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 1  For Attention Deficit Disorder Dizziness, paranoia, and I was depressed all the time I was given this crappy drug from a quack doctor from 6 until I was 11 years old and I felt like things were better from a distance. I would stand outside for long periods of time listening to a factory run and I thought it was beautiful music. I also had a bug eyed stare. M 5 years
10 MG 3X D
 1  phycosis Loss of memory,tics physical and vocal,confusion,scattered thoughts.These are long term effects that will never go away. Please be carefull. For short term use only !! M 46 10 years
100-400 mg

 1  adhd at 16 obtained a gun was dillusional and am now in a mental ward diagnosed with schizophrenia M 20 2 years
 5  difficult sleeping i used for 20 years.25 mg every night F 46 20 years
25mg 1X D

 5  psychotic episodes severe paranoia, manic episodes, genocide thinking, feeling of being lost at home, never tired, slept while awake with eyes open, inability to concentrate, lost my drivers license due to driving 122 mph in a 55 mph zone, developed a fear of eating, developed fatal familial insomnia, became yellow and green discharge from nose and ears, could not sit still, collected guns to defend from threats of unknown oirgin, began studying UFO' and became obsessed with area 51, fear of government conspiracies, lost control of bowels, began to sit in the coirner and mumble and drule uncontrollably, developed a tolerance to oxycontyn and profanol, became increasing anxious. Started using recreational drugs to try and counteract the side effects of the thorazine. 34 9 years
400 3X D
 1  Forced to take it Damaged something in the deep Nasal cavities in the head. I keep getting painful infections and they are not treatable so far Horrible M 42
15 2X D

 3  Auditory hallucinations, insomnia This drug was a God send for me. It stopped the auditory hallucinations and helped me sleep. Side effects are awful. They include grogginess and urinary incontinence. F 37 4 weeks
50mg 3X D

 5  schizo/bipolar some weight gain, some heartburn I had insomnia before I tried thorazine now I sleep soundly, a full nights sleep everynight. It prevents me from getting hypo, and paranoid or delusional. Wonderful medication. F 32 2 years
25 MG 7X D

 3  Insomnia Started taking this last night. Prescribed for terrible insomnia. well after about two hours I finally fell asleep and slept for 12 hours! I feel groggy today and sorta zombie like, but will continue as maybe this is normal at first. F 39 1 days
50mg 1X D
 1   Blurry vision, dry mouth, Death like sleep F 33 30 days
3X D
 5  porphyria AIP weight gain, snoring, sound sleep, reduced anxiety This is good for insomnia but fraught with side effects. I've been lucky M 68 35 years
75mg /day 1X D

 1  behavior problems dizzyness, sever reaction to sunlight.. as few as 5 minutes in the sun caused severe burning sensations that lasted up to 12 hours... even my eyes buned. hiccups... heart burn...and i fainted once as i was walking toward the nurses station for morning bp and temp checks... ooh and i was allways sleepy.. somtimes i could barely stay awake... dry mouth... weight gain...impared responces.. it was like being a zombie... i was 12 years old when this horrible drug was prescribed by the nazi Dr Feuisner of philidelphia. i was taking over 800mg daily.. Dr feuisner the hospital... or the manufacturer should be sued! im worried about long term helth consiquences that may be afffecting me now... such as hypoglycemia.. depression...wich i have... and possible, kidney function..cns impairments, ect. M 12 2.5 years
 1  uncontrollable hiccups I was hospitalized for a ruptured appendix and had a reaction to the anesthesia, which resulted in uncontrollable hiccups. The doctor ordered me Thorazine, and I had a reaction of psychosis, was very manic, couldn't sleep, was angry and nasty. The reaction lasted 4 days. The hiccups never went away. I do not recommend this medication to anyone. M 56 4 days
 1  Bipolar type 2 Tardive Dyskinesia-Tongue was frozen. This had to have been the most terrifying medication I have ever taken. It's a good thing I only found out the symptoms could be permanent after they went away. F 23 1 days

 5  schizo/bipolar/insomnia no side effects,only on 150mg@bedtime also taking xanax2mg,prosom2mg,prilosec20mg,(just started lyrica100mg),i love the thorazine,b4 even with sleeping pills had trouble sleeping,now i sleep deep and wake up real early and feel refreshed, used to have pill hangovers b4 thorazine,not anymore! F 43 5 months

 1  attempt to help with depression was having migraines at the same time & was being given compazine for that nausea. All of a sudden, I couldn't walk or even coordinate my hands to feed myself. Went to ER & they realized initially that compazine causes these parkinson like symptoms. They stopped the compazine immediately but didn't realize that the thorazine was also causing the parkinson like symptoms which was why the symptoms didn't go away after stopping just the compazine. It took over a month & going to a neurologist for him to realize that the continued parkinson symptoms were being caused by the thorazine even after stopping the compazine. Both meds cause these symptoms & after both were stopped it took about another month for the symptoms to go away. I couldn't coordinate my hands & needed help just to walk. I couldn't even walk myself into the bathroom so had to wait for my husband to get home from work just to go to the bathroom. It took so long for the Dr's to realize the symptom I was on the combination for about 6+ months before the symptoms just immediately showed up. It didn't even help with the depression & high anxiety level that I was having so it definitely wasn't worth the side effects. F 46

 3  chronic hic-ups taken 48 hrs ago- slept 21 of the next 24 hrs, now I havent been able to sleep since and so far Ive gone from very happy to very angry to very depressed in the last 12 hrs. Knocked the hell out of those hic-ups though. Emergency room administers Thorazine for chronic hic-ups and nausia, but I dont recommend it unless you REALLY need it. M 34 1 days

 5  Insomnia Nothing else worked long term by itself. Take 100 mg. with Chloryl Hydrate (Somnote 4*500 mg.) before bed. I can now sleep sometimes 13 hours (on weekends only). I get up relatively refreshed (vice other meds), ready for work. Multiple traumatic brain injuries require 7-9 hours sleep, else hallucinations (no lie). Dry mouth is a bummer, but I'm getting used to it. M 47 16 days

 3  anxiety, suicidal ideation sleepy knocks you out for a long time which was good for me. woke up unrefreshed though. took 10 25mg and slept for 32 hours! F 19 6 months

 1  Mental Illness I slept almost all day and felt like taking my life when I was awake and did not know why I was feeling like this. I will never take this medication again. I never slept so much in my life and I did not like feeling like killing myself, stop taking. F 32 3 days

 1  A So-Called Schizophrenic Process Temporary-but-frightening loss of creativity; overall depression; weight-gain; water-retention; sleep-paralysis; short period of flatulance; lowered libido; brief episodes of blindness; drowsiness; jaundice. Prescribed in late summer of 1973. Off in spring of 1976. See my entry under Navane. I recommend this even less than Navane. Although I was misdiagnosed, I don't think that was fully responsible for side-effects. Just a nasty drug. F 52 3 years

 1  bipolar II extreme physical agitation combined with a zombielike mind state horrible stuff. Got off it as soon as possible M 38 1 weeks

 5  just for fun couldn't understand anything wow M 38 1 days

 1  Recreation Extreme salivation. Tightness in throat. Excessive sleep: It knocked me out for 13 hours. Tried this in high school as a cheap substitute for Quaaludes. It became apparent why this is given to psychotics. The sole purpose of this drug is to knock you out. I threw the remaining tablets I possessed into the garbage. This is not a recreational drug. M 37 1 days

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