periods, fatigue Was in the hospital for 2 weeks on heparin, 10 mg coumadin and receiving shots in my belly twice a day. In those 2 weeks, I put 9 lbs on. I've taken one lb off since my release. There has been no change in diet or exercise to explain this. The fatigue has gotten better, but I am still not my old self. My DVT & PE are unexplained and looks like there is no end in sight for this med as my INR goes up & down so often. I can be at 2.0 on a Monday, 3.9 Friday and 1.2 a few days later on Monday again. I'm so over it all!! F 35 6 months
10 1X D
 4  Ileo femoral DVD, left leg I had a massive dvt when I was 23... Fit and highly active, unexplained, so they put me on long term warfarin. I've been a little irresponsible with inr and missing dosage, and as a result, they're moving me to a new drug. Personally, I would like to think that some of the ailments being described are as a result of warfarin, especially weight gain! Before reading this site, I had heard that warfarin can cause water retention but I would heavily discourage you in taking diaretics as this is in part what helped make my dvt so big. Evenso, my experience of the last 20 years is this: if you are getting headaches, chest pain or any other non-normal events, either see a doctor, or remember that you have suffered a life threatening event and anxiety is a natural reaction to this. I used to wake up in cold sweats believing that I was having a PE or something. This happened for years, even now sometimes. Just take a deep breath and relax. Take more exercise, do something at least once a day. I play badminton at least 3 times a week and feel good for it. But I do still get anxious. It's only natural and can cause all sorts of phantom symptoms. Good luck to you all. M 43 20 years
8mg/day 1X D
 3  I got a PE I get tingling in my feet, shortness of breath and chest pain at times, weekness as well. F 43 1 days
9 1X D

 1  Dvt/PE X2 Awful! FREEZING FREEZING FREEZING all the time! Numb painful arms. I finally convinced my Dr. to switch me to XARELTO I am hopeful I feel better on this! BAD stuff moved to XARELTO!!!! M 41 1.5 years
10 1X D
 1  PE Headaches face breaking out up and down INR. I am talking with doctors due to my PE being associated with hysterectomy I am negative for all tests. My daughters are all testing positive so we are trying g to figure out what to do. My conclusion is coming off the rat poison and gettin on with a normal life again. I worry more about the effects of Coumadin than the PE I had symptoms of DVT that my doctor ignores that is why I ended up with it. I know te symptoms and I have Lovenox on hand. Quality I'd life at his point for me is my objective. F 41 2 months
 2  left leg DVT with massive bi-lat PE Horrible! 152 at Christmas in Dec 2011 DVT & PE Feb 2012 ---left hospital at 170 after 9 days on Warfarin (Coumadin) after 8 days requesting salads, fish, fruit. Upon being home, ALL I want to eat are salads, steamed vegetables, salmon, peaches. Went from 5 cups coder day to ZERO! Now, drinking ice water. Now it is June 2012---187 lbs!!! Diarrhea; forehead/hairline hair loss; weight gain all in my stomach area; loss appetite; increased depression; fatigue; lethargy; etc! Have suffered with Major Depression since 20---am now 48 years old, 2 teenaged daughters, a fantastic & supportive husband and cannot believe what this DRUG has done to me---as much as I certainly appreciate that it has kept me alive, I wish the Warfarin/Ciunadin Drug Companies would come CLEAN with the REAL side effects---especially for women in 40's and early/mid 50's! The physicians say "no correlation with this sudden mid-section weight gain! You MUST JUST be eating a lot!" I have 1/10th appetite I USED to jave befor the DVT/PE & when I DO eat, it's veggies, salads (no dressing), fish, water, peaches in natural juices! I am NOT EARING BUSHELS of vegetables/fruit, either! I have no appetite! I'm just praying that I can come off of this HORRIBLE drug---one year as I tested positive for Leiden ago toe V (a generic blood disorder that can thicken your blood & make you prone to leg clots). I'm discourages, depressed, uncomfortable, developing rashes due to weight gain, F 48 6 months

 1  Blood clots after c-section Major weight gain! Depression and tiredness, weak immune system.. I have hated being on this drug. Talk about trouble loosing the baby weight! My doctor insists that Coumadin has nothing to do with my wieght gain- absolutely NOT true. I went on this medicine a week after giving birth and can't loose any weight. I eat right and exercise. Does not matter because my dosage is so high it does not impact anything I do. I am on 15 MG a day. I went to the beach and forgot to take my medicine for four days and lost 5 pounds. Prepare to gain a lot of weight on this medicine. I have two months left and I am counting down the days till I get off! F 33 4 months
15MG 1X D
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