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 5  I'm prescribed to endep for sleep Dry mouth during the night and the next morning. I became extra tired during the day and found my self on and off napping which I don't normally do every day if I get a chance. I used to take seroquel do getting used to this is a lot easier so far. I also have a massive apetite after taking these approx 3 hrs before bed (if I hadn't accidentally fallen asleep in the mean time) I don't usually eat a lot because I suffer with heartburn so bad I rarely eat so I'm eating like I did on seroquel so I'm imagining I may gain weight. Overall I've got to remember my bodies still adjusting..I suffer from I.B.S and have noticed change in the pain I usually endure all morning everyday before being prescribed to endep. I'm finally getting a full nights sleep without waking up 2-3 with severe anxiety so endep with my Valium (25mg a day) has had a significant effect. F 26 10 days

 1  leg pain severe dizzyness, dry mouth, diaahrrea M 79 2 days
50 1X D

 3  Fibromyalgia Diarhea, severe lower back pain, dry mouth and thirst, I am getting longer sleep, F 54
20mg 1X D

 4  Fibromyalgia Dry mouth. Endep makes the pain associated with fibromyalgia tolerable! Fatigue was my biggest problem. Have been on 10mg was working fantastic until recently. Now I'm on 2 x. 10mg a night using up my old tablets than start on 25mg. Has made a huge difference! Can get to sleep, stay asleep & wake up feeling like I have slept! There is no drowsiness the next day! F 25 2 days
 1  insomnia and depression Dry mouth, waking during night, excess body heat, drowsy next day, no motivation, weight gain, bad reflux and heart burn, -going off it asap F 49 2 weeks

 4  insomnia and anxiety Makes me sleep very well each night, but it's not until the afternoon when the fog clears due to the medication from the night before. Anxiety has kept well under control, appetite is good and NO NAUSEA. Plan to wean myself off slowly. Certainly works for me. M 55 3 months
20mg 1X D
 4  Nerve pain (Mild CRPS) Drowsy, dry mouth, vivid dreams (the day time drowsiness and dry mouth stopped after the first 5 days). Also makes you sleep very easily at night. F 33 3 weeks

 3  Pain and depression Still depressed F 54 5 months

 2  Transformed Migraine Drowsiness that continues into the next day and this is with only taking half a tablet (12.5mg) which my GP said to start with but even with this dosage the drowsy/groggy feeling is unpleasant. I have been on this for 5 days with no improvements so far for my condition of chronic daily headache (transformed migraine) and unrefreshing sleep/apathy (mild depression). Will persist for a bit longer and hopethe side effecst subsides and there will be improvement M 52 5 days
12.5 1X D
 5  for prereferral neuropathy Dry mouth, drowsiness, sexual disfunction, weird dreams. All I can say is the relief for the pain and numbness down my leg certainly outstripped the side effects of this drug. It helped me have better quality of life and when you are in as much pain as I was, it was very welcome! F 57 2 years
20 1X D
 4  nerve pain due to adenomyosis dry mouth, sleep about 2 hours after dose it helped turn my agony to soreness. It hasn't cured my condition but it sure makes the pain more bearable. F 38 1 months
10mg 1X D
 2  anxiety, insomnia From the git go, this product 'zonked' me out big time, to the point I stopped taking it after only 1 month. I had been taking Zoloft (which worked great), but was prescribed Endep instead when I developed side effects (muscle twitches) after a few months. My doctor suggested I take half a tablet of Endep every night, but then the dosage was too low and had no effect. I suppose the full 25mg dose may have worked, but I was so doped up I felt out of it anyway so I can't really say if it was effective or not. I don't recommend this product. M 58 1 months
25mg 1X D

 3  neuropathic pain and insomnia Dry mouth, sour taste in mouth, thirsty, drowsy, no libido and feeling low. I recomend it's use if you suffer from pain and cannot sleep but since it's also used for depression I'm not sure if it will affect your mood if used for a long time I also take 50mg of zoloft but still feel depressed don't know if any of these drugs really work once your body gets used it. M 45 8 years

 3  lupus pain and lack of sleep Endep did help with my muslce and joint pain and it was really good as a sleeping aid ( able to come of sleeping tabs 'stilnox' after 2 yrs of use), but I did have slight weight gain and I needed something stronger as an antidepressant as I was only on 25mg. F 32 5 months

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