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 3  Wisdom teeth extraction Extreme nausea and vomiting I was hesitant to use this medication in the first place and after this experience I don't want to take it ever again. I've been up all night vomiting to the point where I'm just dry heiving. If you need to take it, I advise you to use caution. F 4 days

 1  Tooth pain Fine the first few times. The last second times , extreme nausea, vomiting, head spinning. Felt hung over. Don't understand why I'm having this reaction Wonder if I am now allergic to it. F 34 8 months
5 mg
 1  Back pain At first I felt a little euphoric but within a short time a horrible feeling of nauseau overwhelmed me. The room was spinning and I spent the next 2 hours hugging the toilet vomiting. I wanted to go to the hospital and felt like I was dying. I finally managed to crawl into bed and prayed I would fall asleep. In the morning I felt mostly better but still spinning from the night before and still my stomach wasn't right. I would never recommend this medicine to anyone. STAY AWAY! F 46 1 days
1X D

 5  degenerative disk disease, arthritis Euphoria, itchy, dry mouth I was taking vicodin on and off for 2 years, but every day now for the last year. My prescribed dose is 20mg a day, but I've noticed my tolerance going up. I try to skip days, but the pain is awful and I find myself craving the vicodin, which I do not like. I know it's an addictive drug, but it helps my pain for right now. F 32 3 years
 4  back pain (arthritis in spine) none really Took this med for several years before my tolerance just didn't allow it to work anymore and doc switched me to something else. This worked wonders for my back pain and enabled me to function on a daily basis. It was great while it lasted, unfortunately it is known for tolerance being a problem. F 43 5 years
10 mg 4X D

 3  Carpal tunnel syndrome Euphoria, hot flashes and legs and hands, overall Vicodin is for drug addicts it was somewhat unsuccessful at relieving pain and tolerance went up after a few days M 15 3 weeks
10 mg

 3  Back pain of muscular origin. Euphoria. More euphoria than actual pain relief. And it's usefulness goes down to nothing after taking it just a few days. A rapid tolerance, moreso than other opiates. It's the type of drug that's only beneficial if taken every now & a Blue Moon -- not regularly. Really it isn't a great pain reliever overall. I guess it's prescribed so much simply because it makes patients happy for a few days. M 49 3 months
15 2X D
 5  Colitis, Migraines, MS I have been taking Vicodin for several issues as needed. It works great for my pain, which can be severe at times. I do notice some itching and constipation, but compared to my pain, it's nothing! Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking this medication. Eat with a snack or light meal to prevent upset stomach if that is an issue for you. Overall, this is a wonderful drug for me! F 34 3 years

 1  wisdom teeth Restless and ichy I'd rather deal with the pain M 24 2 days

 1  Tooth Infection I would sleep all day which I didn't like because I couldn't take care of my daughter properly. I felt really sick all day, every time I moved I felt like throwing up. It didn't even help with the pain of my tooth, it just helped me sleep. I lost my appetite and lost weight since I couldn't eat. I don't understand what is so great about this medicine. F 17
500 5X D

 1  back pain / strained muscle Burning chest pain, sweats, increased heart rate, 70 to 158 instantly while in an ambulance. M 57 2 days
5/500mg 1X D
 4  Multiple teeth extractions (4wisdom Vivid dreams Very off balance. Off balance Weird high feeling Feeling sick Dizzy everything spinning F 16 2 days
 5  Back surgery Itching, weight gain F 33 1 years
10 mg
 5  Chronic migraines, depression None. I use it as a prevention and treatment of migraines. Because it lifts mood, increases alertness and energy, I use it for severe depression that occurs in the winter. Generally take 2-3 a day. Taking more is counter-productive. Works better than any anti-depressants I've tried. F 59 10 years

 3  Pain nausea and dizziness I know that doctors prescribe Vicodin as an effective pain reliever. However, it is very strong and addictive. I've read that hydrocodone is about six times as powerful as morphine as a painkiller in this article: http://sober.com/vicodin.html M 34 15 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Pain. Constipation. Nausea. Upset stomach. Bloating. Feeling like I got to burp but can't. Bad dreams. No appetite. A weird "high". Everyone is different but do experiment with other pain meds. I prefer percocets. M 20 3 weeks
 2  back pain Helped with the pain, but basically paralyzed my bowels . I called my doctor and they recommended Miralax , but I already tried softeners and laxatives and nothing was working . Iíve taken myself off the Vicoden and am just living with the pain for now . I have an appointment with a pain management specialist tomorrow for possible epidural injections , but what I really need is surgery for the herniated disc that are pressing up against my spinal cord . Good luck fellow pain sufferers . M 65 7 days
2X D
 4  leg pain I had dizzyness, loss of coordination. frequent falling and dropping things clumsy F 45 3 years

 5  chronic back pain My PCP prescribed Vicodin in stead of the usual crazy drugs for my low back pain; I feel sorry for patients forced into taking Cymbalta etc when responsible narcotic use can work wonders. The only side-effect that I had was constipation and I didn't tell my doctor until the constipation had become severe. During an exam in her office she was feeling my abdomen and asked when I had my last BM and when I said 4-5 days, she nodded to the nurse who left the room, returning a few minutes later with an IV pole with a big enema bag full of soapy water..and I got the how to prevent constipation lecture from the nurse and from my doctor as I got every drop. Actually, she could not have been nicer. M 57 1 years
7.5 2X D

 4  Lower back pain Helps control pain but it is just a mask for the underlying problem. Also gives me mood swings and anger issues. Trying to become non dependent. M 42 2 years
500mg 2x

 4  Multiple wisdom tooth extractions Removed all pain, extreme tiredness, slight lack of balance F 16 3 days
500 4X D
 5  Back pain + hip pain No pain, great mood, energy, euphoria. The only side-effective I experience is anger when I run out. M 35 1 years
10mg 3*d

 4  Sciatica/Sciatic Flare-up Constipation, Dizziness, Drowsiness Combined with massive amounts of Ibprofuen, this helped me get through quite a bit of pain. Typically I'd feel a little dizzy/drowsy for about an hour after but it worked wonders for the sciatic nerve pain. If anything I would have preferred an extended release drug instead: I'd usually wake up in terrible pain a few hours after taking it before bed after it had eventually worn off. The constipation is a whole 'nothing issue: if I actually took the 3 tablets x a day, this would cause major problems with the piping. By the third week I winded up only using it once a day or so when the pain was too much in order to avoid further bathroom disasters. F 28 3 weeks
5-500mg 3X D
 4  car accident multpl.problems n pain Headaches swollen throat in the am and being "AWAKE". I switched from percoset 5 because they made me ultra sleepy w my other meds and aggitation was higher. They work ok for me not as good as the percosets but longer than the percosets. Its pain pills there's always going to be a side effect its choosing which one you can tolerate to help your pain to be manageable. F 34 3 months
 5  Severe Mouth Ulcers This is a very helpful pain reliever. I've been talking these for about a week and a half now for severe ulcers of the mouth due to stress. Best part is hours after taking a dose, the relaxation lingers throughout the day. M 25 2 weeks
5 MG

 1  Post hysterectomy Three doses and I am wired and unable to sleep and itching everywhere.. Can't empty my bladder fully, although that could be surgery-related. Taken before without issue. F 42 1 days
500 mg

 2  Herniated cervical disc Taken as needed for pain. Severe migraines, loss of appetite,vivid nightmares restless, insomnia, stomach cramps, constipation, weepy, aggression between doses, have to increase dosage after 2 days to get relief. It relives pain but causes so many annoying and exhausting side effects that I requested a change. I have a bad reaction/sensitivity to Hydrocodone which is in vicodin. So was switched to Percocet containing oxycodone. F 28 10 days

 5  Wisdom tooth extraction Increased appetite, restleslness, insomnia, constipation, increased thirst. The first two days, I just wanted to sleep, but from the third day on I was wide awake. After not taking it for 8 hours or so, I crashed. F 16 6 days
5-500 5X D
 2  back pain Aches all over body F 26 1 days

 5  Arthritis Pain Only thing that would help my pain. Skin tingling/itching Stomach ache when taken on an empty stomach decreased alertness (made me feel high) F 18 2 weeks

 5  broken knee all these people exagerate i bet anything they are just downplaying but deep inside they love vicodin it makes u feel good and relaxed just dont take too much in a day cuase u will get constipated other than that bunch of liars they enjoy the ride as much as i do M 40 38 days
5/500 3X D
 2  Wisdom teeth ex all 4 Took one 5.hrs after wisdom.teeth ex pain subsided was itchy all over. Took.another at 11pm have been up.since cant.sleep itchy and have a 5-month.old to take care of great idk how I.ll do it. Taken percocet after labor and it worked great.shud.of.asked.for that.but I was to dizzy to think.after general anesthesia to the.extraction. Def not.worth it. F 24 1 days
7.5 1X O

 5  after banding hemorrhoids procedure restless, sleepless, very alert... F 49 10 days

 1  pain severe stomach cramping and nausea, headache will NEVER take again F 28 1 days
10/325 1X D

 1  Pain Posivitely addictive, you need to take more for pain. Not for pain management, but better for tooth pain etc., with VERY limited dose. M 45 2 years
10 5X D

 4  DDD, herniations in lumbar area Constipation occasionally, drowsiness when I haven't taken it for a while, energy when I have been on it a while. Clenched jaw. F 34 10 years

 3  wisdom teeth pain I started taking this because my wisdom teeth are killing me... first pill i took i was fine! Just made me tired. I got up in the morning and took another one and instantly fely sick to my stomach, puked at work and ended up leaving early... now im gettn major headaches and cold sweats.. NEVER taking this again F 20 2 days
25 1X D
 3  wisdom teeth extraction Helped with pain for a short amount of time. On the other hand it gave me bad migraines .. I was very nauseous .. they made me feel really hot, like I was in a suana .. also made me have a anxiety attack due to the hot flashes .. Not a fun experience at all! F 21 3 days
 1  Wisdom teeth extraction Headache nausea couldnt sleep at night made me very jumpy barely took any pain away felt like I was just consuming them for fun because I didn't find them useful at all F 23 4 days
50 mg

 2  Migraines Nausea, constipation, euphoria, sleepiness and rebound headaches. Works short term, but in a few hours the rebound headache is 2x the original. Sticking to triptans(Immetrex/Maxalt). M 31 1 years
10 2X D

 3  Neck Injury Mild pain reduction, medium drowsiness. M 22 3 days
5-500 2X D

 4  Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) I take Hydrocodone 5 500 (Vicodin) everyday to help control the pain from multiple bilateral cyst (PKD) that have formed on both kidney. Side effects depend on the time of day/night when dose is taken and include: Talkative personality, vivid dreams, floating feeling, sleeplessness, drooped eyelids, feelings of wellness, tiredness, pain relief for a short time M 36 1 years
5 500mg

 3  Wisdom Teeth Extraction While it did take the pain away, it really wasn't much fun. My head was in a cloud and I would cry over any little thing. It really messes with your emotions. It also made me extremely tired. I would prefer not to use it again, but if I had to it would be alright. I really just didn't feel comfortable with the extreme changes it made with my emotions. F 17 5 days
5 mg 3X D

 5  Herniated disc, sciatica, fibro None Wonderful drug. Takes away pain from compressed nerve in spine. Without this drug I cannot do much of anything since walking and standing are very painful. Without this drug I cannot even sleep due to pain. Also helps the debilitating muscle pain when I have a fibromyalgia flare. The pain and frequency of my migraine headaches have been greatly reduced since taking this drug. My blood pressure was high all my adult life from panic disorder but is now normal since taking this drug. F 55 10 years
3X D

 5  Wrist injury Taking vicodin worked great for pain, it had one negative side effect though. It made me want to suck dick even though im straight. M 27 1 months

 1  Endometriosis Horrible nightmares: first night, I had nightmares and tried falling back to sleep but would go right back in the dream. Then I jerked awake every 30 mins or so freaking out. Extreme paranoia and the feeling as if there was something bad going to happen. I figured I didn't have enough to eat with the pill and maybe that was what caused it. Second night, I had plenty of food but had the most vivid and intense nightmare EVER. Woke up drenched in sweat and panicking. I won't be taking vicidin again. F 23 2 days

 3  Wisdom teeth removal The main side effect was it made me extremely tired. After taking it I would fall asleep for hours. I felt very dizzy like I was in a swaying boat, making it hard to walk. I had fuzzy thoughts forgetting things and hard to even have enough focus to read. I also felt happy and careless. It wasn't great with pain but it made me sleep so it made it bareable. F 16 4 days
500 mg

 3  Wisdom teeth removal This drug certainly does its job, pain wise. However, I became constipated, couldn't fall asleep till 4am, then kept waking up once I fell asleep. I had slight nausea, and tonight I found out how paranoid it can make you. I was literally running around my house, checking to make sure everything was locked, like I had OCD. It was a terrifying feeling because I felt so sure something horrible was going to happen. Weighing the pros and cons, I don't think I'd take vicodin again. F 17 3 days
 1  Wisdom Teeth Removal Euphoria I became addicted to it after having wisdom teeth removed. I enjoyed the euphoria and sense of well being WAY too much, Be careful with this medication. F 34 7 days
7.5 mg 4X D
 4  Four wisdom teeth were pulled Gave me headaches if I didn't eat...very emotional @ times felt like I was on cloud nine and put me to sleep . It didn't take away all the pain or last for two long.. F 19 4 days

 4  Chronic dental and testicular pain The most common side effect that I experienced was a false sense of well being or euphoria. While this is pleasant, it can be troublesome because it makes me not care as much about my problems or want to address them, and makes me lazy. For example, I consider calling in sick to work even though I feel okay because I want to enjoy the "high" and my day. Other positive side effects I experience include increased talkativeness and desire to socialize, increased enjoyment of everyday activities, increased enjoyment of food and an increased ability to relax. The worst negative side effect I've had with Vicodin are fairly frequent nightmares (about twice a week) and a little nausea with higher doses (15 - 20 mg at a time). Unlike most people, I don't get constipated or experience an upset stomach while using vicodin. After a few weeks of continual use, I feel that I am somewhat addicted to the medication, but I don't feel that it's a severe addiction. I am an ex-smoker so M 23 4 weeks
10 - 20 mg 3X D
 3  migraine I only take it at night when I have migraine.it take away the pain but it keep me falling sleep and waking up back all night ,it's so annoying and in the meantime keep me thinking the same thoughts no matter what ,all night...it's super annoying. F 35 1 days
 1  headache Very sick, nauseous the whole time. Throwing up every half hour. Bladder spasms, constantly feeling the urge to pee. Lightheaded. This is the sickest I have EVER in my whole life. I just took it a couple hours ago and feel like I am on my death bed. Will never take this again. F 19 1 days
 5  Pain due to a medical condition Euphoria, increase in energy, and mild constipation. I've never had any severe negative side effects at all. Although, I have a love/hate relationship with vicodin, everytime I get it prescribed to me, I am tempted to take extra to feel the amazing euphoria =) but be careful great for pain, but can easily become habit forming, I now after many years actually take the proper prescribed dose. Lol have fun folks:) F 26 3 days
 1  extremly bad menstrual cramps Horrible nightmares, feelt like vomiting, paranoia, depression weird moods made me think krazy stuff! I hate it!! F 22 3 days

 1  To treat pain caused by pericarditis, lupus and MS Vicodin helps diminish the pain I have. However, I have become quite irritable. This is very unlike me. At times I am filled with such rage which, again is just not me. It is terrifying. I have cut back but doing so is difficult. I would like to stop taking this med entirely. However, as everyone here knows, pain robs us of our lives. I just want to be myself again. Good health and blessings to all. F 49 1 years
40 mg
 2  wisdom tooth pain extreme dizziness. I felt sick to my stomach even if it was taken with food F 26 2 days

 1  lower back pain I HATE vicodin!! Makes me so sick, weak and depressed!! I would choose percocet any day over this junk! Hope doc switches me back asap!! F 30 2 days
 2  Diverticulitis Relieves my pain and helps me sleep. However, I have really strange thoughts and images while falling asleep and then have very vivid, bizarre (in a bad way), disturbing dreams, plus I wake up with a headache. I will not be taking this drug again, EVER F 42 3 days
5mg 1X D

 2  spirl fracture of the humerus Never really controlled the pain, terrible runs to the bathroom due to recent bowel resection. Cold sweats were terrible and often. I hated this drug but kept taking it for severe pain after titanium rod was inserted surgically in my arm. I wanted pain relief, but never really got it. I am now taking Advil and trying to get off Vicodin. F 67 9 weeks
5/500 4X D
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